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  • Officially CD 1 (hours ago lol). Blood draw will be Tues. 

    @ruby696 was it fasting blood? Mine is and it's the paring of lots of blood and having fasted that concerns me. Genetic was 16?! Dear lord.... that's a separate day lucky because it has to be done at an external lab. DH will NOT survive if he has that much take...
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    @prpl11butterfly I was fasting, yes. I had a granola bar when I was done and stopped at Starbucks before my drive home. DH only had one vial taken because most conditions he could have only matter if I have them too. So since I went first, they didn't need to test him for much. With the test for chromosomal abnormalities, we each gave one vial. 

    ETA: Turns out he doesn't have to give a semen sample at this point. Which kind of bums be out, because I think he deserves a little humiliation too. :D
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  • @prpl11butterfly glad timing worked out
  • @ruby696 lucky him! MH does.... I'm having my RPL panel and chromosomes done tomorrow and then the fasting bloods Tue. I think splitting it up is going to help me. MH is having STD bloods and chromosomes now as well.

    @Mack2342 it didn't work out the way I'd hoped. I'm driving myself since he leaves for TN tomorrow afternoon.
  • Thanks ladies!

    @prpl11butterflyhope all goes well with your testing on Tuesday! 
  • I totally have a case of the blahs today.  After 9 straight days of positive OPKs, I can't imagine that this cycle is going to work out.   Plus, my sister announced on FB today that she is pregnant.  I have known for awhile, but it is stinging a bit today anyway.  Then I feel bad that I feel this way.  
  • @prpl11butterfly oh I misunderstood.  Hopefully drive won’t be too bad
  • @kerco925 I completely understand. You are happy for your sister but still wish it was you spreading that news. It's not wrong, it's just goes with the territory of ttcal. Sorry you are going through that 
  • @Mack2342 that’s awesome!! So glad things are going so well with your new hip! 
  • I hope it is ok that I just jump in. I have a question and I'm not sure where I should post it. 

    For all of the ladies who temp, how long did it take for your temps to drop back to your normal FW temps? I wore my Tempdrop last night and the temperature it gave me is still in the LP range. 
  • @emeraldcity603 My temps get high after a MC and stay high until about 12ish days after my loss. Then they drop super fast. I'm 18 days post loss and my temps are still in the LP range, but close to FW temps. But even though my temps stay higher, the pattern is still the same as other cycles.
  • @ruby696 so you can still see a biphasic pattern? 
  • @emeraldcity603 I took a 2wk break from temping after my D&C. But, by the time i started back up they were back to my normal pre O temps.

    Omg i hate the universe. Yesterday I went for my first round of labs only to decide not to get them because he put through additional orders and they were dated for today (tech was willing to draw but I didn't want to mess anything up). So now I have to waste another lunch break today doing that. Then this morning I was on track to get to my baseline appt and have fasting bloods but got stuck behind an accident. I cried for 20 min stuck in traffic because I wasnt going to make it. I barely barely made it. The tech had to start all the equip back up. Then the blood guy had to go across the street to the main lab to get the right vials because they were out in the fertility clinic. Then he couldn't find a good vein because I was dehydrated (hello, fasting....) barely got enough blood. Ugh. I'm done with the day. I rewarded my self with a latte and chocolate chip muffin.
  • @emeraldcity603 In two of my post loss charts - yes. In the third, the shift was minimal but *TW* I still ended up pregnant. *End TW*
  • Oh @prpl11butterfly that's awful! At least you got it done and its behind you. And you definitely deserved the latte and muffin!
  • Thanks ladies. After seeing how high my temp was I'm just worried it will take forever for my body to get back to normal. 
  • @emeraldcity603 I put a screen shot of my current chart in the spoiler so you can see how fast it dropped. I tend to have 31ish day cycles, so I'm not too far off track.

  • @prpl11butterfly that’s awful.  Glad it’s done!
  • @prpl11butterfly can’t anything just be easy??? Ugh that sounds so stressful! Glad it’s over and you got a treat :) What are your next steps? 
  • Guys it got worse! I get to the 3rd party lab. She gets all the codes entered in and goes to finalize. Her computer SHUTS DOWN! Luckily it had no issues getting back up and I got the remainder drawn. Also, how does one have 17 vials of blood drawn during AF and still remain alive?

    @char245 I'll have a sono hsg on Jan 3rd then meet w/dr to discuss all the results on the 16th.
  • Lol @prpl11butterfly, I thought the same thing when they took 16.  It's like, uh. . . don't I need some of this?  Guess not, because it was fine afterwards.  Anyway, hopefully you're good on labs for a while!
  • scheduled my appointment/hysteroscopy  with an Ashermans expert for January - am flying to Boston for it. Feels like the saga of TTCAL never ends. I pulled my medical records and my local OB noted that my uterus is apparently “obliterated” ... all from one D&C. Trying not to flip out till I see the expert. 
  • @obsessedwithoranges I can't beleive that's the note on your file and they didn't mention anything. Infuriating. It's so hard to stay calm. I'm sure Boston will take great care of you  though (1 of my favorite things about this state is our medical expertise).
  • @obsessedwithoranges Wow, I can't believe your OB would even use that word in your chart.  That seems cruel and unprofessional, to say the least.  Hang in there.  Your local OB may not have a clue as to what he/she is even looking at.  FX you get better news when you see the expert. <3
  • @prpl11butterfly I am so sorry you had such a hellish day! I hope you can relax the rest of the day and don't run into any other frustrations with your testing process. 

    @obsessedwithoranges OMG I can't believe they noted that in your file and didn't say anything! Incredibly unprofessional. I am so sorry.
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  • @prpl11butterfly I’m glad you were finally able to get it all taken care of! FX your next test goes much more smoothly!

    @obsessedwithoranges I hope your appointment with the expert goes well! Hopefully you’ll get some helpful information. Keep us posted! 
  • @prpl11butterfly I would probably have lost my sh* over all that, I don’t do well with drawing blood, let alone having multiple draws due to their errors. But at least it’s done for now and you can start the process of hopefully finding some answers.

    @obsessedwithoranges so sorry your OB put things like that in your chart, total BS to say the very least. I’m glad you are able to see a specialist soon.

    @char245 sending positive thoughts that your embies keep growing and you have a good report Thursday.
  • prpl11butterfly  I'm starting to think that if it weren't for bad luck, you wouldn't have any luck at all!!!

    @obsessedwithoranges Hopefully the RE will have better news for you and get everything back in order for you to TTCAL!!!
  • @prpl11butterfly @ruby696 @zuuls_mom @mackorori @dpjennifer omg, thank you all for being indignant on my behalf too!! When I get back from Boston I’m definitely looking for a better dr... I guess it’s time for an RE.  I do think the local OB probably doesn’t know nearly what the Ashermans expert does so just keeping calm till then. Hugs to all of you and a BIG thank you. Xoxo. 
  • I'm having such a hard time dealing with everything today. Yesterday I was fine even though we had to go to the funeral home and pick out an urn and make all the arrangements. I almost lost it when they showed me what they would be wrapping the baby in but I kept it together. Today,  I have been buried in all my thoughts and now I'm just finding myself sitting alone with tears rolling down my face. 
  • @emeraldcity603 Huge, huge hugs to you.  It is totally normal to have up and down days on this grief journey.  There were days when I couldn’t do much else but lay on the floor sobbing.  Let yourself be sad.  Tomorrow is a new day  <3
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  • @emeraldcity603 I’m so sorry today is one of the rough ones, I cannot imagine what that must have been like yesterday. Big hugs to you today too  <3
  • @emeraldcity603 I'm so sorry - I can't imagine going through that experience.  Hugs and love to you.  <3
  • @emeraldcity603 I’m so sorry you had to do that.  Take time to grieve. It’s ok to have those moments 
  • @emeraldcity603 I am so sorry. Your allowed to feel that way today, and any day you need to. ❤
  • @emeraldcity603 I am so sorry. Sending you love and strength  <3
    Me: 32 │ DH: 35 
    Married 8/16/13
    BFP#1 DS 11/13/16
    BFP# 2 MMC dx @ 13w 10/30/18
    BFP# 3 Preemie DD born at 38w (IUGR) on 8/28/19 weighing 5.5lbs. Our little miracle  <3

  • @emeraldcity603 I'm so sorry you are having a tough day. Some days can be so normal and then WHAM, it all hits you like a ton of bricks. Take time for yourself and know that's it completely ok to be sad. 
  • @emeraldcity603 so sorry today was one of the rough ones, this process can be such a rollercoaster. Big hugs ❤️❤️
  • Thanks ladies. I really appreciate all the kind words. I hope tomorrow is a good day. Although I will likely see my best friend at my daughter's dance rehearsal and I may sob uncontrollably as soon as I see her. Who knows though, I may be able to hold it together like yesterday. Who knows. Either way, it will feel good just hugging her. 
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