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Re: N18 Chit Chat & Updates m/o December 18

  • @hollyeva She is adorns!

    @highsteaks DH got me a cell phone case and a Kindle case, so I didn't win the lottery with the gifts, but he did get the exact ones I wanted. Also, I've never made a Yule log cake. Mostly because I'm not artistic to decorate it. 

    @offtoneverland Your necklace sounds darling. How is S doing? Is she gaining weight well?

    Not only did I forget to take a pic of M at Christmas, I forgot to do his 2 month pic too. Basically, I'm sucking at the documenting his life. He has started trying to social smile, and coo. It's basically the most adorable thing ever!!
  • @offtoneverland i think she really liked it, though she said otherwise (totally the definition of a threenager). she had a walker to help her keep somewhat stable at first, but after two times around the rink she was ready to ditch it and just hold my hand. then we “practiced how to fall” on the ice because that’s what happens when you ditch the awesome walker  :D but she seemed to enjoy it nonetheless.
       honestly, i think the real gift was that i haven’t eaten any of his pop tarts... yet. but don’t be sad for me; we made it a point years ago to not stress about exchanging gifts for xmas.

    @wildrainbow we have fun with it because it’s just for us so not really important for it to look perfect or anything. the base cake is actually really easy to make, and we shortcut on the decor by buying premade fondant (marzipan this year) for modeling some of the details.
       you totally mentioned that M was extra fussy a few days ago—so cool to confirm that it was because of a mental leap (the social smiling)!
  • @highsteaks I didnt even think about that!!
  • @wildrainbow Sydney is doing well! At her 8 week check up she was 9 pounds 1oz. That was about 2 weeks ago. After that, her reflux seemed to get worse and she started eating a bit less, so the pediatrician increased her zantac dose and she's been eating a bit more. I'm still constantly worried though after we got the okay to let her sleep at night because she doesn't always hit the 560ml/day goal she had in the NICU. But she has plenty of wet and dirty diapers so I know she's at least not dehydrated or anything. We'll have another weight check in 2 weeks. 
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  • Thanks all, the onesie I found at Target awhile ago. We took the gang ice skating today, and while DD1 took a looking to the ice, DD2 had a nasty fall causing her to see it with Penny and I for the past half hour. We're celebrating DD1's birthday tomorrow with a couple of close friends and ice cream cake.

    @highsteaks and @wildrainbow ;social smiling, how exciting!!! Penny is due for her leap around next week. She's already shown sign if inexplicable fussiness so I am hoping it's just building up to that.

    @offtoneverland If Sydney seems to be okay, she's probably gaining well enough! I look forward to the sleeping through the night, I feel like I have been neurotic about making sure Penny gets enough to eat so I empathize. Glad the zantac is helping.
  • highsteakshighsteaks
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    just found out sil’s friend is randomly coming to join her this weekend at our house to also meet and hold the twins. she’s either staying here with us or in a hotel; i’m not sure what the plan is. i’ve never met this woman. the house is a disaster. it takes 5 hours to drive from her house to here, and sil wouldn’t even ride with her because sil’s flying here. i suspect it more has something to do with wanting to see sil while she’s on the east coast, but sil is here for 1 night to meet her nieces. this is weird. people are weird. i’m irritated.
  • @highsteaks I would feel the same way. That is weird.

    Happy New Year, ladies. I'm pretty sure I won'tbe awake at midnight. M seems to sleep from 10ish (heavy on the ish) til 4 and likes to think that is wake up time. It's super fun...
    On a wonderfully high note, H got the baby swing from his cousin this weekend. M LOVES it! Thank God because for the last week he has refused to be put down and I've been beyond touched out. Now, tho, this glorious swing is giving me much coveted baby free time. 
  • @wildrainbow that is awesome news! so glad that M is enjoying his new swing and you’re getting a bit of a break. happy new year!
  • Happy New Year all! I can't believe Penny is already one month old.

    @highsteaks that's definitely nerve wrecking, and kind of presumptuous. Family is funny like that, I hope you still had a good visit with your sil.

    @wildrainbow hopefully M let you get some glorious sleep for the holiday 
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