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  • I BF my son. In fact I only stopped because I got pregnant. So, 19months! 

    It hurt a lot in the beginning, and it was frustrating, but as long as he got a good latch it was okay. Milk coming in hurt way worse than BFing ever did.

    Pumping at work wasn't a big deal, I honestly hated the pumping room they had at work so I just pumped in my car. Driving to work, at lunch, and driving home. It worked well for me.
  • @Ki1244 I would give the breast a go and incorporate bottles at night. It is much easier than trying to do it all with a bottle. The baby will be a pro at going from breast to bottle if you do it right. Check out Kelly.com for help with that (I have no experience). I say this because if it is just you during the season on long days, you will be glad you have the ease of just popping baby on the boob. 

    @dntstpbelieveing I really don't believe breast size has anything to do with it. I was a small A cup and only got up to a C during my second pregnancy and I BF her for 16 months. 

    @Bababatty call your insurance company. They will tell you which brand they will cover. You get a prescription from you OB and then mail it in. That's how it worked for me. I prefer Medela. I feel like the suction is better.

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  • Wow, thanks for making this thread!! FTM here and I have to admit I am really nervous for BF. Not a lot of friends are moms yet and many of them only did it for a couple of months due to having a hard time with it. My goal is to BF as long as I am able to, so this tips are all great.

    Has anyone tried the Medela Sonata? It is a bit pricey but someone recommended it to me. I obviously have nothing to compare it too... 
  • I struggled to EBF my DD. I had issues with my supply being able to keep up with her demand and she ended up losing weight so we had to supplement with formula. I tried cluster feeding/pumping to up my supply but unfortunately for me nothing worked. I continued to mix breast milk with formula for her until she was 6 months old. I had a great LC at the hospital which was wonderful. I am going to attempt EBF with this baby but I am prepared to supplement if I need to because regardless, as long as your baby is fed that is the bottom line. I had a family member shame me for not "trying harder" to EBF and it really hurt me. But then after talking to my LC and DD pediatrician, I was told that sometimes it just doesn't work out that way because every mom is different and there is no shame in having a healthy fed baby period. 
  • I breastfed my son for 27 months. I returned to work when he was 13 months old so I never worried about pumping. This time around baby will be around 6 months old when I go back to work so that will be a new adjustment I am sure. 

    As for tips:
    1. If you intended to breastfeed go in with the mindset that it is what you're going to do. It's better to have that positive mindset if it's your goal.

    2. NIPPLE CREAM! It will be your friend. I used Earth Mama's because it didn't need to be wiped off like lanolin does.

    3. When your milk comes in you will be engorged. Resist the urge to pump or overexpress because you could end up with an oversupply and that's not a good thing. I just hand expressed with a bowl of warm water (literally dangled my boob into the bowel lol) to soften the area around my nipple enough for my son to latch.

    4. Milk will spray. It's going to happen, especially when you're engorged. A hakka or some type of passive milk collector is a great idea to catch the milk that comes from the side baby is not nursing on. But be aware it'll all be foremilk (less fatty). It's not a bad thing, but it would be good to mix it with other pumped milk to get hindmilk in there as well. 
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  • I used Earth Mama's but it didn't work as well for me - I felt it melted like coconut oil and was too thin. I used lanolin and didn't wipe it off before breastfeeding - my doc, LCs, and nurses all said it was safe and it is marketed as safe by the companies (if that comforts you). There are some online theories that since lanolin comes from sheep's wool, it could possibly have pesticides or GMOs that the sheep eat (Lansinoh specifically says it is pesticide free). But that's never been proven and all commercial lanolin is FDA approved (again, if that comforts you). Like many things as a mama, this is going to come down to your personal comfort level, but I felt 100% fine using lanolin and not wiping it off. Just wanted to throw that out there in case other moms are interested in it.

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  • @tsa208 I know. Of course it can be dangerous, but there are so many benefits and so so so many women end up doing it anyways, so I am
    all about being deliberate and informed about it. Just do it as safely as you can instead of just doing it
    out of exhaustion and it makes a huge difference in the safeness of it. I hate that no one talks about it but so many people do it. I’m totally guilty
    of this too, I carted a pack and play everywhere even though my
    son never once slept in the thing just to keep up appearances. I won’t do that this time, and I will nYou felt inform any woman who ever asks me about the safest ways to do it. 

    Also, I never used nipple cream. I used coconut oil on occasion, but I never found that the creams helped all that much 

    This is a bit weird so TMI: also kind of a weird thing I picked up from La Leche meetings. Your breasts have specific glands that produce lubricant that your baby can smell and recognize you from. It has a similar smell to your womb. So they recommended not to wash the nipple area for the last month or so before giving birth, and also to leave it alone after that as well while you breastfeed. The lubricant takes care of keeping the skin clean on its own ( much like the vagina). I haven’t washed my nipples in a year and a half and I suppose if all goes well we’ll be getting close to four years by the time I may ever wash my nipples again. Obviously if you actually get something on there, wash it off, but generally soaps interfere with the glands and the perfumes interfere with the natural “you” smell. And just Incase anyone thinks I’m crazy town, link:

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  • @emeraldcity603 ok this might be a weird question: Baby nurses from one breast at a time. So you mentioned that you put a passive collector on the other breast while baby is nursing. What do you do with your other breast? Just wait until the next feeding and then switch up? Your "unused" breast doesn't get engorged or sore or anything in the mean time? 
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    @chrssyms you generally try to stick to one breast and "empty" (although they are never truly empty) it out and then nurse from the other the next time. Unless baby is still hungry, in which case you can offer the other breast. But once your milk levels out, no, I never got sore or engorged on the other side. The baby fed often enough.  

    But you let milk down when certain triggers happen, including baby crying or suckling. So suckling from one breast often triggers a let down in the other breast and that's why you may leak. I would leak up to 2 ounces sometimes (for scale, when my baby ate from a bottle, she ate 3 oz at a time).
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  • Everybody has given some great advice, stuff that even as a stm mom I can use for this next lo, so I'll just add a bit of my experience.

    I will say just like with pregnancy every mom and child for that matter is different. My first was a pro as soon as she was born I never had any trouble with latch or supply. My second on the other was difficult and pain it took a good six weeks I would say to get a good latch, I mean there was times that I would have to relatch her 3-4 times a feed. My supply also took so much longer to come in I ended up having to supplement for a week or 2 because she was just not getting enough, this may have also been due to the fact that she had a bad latch. I really beat myself up for this. so this leads me to my next point I agree that you have to go in to it with the mindset that this is what your going to do but you also need to remember that that means to be patient and easy with yourself and if that night or day it's just not working you'll do what you have to to keep your baby fed and yourself sane but you will also keep trying later when you feel better.

    Also find people you feel comfortable discussing and venting with, because you'll have rough days and good days. This BMB sounds like an amazing place to start also the people in your life that have gone and are going through it. There is no wrong way to feed your lo there's just the way that works best for you.
  • Oh wow, everyone, thank you so much for your detailed answers! I need to call my insurance anyway about the pregnancy program thingy I’m supposed to join, so will definitely ask about the pumps. I need to go back through this thread and write down everyone's recommendations! Honestly, hearing all the different stories made me less nervous about BF because I know I’m the kind of person that will beat myself up if it doesn’t work. But this helped a lot in terms of reassurance and remembering to not blame yourself. So thank you!

    I know the answer is probably YMMV, but is it possible to nurse with baby in a sling/wrap so you can walk around and not be stuck on the couch? I’m guessing it probably depends on the baby and how they prefer to feed?
  • @Bababatty I never mastered the BFing in a sling (I didnt try that hard) but I know many women who did. Very possible.
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  • @Bababatty It is possible to wear and feed, and lots of women do it successfully. It only worked for my
    son and me for maybe a month? Again, I have a very short torso and large boobs, so the alignment just never worked for is. But I could carry him around and feed for quite a long
    time if need be. 
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  • @emeraldcity603 I have never heard of a Haakaa before, very interesting. I never had a problem with leaking a significant "catchable" amount at any point. Did you have an exceptionally high supply? Do some women just leak more? I'm so intrigued!
  • @gta4334 I leaked quite a bit my first couple of months (1-2 oz at a time) and then regulated and never leaked anymore once my milk leveled out. I didnt use the haaka but used the Milkies Milk Saver. Overpriced for what it is, but it worked.
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  • @chrssyms I usually have baby nurse off of both breasts, especially in the beginning. I switch the starting breast each time. It's more about preference though. For me, I am very protective of my supply in the early months before my supply levels out. I don't want my supply leveling out too low. With the Haakaa, I attach it to the breast the baby isn't nursing on. It catches my letdown and then when baby is done nursing on the first side I switch to the other breast. The good thing about this is that the haakaa collected all my foremilk so baby will get mostly hindmilk which is more fatty. 

    @gta4334 my supply was normal when I was using the Haakaa. I don't leak a lot either. The suction that is created helps the milk come out and collect in it. 

    @Bababatty I religiously nurse in my ergo. Especially in public. I grocery shop, chase the kids at the zoo, whatever I need to do at that time I nurse in my ergo. As for other wraps, I found them to be too difficult and it was easier to just take baby out and nurse. 
  • @emeraldcity603 I didnt realize the Haaka used suction, I thought you had to hold it up. The Milk Saver I used just catches milk. I will have to get the Haaka this time!
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  • @emeraldcity603 How early were you able to nurse with the Ergo? Did you use the newborn insert? I have the Ergo, but didn't use it much. I'm determined to get more use of it this time around. 
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  •  @eleven_ I nursed her in the newborn stage with the insert. I actually took my Ktan and ergo to the zoo with me once so I could switch and nurse. When they are super tiny you just have to make sure their airway is open. I found that she positioned her head differently in my ergo while sleeping and I was always worried she wasn't breathing. I'm a worrier about those kinds of things. I have read stories of babies dying in wraps/carriers so I'm always careful when they are so new. 
  • This thread has been so incredibly helpful! I feel so much more confident in breastfeeding just from reading all of your advice. 
  • Yes! Thank so much to all the moms who have shared their experiences. Breastfeeding is probably the number one thing I’m worried about after seeing my sister struggle with her first and how hard that was on her mentally. I already added all the products listed above to my registry :lol:
    you guys are so helpful
  • For anyone that is a reader, I highly recommend that book I posted. It is so informative. My husband even read through parts of it. I took it to the hospital (still do) and referred to it for proper holds and much more. It was like my BF handbook. 

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    I took a breastfeeding class with my first and honestly it was a waste for me. 2 hours of breast anatomy, different hold with dolls, and talking about equipment. Which made me run out and buy a self manual pump which I never used, but kept in my car for an emergency. 

    I learned more from my mom group and LC I had appointments with. Because the class didn’t really cover troubleshooting (low milk supply, latch issues, am I doing this right, what the heck is hind milk, my baby has lost weight etc). And when you are in the trenches of no sleep and cluster feeding, you curse the class that made it seem like, use a football hold and baby eats. 

    Maybe my class just sucked. But I would have definitely recommended a book that talks about latches and explains things like cluster feeding over it. 
  • @meatballs37 my class was pointless as well. It was definitely a waste of 3 hours of my life. It was actually a 2 week class (at night) and I didn’t even go back the 2nd time 😂 I’m part of a BF support group on FB and those ladies are amazing. I would highly recommend others to join something similar. (Mine is a local group so I won’t share the name but I know there are plenty out there)
  • @meatballs37 my class was pointless as well. It was definitely a waste of 3 hours of my life. It was actually a 2 week class (at night) and I didn’t even go back the 2nd time 😂 I’m part of a BF support group on FB and those ladies are amazing. I would highly recommend others to join something similar. (Mine is a local group so I won’t share the name but I know there are plenty out there)
    My class was amazing and helpful, but it was specific to the first month of breastfeeding. I did an all day Saturday class with an LC at my delivery hospital.

    I do highly suggest a BF support group on FB as well. I'm a part of an amazing one run by two LCs. It has been incredibly helpful for all those random questions along the way, in addition to just general support.
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  • Breastfeeding for me was something I grew up seeing a lot of. I have several aunts and countless cousins that were all breastfed. The mechanics of it I was fine with. The LC I had come in just said I was doing fine and went over things I already knew. What I wasn't ready for was the mastitis almost right off the bat. Holy crap that was excruciating, and you have to keep feeding through it to help unblock the duct. So not only did my nipples feel really sore but my entire breast kind of felt like it was on fire every time it was touched or I nursed. I hope to never go through that again. 
  • Hi Ladies, third time mom here. I breastfed my two for a combined total of 28 months including during two pregnancies. 

    Breast is the biological norm, formula is a fantastic invention which has saved millions of lives, but informed parents are what I believe is best for the child. 

    Breastfeeding can can come with many challenges, it takes determination and commitment to make it through the hard times, trust me I have been there. Some fantastic resources are Ina May Gaskin’s guide to breastfeeding, public or private lactation consultants, the website kellymom.com as well as breastfeeding support meetings such as la letche league. All of these resources will tell of the breastfeeding relationship, which means it must work for both baby and mama, if you are struggling you have the right to change your breastfeeding relationship, if your baby is struggling you have the right to change your breastfeeding relationship it’s all ok to do because only you know what is best for you and your baby! 

    Breastfeeding relationships come come in many forms, some moms are able to exclusively breastfeed, others supplement with donor milk via bottle or SNS system, some pump exclusively, and some supplement with formula, some require domperidone to increase their milk supply to continue breastfeeding their babies, some mothers even breastfeed without ever being pregnant in cases of surrogacy or adoption. All of these situations are beautiful examples of breastfeeding relationships whether they last 1 week or 3-7 years. 

    The biggest advice I can give to new moms is to trust yourself and your body, find reputable information and don’t worry what others have to say about your choices, they are not living your life and are not entitled to make decisions for you about your breastfeeding relationship (even if they are your parents or doctor) 
  • DD and I struggled with BFing in the beginning and I had to use a nipple shield for the first probably 4-6 weeks. But once we were able to wean off of that it has been so much better and easier to BF than deal with bottles. I have pumped since going back to work and she's bottle fed at daycare.  Bottles are the bane of my existence and I'm so glad she's weaning off them now! Definitely worth the struggles in the beginning for us.

    I highly recommend the haakaa. I didnt know about it until several weeks after DD was born and until then I would leak so bad and I cried so much because I was constantly wet from leaking all over myself. It definitely saved my sanity.

    I hated lanolin but love my bamboobies boob ease nipple balm. Try different kinds until you find a nipple cream you love.

    I tried the medela PISA and hated it but I love my spectra s2. I would recommend (as many already have) checking with your insurance to see what they will cover. My spectra s2 was fully covered by my insurance but I had about 6 different pumps to choose from through insurance. 

    Definitely have snacks and a giant cup of water near where you nurse/pump. I was soo hungry and thirsty every time I nursed for a long time. 

    If you plan on nursing in a chair in your baby's room, i would recommend finding a chair you love. I HATE the glider we have and it's not at all comfortable for nursing in. I'll be looking for a new chair for this go round. 
  • Wow, thanks for making this thread!! FTM here and I have to admit I am really nervous for BF. Not a lot of friends are moms yet and many of them only did it for a couple of months due to having a hard time with it. My goal is to BF as long as I am able to, so this tips are all great.

    Has anyone tried the Medela Sonata? It is a bit pricey but someone recommended it to me. I obviously have nothing to compare it too... 
    It looks like a Spectra knock-off! I don't have direct experience with the Sonata, but I do with their "hospital grade" Symphony and the Spectra is MILES better than the Symphony (let alone the old Pump In Style) -- more effective, quieter, more comfortable.
  • Thank you, again, for all of the great recommendations and the info regarding slings, etc. when BFing! I’m going to have a busy weekend going back through this thread and writing down all of those recommendations! Definitely going to look for that book, too, @emeraldcity603
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