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  • @zamora_spin I had surgery in July 2017 to remove cysts on both ovaries and also get the endometriosis resected. That's when I had the HSG test and Hysteroscopy as well which both came back looking good. Ugh sometimes doctors just make things worse with the things they say. FX your scan and bw go well on Friday!

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  • @zamora_spin I enter the same data that I can as there are a few differences between the apps. For example, Flo doesn't have you enter the time that you temp'ed in the morning. I think Flo primarily focuses on BBT and OPKs because I changed the CM data there and my predicted O date doesn't change.

    For the most part, both apps are close in the expected O date +/- 1 day. I think this cycle is only the 2nd cycle in which O dates were off by 3+ days from each other.
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  • Thank you all for the positive comments! Finally heard back from my RE and we are increasing the Gonal again.  I'm to take 150u for the next two nights then go back Friday for repeat scan and BW.  My lining was at 6mm so I'm happy with that because it was at 4mm.  On my right I have one follicle at 10 and one at 11 with 10 smaller ones.  On the left I have the same thing which is kinda weird.

    @kobrien827 That sucks about being at risk for OHSS but you are right about not throwing too much at your body.  Do they have you doing anything to prevent getting it?
    @zamora_spin Guess we are both counting down to Monday!
  • @AlohaKumu are you doing anything to increase your lining?  I've been drinking pomegranate juice and trying to stay active but I'm not sure what else to do.
  • Do any of you ladies have a transfer day ritual? I've seen ladies say pineapple, french fries, comedy shows, keep feet warm, etc. Curious to see what you ladies do. 

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    @suzycupcake I don't have a ritual yet (finding out this afternoon though!), but after every RE appointment I stop at Starbucks on my way back to work for a hot chocolate because infertility sucks and also I have gift cards lol

    ETA: noticed a typo
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  • @zamora_spin oh my gosh that’s actually not a bad idea to complete and hand them out. Of course I mentally checked everything off in my head.  :D 
  • @zamora_spin Love it! so many things I've done and like at @AlohaKumu said, many suggestions I may have to try. lol. 
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  • @kobrien827 how did everything go today? Thinking of you <3

    @celticknotfire glad you got some improvement and have a plan to keep it up with the increase in meds! Fx everything cooperates like it should :)

    @AlohaKumu nice increase! I can’t believe it’s almost December- glad you have a date set to look forward to.

    @zamora_spin I hate when people say things to make you second guess. Hopefully they aren’t panicking either and all goes well moving forward :)

  • @zamora_spin yeah this whole Zika thing has cramped my style!!  I love cruises and we usually go on once a year but haven’t the last two years because of it!!

    @celticknotfire FX that your lining continues to grow!

    @kobrien827 how did your ER go??

    @AlohaKumu when do you start PIO?

    @zamora_spin that checklist is great! 

    so I’m confused after my appt.  my lining jumped from 6.4 to 7.3 but my estrogen dropped from 282.8 to 234.6. How does that happen???  I had my appt with my RE this morning and she looked at my chart and saw the thickest my lining has been was 7.6 on stims. So she said she wants me to come back tomorrow and if it looks good then I’ll transfer next Wednesday.  That was before I got my estrogen results back though.  Tonight I have to take 2mg vaginally and 1mg orally.  Does anyone know if this drop in my estrogen can cause my cycle to be cancelled?  

     Also, she told me if I do transfer Wednesday then she wants me to take off work on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (which I wasn’t expecting)
  • @beachbunnyxo123 Yes yes yes!!!
    @purplg8r Hope you’re appt goes well!
    @AlohaKumu So excited you’re almost to transfer - FINALLY lady, you are such a trooper.
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  • AFM - So begins all of the appointments associated with this IUI. I'm only taking oral letrozole & then progesterone post-IUI.

    CD2 b/w was this AM. 10 tubes. yikes. I also have my saline tubal profusion test on CD9 and a post-coitus test on CD14, along with b/w, lining & follicle check to pinpoint O. I plan on asking at the STP appointment if I should be doing OPKs as well, as I am wondering how much my O will be pushed up with letrozole. 

    Has anyone had a saline tubal profusion rather than a traditional HSG? I'm wondering how uncomfortable I will be the day of/day after. 
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  • Appointment update!

    Assuming I don't get a BFP in the next week (I doubt it will happen since I'm not confident on O date) we're going to do an IUI next month with letrozole, trigger, and progesterone.

    My RE mentioned that my estradiol was high but wasn't concerned about it. I was at 106 but they like to see <50. Does anyone know what effect that has on fertility?

    I'm both nervous and excited. I sure hope I don't need to do this so many times, but 18% chance is really not that great of a chance  :/ just gotta stay positive!
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  • @beachbunnyxo123 wahoo!! How exciting to make such progress! :)

    @chichiphin I think she’s not thinking that’s my true LP...but again, I’ve not been able to even get baseline stuff done as I’m wfaf (due today if my 7d LP remains consistent...but why would anything remain consistent?! :p

    @inthewoods23 it’s hard to stay positive through all this but I hope you can take it one day at a time to make it all seem more manageable :) 

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    @kylienoin GL at your appt today, sorry you're going through this again.
    @beachbunnyxo123 that's great news about your lining!
    @inthewoods23 glad to hear you have a plan in place! I'm also struggling to just try to stay positive even when the stats don't sound good. 
    @suzycupcake GL today my love!! <3 Have been thinking about you all morning. 
    @kobrien827 How did your retrieval go? 
    @zamora_spin that checklist is hilarious. I lost count of how many I could mark off. Hopefully your follie cooperates and doesn't interfere with your plans (but when does that ever happen?).
    @littleredm I just started the femara yesterday but I have long, irregular cycles so I don't think my experiences will help you either. 
    @chichiphin I'm getting something different, the one my RE is sending me for is called hysterosalpingo-contrast sonography (they call it an echovist here because that's the name of the machine) but it kinda sounds like it's similar to a saline sono, except this one uses dye instead of saline and air? I can't keep it all straight. I was told it's less painful than an HSG though. 

    ETA: I know I missed some tags, I'm sorry, I can't keep up!

    Diagnosis (if you've been): PCOS, RE doesn't think I ovulate on my own. Possible MFI, waiting for SA results

    Status (WTO/TWW/TTA): WTO

    What are you doing this cycle? (Testing? Treatment?): Monitored cycle, started letrozole last night. HyCoSy (whatever that is) booked Tuesday to check my tubes. 

    How are things going?: We weren't planning on starting a medicated cycle right away, was going to do a diagnostic cycle first but my RE doesn't think I ovulate on my own at all so he said he was willing to wait it out with me and see if I O, or we can get this show on the road and start the femara right away. I took the latter option, my cycles are 44+ days without meds. 

    Any questions?: So many. I don't know where to start. I don't have the actual results from my CD3 b/w but I do have the results from the test they did on Nov 12th (which would've been CD32, and based on my temps I figured 2dpo but my RE doesn't think I ovulated). I don't completely understand what any of the numbers mean, but given that they're not my baseline numbers does it really tell me anything? 

    TSH - 1.49 mIU/L
    Estradiol - 213.71 pmol/L
    Progesterone - 8.37 nmol/L
    FSH - 5.21 IU/L
    LH - 20.4 IU/L
    Prolactin - 16.9 ng/mL 

    GTKY: If you could travel anywhere where would you go and why? These days I've been dying to get back to Europe, Greece or Italy would be amazing but I've been to both those places before. Somewhere new would be Spain, or New Zealand/Australia. Depending on what we decide to do with the wedding next year pending the outcome of this cycle, we wanted to honeymoon in Hawaii. 

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  • @suzycupcake GL today! hope you're able to relax after transfer. 
    @beachbunnyxo123 I'm so excited that you're already showing better results. I have everything crossed for you! 
    @zamora_spin ; glad you're making progress and I hope your body cooperates and O happens before/when you need it. 
    @chichiphin how are you feeling about moving forward? I didn't use opks during my IUI cycles, but I did ask that they move up one of my monitoring appts because I was afraid they would miss my O date. in my IUI cycles my O date was about 4 days before my average O date of previous cycles. 
    @inthewoods23 that is the protocol I used for my IUIs. I wish you luck! 
    @kobrien827 hope the retrieval went well, update us when you can
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  • @suzycupcake thinking of you today :) <3
  • @kiki047 Different labs will sometimes have different ranges for certain results.  Did they give you a normal range?
    @suzycupcake GL today!
    @zamora_spin That's great everything is progressing well!
    @inthewoods23 and @chichiphin That's great for having a plan in place!

    AFM, another monitoring appointment today and good results, I guess.  I have one follicle at 13 and one at 14 so they are growing just really slowly.  My lining is up to 7mm which is better than I have had in the past.  Two more days of 150u Gonal then another monitoring appointment on Sunday.  I'm trying really hard not to get discouraged but I didn't think it would take this long.  My follicles didn't even grow any from the US Monday to Wednesday so at least they are growing but I feel like it's going to take forever until I can finally do the IUI.  Sorry to vent I'm just frustrated.  Thank you all so much for all the support!
  • @inthewoods23 Thank you I needed a laugh!  MH appreciated it too!
    @kobrien827 Whoo-hooo for great numbers!
    @suzycupcake Thank you!  You tell that embie to snuggle in and get comfortable!
  • @celticknot c'monnnn little follies! He didn't give me any specific ranges, he just said my estradiol was off the charts high, and my FSH/LH ratio was reversed, as it often is in PCOS patients. And my progesterone level was too low to confirm O. 
    @kobrien827 woo hoo! Those are great numbers. Keeping all the things crossed for you! ... well, except my legs, cuz... ya know... ;)  
    @suzycupcake The CD32 testing was just done at our initial appt with him so I did a PAP & b/w to test for any STDs, etc. Other than a bladder infection, we're all clear. He didn't give me the #s for my CD3 b/w but said my LH/FSH ratio is still reversed so I'm not going to ovulate on my own. Not until I get the hormonal imbalances under control... which could take months. Bring on the femara! I'm normally very anti-drugs but he said it was our best shot without moving straight to IUI or IVF. 

    Me: 32  SO: 35

    TTC since Dec 2017

    Aug 2018: PCOS

    Nov '18: Cycle monitoring, testing w/RE

  • @Avrilmai I’m feeling good about moving forward as this is a more gentle step forward and more digestible. I’ll be thinking of you on Dec 4!
    @kobrien827 amazing number! Fx for more amazing news next week
    @suzycupcake hooray!!! Fx it is super sticky. And omg no I meant they took ten vials of blood today for blood work! And yes - very excited and glad I have kind of a raging bull of an RE who just wants to press onward 

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  • @kobrien827 awesome numbers, woohoo! And yay for Chick-fil-A :smiley:
    @suzycupcake fx!
    @celticknotfire c’mon follicles, go go go!
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