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  • @sbhawnani @ah80 thanks for the update ladies! Last BC was yesterday, have also had breakthrough bleeding for about a week together with cramping. I’m told withdrawal bleeding will happen next few days. Had untrasound with blood work this’s morning and levels are good, overies are cyst free. They did my mock embryo transfer today and went super smooth. All set to start gonal F on Friday night. Taking vitamins, drinking lots of water, and eating healthy to try and keep energy up. Trying to keep stress down but my job doesn’t help that. I also am pretty much just walking my dog for exercise and haven’t been hitting gym. I think keeping everything low impact is ideal so I don’t put more stress on my body right now. Something is better than nothing! 

    I feel better this week after getting baseline results and more positive now knowing my body is ready. 
  • @ah80 my giant shipment of meds comes this week (!) and I’ll be starting my cycle whenever my next period starts (sometime in the next week 5 days). I feel ready to do this but also nervous.. The stakes are so high! No suppression right now and I’ll be injecting gonal f and menopur when I get my period. 
  • @ah80 that is more activity than me for sure :smile: I've just been walking from the car to the work elevator and back to the car at the end of the day. I can totally understand the lack of positivity or motivation but hey! isn't this positive that we still have a shot!?
    Just keep yourself occupied with friends/family/hobbies/TV, whatever floats your boat. Post here daily with your progress and we will get through it before you know it. Good Luck :smile:
  • Hi ladies! Starting my 3rd ivf cycle this month. I’m currently on BC and probably starting stims in about a week and a half. Super nervous even though I’ve been through this process twice already. I wasn’t posting on forums the last two times I did this so I’m glad to be sharing the journey with women who are going through the same. 

    @sbhawnani I’m a healthy 30 year old woman with no known fertility issues. Our ivf is due to MFI, my husband had to freeze his sperm before chemo treatments when he had cancer before we met. (He’s fine now.) We had 5 high grade embryos after my 2 egg retrievals and only ended up with 1 healthy embryo after PGS. Can you imagine if we didn’t do the test? We would’ve had to find out the hard way that we would get pregnant only 1 out of 5 times. I say spend a little more money to do the genetic test and bypass the stress of possible miscarriage from chromosomally abnormal embryos. But that’s just my opinion. May I ask why your RE is advising against the genetic test?
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    @ellis1983 Great that your baseline went well. Mine is scheduled tomorrow. 

    @sbhawnani Yes, definitely positive there is still a chance. I try to remind myself of that. 

    @scseeff My RE recommended against testing for me too for attempt #2. We had planned on testing for #1 but didn't even end up with any eggs. He said testing would be to narrow down which to transfer if there are a lot to choose from. For my situation, it's unlikely that I will ever have many to choose from if we are even able to get an embryo at all. 

    I had an acupuncture appointment yesterday.  The assistants always ask me if I'm doing better/worse/same. I always say the same. She asked if my injections were helping. I thought it was a weird question but I just say that I'm not really sure yet. She tells me that her daughter had a similar problem as me.  And I'm thinking OK.. her daughter has infertility issues too. Nope. It turns out her daughter has BACK problems and it's making it really difficult to take care of her newborn.  Apparently she missed why I was doing injections.  Ugh. I can't live in this world sometimes. 
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    Hello Ladies,
    I had my baseline today as its CD32. No AF yet but that is pretty normal for me. Based on Labs RE will prescribe something to induce AF. 

    sbhawnani and scseeff  I was advised by my RE to do the genetic screening (PGD) for a hereditary disease from my side after review of my family history was completed. My father had hemophilia. My last round only one tested positive for the disease. Unfortunately they both (2 made it to blasts out of 14) had chromosomal abnormalities (PGS). So here we go with cycle 2.

    Best of luck for 2019!
  • @scseeff I have no idea why they asked me to not do the screening. I have my baseline tomorrow and I will ask them then. I am 32 years of age with endometriosis that was cleared last year (through surgery). After that, it has pretty much been unexplained infertility. Did three unsuccessful IUI cycles and I honestly don't know what is inhibiting conception. 
  • @ah80 good luck for your baseline. I don't know what to expect since I haven't gotten AF yet after stopping BC. I will post an update after my appointment tomorrow. 
  • Hi ladies! I am new to the boards...I am scheduled to start my 2nd round of IVF in late January. During our first round, we ended up with 2 PGS normal 6 day blasts. Our RE suggested we do another round before moving on to transfer. They have me doing an Ayegestin (BC) priming protocol this time for 10 days prior to stims, which I did not do last time, so I am not sure what to expect from it. We took a  3 month break in between cycles to focus on egg health via supplements, diet, acupuncture, etc. It was extremely emotional for both me and my husband the first time around...here to give and receive support! 
  • @sbhawnani Good luck at your appointment! Keep us updated. :)

    @ah80 I totally feel you on the financial part. It makes me so upset when we have to go through all this just for a baby while several of my friends have “accidentally” gotten pregnant. Sigh*

    @mizztyra Welcome to the board! I’m on the same boat as you. The RE wants to collect as many viable embryos as we can before we schedule the FET. This is my third cycle and the first two cycles were very emotionally difficult for me as well. I’m nervous about starting stims next week. My anxiety is through the roof! Trying to find ways to de-stress but I find talking about it helps a lot so I’m very grateful I can turn to this forum. Good luck and keep us updated!
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    @scseeff Thank you for the warm welcome! I completely understand the nerves involved, even with having gone through it before. I have been trying to hit the gym (before I can't anymore w/ stims and ER argh), acupuncture sessions 1x a week and will be starting IVF guided meditation soon. I just started my aygestin today and will continue for 10 days, and then start stims shortly afterwards. I am very interested to see if this new protocol and 3 months of supplements will make a difference. Good luck to you too! 
  • @mizztyra Thank you! What’s this ivf guided meditation? I think I need some of that.. I always get so anxious right before and during the ER. I cried in the recovery room after my first ER. It was so painful and men were not allowed in the operating and recovery area so I was all alone. I’m sure its different at every clinic so each of our experiences will be different. But it was terrible for me. The second time was much better. The decision to do a third egg retrieval was unexpected so I’m really dreading all of this. We originally planned to do FET at the end of December but that was before we found out most of our embryos had chromosome abnormalities. Trying to stay positive and not complain but as the days count down to my stims, the more antsy i’m getting.
  • @scseeff ER was so nerve-wracking and I was uncomfortable for much longer than I expected afterwards. Also, that is a shame about them not allowing men/partners with you! My clinic only didn’t allow my husband in the operating room. 

    The guided meditation was recommended to me by my acupuncturist; it is called Circle and Bloom; it’s available through their website. I tried their natural cycle program while we were trying naturally. I have now purchased their IUI/IVF guided meditations and I expect that they will be just as good. I have found that practicing meditation really helps to calm the mind. You are so brave going through this for a third time...we can do it! ❤️
  • @myzztyra Welcome to the discussion :)

    I had my baseline today and have been put on 75 IU or Menopur and 150 unis of Follistim twice a day. My next appointment is scheduled for Monday morning. Let's see how everything goes. Keeping my fingers crossed and sending good vibes to everyone :)
  • @sbhawnani Good luck with starting your shots! Menopur was always my least favorite because it stings a bit. Keep us updated on your next appointment!

    I'll be taking Aygestin for 8 more days and then my baseline should be shortly after that. How is everyone else getting on in their cycles?
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    @scseeff That sounds like a horrible way to do the ER. At our clinic, my partner was able to sit right outside of the room during the procedure and was able to be with me immediately after I was done. 

    @sbhawnani yay to everything going well at baseline. 

    @mizztyra I don't really remember Menopur stinging, but I've heard others say they had that experience. I definitely felt a sting with Gonal F. 

    I had baseline Thursday.  I just had four antral follicles, but that was not really unexpected.  At least I have something. The clinic gave me the OK late yesterday to start stims on Monday.  

    I was feeling really down Thursday/Friday, probably prompted by thinking the worst after I didn't hear from the clinic as soon as I did last time with the OK.  After spending all day being an anxious emotional wreck, I finally get the news I'm hoping for.  And it's good news.  I'm happy momentarily, but the negative thoughts start creeping back. I get upset that I have to drive to pick up the medication that I was holding off on getting in case my cycle was canceled.  When I realize it's  like a less than 15 minute drive, it totally makes me laugh.  It's insane I'm upset about that after driving myself crazy with worry all day. I really need to start trying to thinking more positive. I have hope, however small, that this time could work. I need to remember that. 

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    @mizztyra Thank you so much for the guided meditation recommendation! I purchased it and can’t wait to try it out.

    @sbhawnani I also had a difficult time with menopur but the good thing is that the stinging goes away pretty quickly. Good luck! 

    @ah80 Aw.. stay strong!! This whole process can make any sane person crazy. My husband has been pushing me to find ways to calm my nerves because I get into a crazy mess too when i start my stims. @mizztyra recommended this guided meditation called circle bloom that looks really good. Also I find that warm baths relax me. Self care is so important during this process! Good luck and you can always DM me if you need to talk.

    Soo my cycle started today. Going in Monday for my first monitoring and collect my crazy pills. Keep you guys updated after my appointment! 
  • @scseeff Awesome! I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me. Let us know how your monitoring appointment goes!  :smile:

    @ah80 I totally understand that feeling. I swear during  my first round, if a stiff breeze hit me it could've made me cry. Try to keep that spark of hope and positivity going! I really struggle with staying positive as well. Based on another infertility blog I read, I purchased this journal called, "52 Lists for Happiness" by Moorea Seal (https://www.amazon.com/Lists-Happiness-Journaling-Inspiration-Positivity/dp/1632170965?SubscriptionId=AKIAILSHYYTFIVPWUY6Q&tag=duckduckgo-d-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=1632170965). It's a weekly positivity journal - I have enjoyed it and sometimes my husband and I do it together. 

    Is anyone else dealing with any close friends/family and pregnancy envy? My best friend is expecting (easily, of course) and she sends me updates (pics,video)...and it's hard. I am trying to work up the courage to talk to her about it but I am very nervous about coming off as selfish or her not being understanding about it. The weird thing is, she totally knows what I'm going through so I kind of expected her to "get it".
  • Hello ladies! Do you mind if I join? I started my stims this morning! This is my 3rd time stimming for IVF. 5 years ago I went thru ER but had 0 eggs fertilize after ICSI. Then in Sept I stimmed for 8 days, but was canceled due to poor response. I only had 3 follicles and they weren't growing. I'm hoping this cycle is better! Can't wait to get to know all of you! Hopefully this is our year! 
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    Hi ladies . I am starting my sim tomorrow. I am 36 . TTC for 5 years. This is my second IVF. My first one was fresh cycle ended with miscarrage. It was painful and I thought i will never do this again and here I am. This time I am adding acupuncture, tumeric, Q10, acai berry, gluten free diet (yes I am going crazy). I decided not to tell family this time as my DH side think it is againt God will and myside think I should have done 10 IVFs by now. Wish everyone good luck! Any body started acupuncture? I did my first one , few needles in the tummy and few on my hands. It didnt sound right to me .
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    @leela00 we will be one day apart . Hopefully same due date ;) 
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    @mizztyra good luck for you. That is great that you have 2 normal embryos. You should relax you are just taking extra step toword sucess. How do you feel after acupuncture? Any different? Did they put needle one the face or jus tummy ?
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    @ah80 I am sorry about your friend , but sometimes if my friend or family dont include me in the baby stuff I feel that I am excluded. So maybe she is thinking to cheer you up. 
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    @daaly I did acupuncture 2 times during my last cycle then I went again last week before starting stims. He usually puts some in my back for about 30 minutes then I turn over and he puts 2 or 3 in my stomach and 1 on each ankle for 30 minutes. Not sure if it really helps but I'm willing to try anything! I go back on Tuesday which will be on day 3 of stims. I would love it if we could be due date buddies 😍
  • Today was my first ultrasound after starting the stims Thursday night. My doctor said I have 6 follicles; not sure if the number is good or bad. The stims remain same (150 Follistim and 75 Menopur, twice a day) with the addition of Ganirelix on Wednesday night before I go in for another ultrasound and bloodwork on Thursday, 1/17. 

    Do you ladies know how many days is Ganirelix used for? My doctor's office is not the best with communication. I had to proactively calculate and order refills for my Follistim and Menopur since the upped my dosage. When I called the office to confirm, they said "Oh! yes. You should order more before you run out" :neutral:

    So glad to see everyone so engaged here and trying to be positive and uplift others too :smile: I wish we all have super good news at the end of this treatment and are bump buddies. Stay strong, ladies and do reach out if you need to talk. 
  • @sbhawnani my calender shows that I will take Ganirelix for 5 days. I think they had me order 6 doses of it. That stinks that your clinic is not on top of it! Good luck! You are about 4 days ahead of me!

    I'm so anxious for my ultrasound on Wednesday. I'm hoping I have more follicles this time and that I'll actually be able to get to egg retrieval. So far I'm not feeling any symptoms from the meds. How is everyone else feeling? 
  • @leela00 today is day5 of stims for me. The only side effect I have is exhaustion; but that is not too uncommon for me :smile: Good luck for your ultrasound on Wednesday. I will let you know if I notice any sid effects. 
  • Hello all! I am new to the boards but wanted to join in and talk to others who understand this process. Today is my fifth day of stims and third day of estrogen gel. I went in for my first follow up E2 and ultrasound this morning. The doctor did not tell me how many follicles I had but did measure the ones I had growing and said they looked fine. I start gainrelix in the morning. My possible retrieval date is the 22nd! I’ve been doing yoga and meditation daily so I’m trying my best to stay positive. This is my first round....
  • Welcome new ladies!! So glad to be sharing all of this together. 

    I had my monitoring today and everything looks fine so far. They’re starting me on clomid and gonal-f tonight. I’m a little nervous because the clomid always makes me feel insane. I had my weekly acupuncture appointment this morning. I was really stressed out and knocked out during my session. I felt much more relaxed after that. 

    @sbhawnani Unfortunately i’ve learned that most of the time you need to advocate for yourself or you will be overlooked. I was almost given the wrong ivf protocol this morning had I not pointed it out to the nurse. I don’t know how they missed that but human error does happen. We need to be vigilant on this journey! :smile: Hope your 6 baby follicles grow big and healthy!!! Glad you’re not getting terrible side effects from the stims. Keep goin girl! 

    @daaly I have been seeing an acupuncturist since August (before my first ER cycle in September). He puts the needles on my toes, feet, legs, knees, hands, arms, and one in each ear. I always feel like I’m covered in needles. I’m curious to know if its even working but it doesn’t hurt to keep going with it. At least for me it helps with my stress and anxiety.

    @mizztyra I’m so sorry about how you’re feeling toward your friend. It totally sucks. I have realized that nobody really understands what you’re going through except those who have gone through it or are going through it themselves. I felt a long stretch of loneliness during my first ER because it felt like nobody understood me even though all my friends were “there” for me. Your friend should definitely be more sensitive about what you’re going through though. Hopefully she can find that balance and you can somehow also find within yourself to share her happy memories with her. Good luck.. sending hugs. It’s not easy what we’re going through and you’re doing great! 

  • Hi Everyone! On day 4 of stims. Had bloodwork today and they added menapour and Ganirelix . Menapour was fine once I got mixing down. Ganirelix was in the thigh and I definitely felt that - still feels sore from two hours ago. Cvs sent me lidocaine cream with my injections but my RE didn’t say to use it. I’m guessing since it was sent To me it’s safe to use before I give the shot in the thigh. Is anyone using lidocaine? Also first ultrasound since stims is Wed :)
  • @ellis1983 I did Ganirelix in my stomach last cycle so I didn't need lidocaine. I could see how you'd want to use it for your thigh... Ouch! Five years ago I was prescribed lidocaine for the trigger and PIO shots that went in my butt! I don't think it would hurt to use it if you need it. Maybe you could try icing your leg first?! Sorry I don't know much about thigh shots. My 1st appt is Wednesday too 😁
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    Just finished my first day if stim . Not to bad :) good luck everyone 
  • Hi Ladies! New to the group and looking forward to talking to other people going through the same process. This is my first ivf treatment. I had my retrieval last week, which at this point seems so long ago. I’m still recovering but getting better. We got an update today that 2 of our embryos made it to day 5. At first I wanted to cry at the news...but trying to stay positive and praying a couple more make it through the night. We are doing PGS and then possible FET early March. Anyone else doing the testing or been through a FET before? Good luck to you all! 
  • Welcome to the new ladies! Hope everyone is getting on well in their cycles. I am probably starting stims next week! 

    @daaly when I go to acupuncture, she puts needles all over (head, face, hands, tummy, ankles, feet). I like it even if it’s just for the relaxation. I also love my acupuncturist; she went through IVF too so she knows everything that’s going on with me.

    @sbhawnani I had a similar issue with my clinic previously, they didn’t get my trigger shot ordered in time! So there was a mad dash to get it directly from the clinic. It’s so frustrating but now I am a squeaky wheel and I ask a ton of questions. Keep us posted on your next appointment! 

    @scseeff thanks so much for the encouragement. I really want to keep the friendship strong, and I am happy for her. I am hoping we can find the right balance to carry us forward through this experience together.

    @laurenc436 I was in your same boat! I ended up with 2 blasts at day 6. It’s ok to want to cry, I definitely did! You just went through a lot and are also coming back down from the hormones. We also did the PGS testing. It was the longest 10 days of my life waiting on those results. Stay strong and be kind to yourself. I am doing another round before we do FET. I don’t have any experience with it yet, but thinking about it scares me. Please keep us updated! 💜

  • @ellis1983 I started my first gainrelix injection this morning and boy I was not ready! I thought the Follistim was bad since I absolutely hate needles and injections, but I love tattoos, weird right? Lol. The needle was so dull and the stinging lasted for at least an hour. I’m now wishing I would have started these at night so I could at least sleep through the worst of it. The Follistim now seems like a cake walk compared to the gainrelix.
  • Hello Ladies,
    I am on my second round of stims (menopure 150 and 300 gonal f), day 6 and am feeling so nauseas. I didn’t have this side effect last time and am wondering if anyone else is experiencing? 
  • @ashcash03
    Did you also have to give your Gainerlix in the thigh like I have to? This morning when I did it again it wasn’t quite as bad as last night, probably because I knew what to expect with the soreness! 

    Your dosages are triple my dosage so I haven’t experienced naseau. I hope you feel better soon! The stims will be over soon! It all will be worth it! 
  • @ellis1983 I actually gave it in my stomach. My RE didn’t give specifics as to where to give however they did say I could do either place. I’m thinking I will go for my thigh in the morning because I’m running out of bruise free places in my abdomen. Also when do you go back for your next ultrasound?
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    @Knottie1442268460 I am on the same dose of gonal F and menpaure. Day 2 no nausea . But bad headache. I found that bananashelp alot with med SE :) my own discovery . I am also doing meditation , I found many tracks on youtube for fertility and ivf meditations which relaxed me alot and helped with the SE. hope you feel better soon 
  • On day 2 of stims.. the hot flashes have begun and I find myself being extra angry all the time. Someone help me!! :persevere:
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