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  • @canuckmomma I wouldn't buy anything full price from pink blush. I've found their stuff to be hit or miss. The quality is kind of cheap and a lot of the dresses are so short they end up shirts by the time you have a third tri belly! I did get a formal dress for a wedding and maternity pics from there and that one I was happy with! 
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    I need full panel everything to help cover up my sticky outie belly button that inevitably appears around 20wk!
  • Had an Instagram targeted ad for Wren & Ivory a few days ago and placed an order during the bogo 1/2 off sale. Got my dresses super quick and they are quite soft and stretchy. The bump friendly line is also nursing friendly and great enough for use after as well. 

    Will reupdate after some washes for wear but so far I’m a fan. 
  • *rant ahead* ugh ugh ugh. First-time pregnant woman here. I decided to start looking for mat clothes even though I don’t need them yet because I don’t want to wake up one morning with a giant belly and not be able to fit any of my clothes. Where I live, it’s super hot and humid most of the year, so the super-easy solution of maternity jeans and large t-shirt is not going to work for me. But, like...are you kidding me, every line of maternity wear ever— WTF is up with those dresses? It’s either a giant sack or super bodycon with very little in between. I am not interested in “showcasing” my “baby bump,” nor am I a fan of infantilized or overly feminine clothing. Where do actual human women go for reasonably-priced spring and summer maternity dresses? Or will there be more options later in the season? *rant over*
    Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. I don’t normally throw tantrums, but I’m feeling frustrated. 
  • It's official. I can't wear my jeans anymore. I can't sit in them for more than 30 minutes without being mad, mad, mad. I think I'm going to head to Target. 
  • @pizzaplz It's a challenge to find things that are both decent style and affordable. I liked Isabella Oliver when I was pregnant before but their stuff is a little $$. You might check out ASOS maternity.. they have a huuuge selection and most of their stuff is reasonably priced. 
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  • I have this top from Nordstrom Rack that I've had for almost a year. I plan on ordering a bunch more in other colors to get me through this pregnancy. It's so cute and versatile and I don't feel like I'm wasting my money on "just maternity clothes." Plus it's good for hiding the bump these next couple weeks. Bonus, it's on SALE right now! 
  • @pizzaplz I just had this same issue trying to find a dress so early in pregnancy. The dresses out there are huge sacks or tight and fit weirdly. I really believe those dresses will look good way later on when I'm big as a house.

    For now, if you're still small, you might look good in a non maternity dress with a dropped waist/dropped hem. Or even a sheath dress with that Kate Middleton look. Good luck!
  • @mamanbebe you know what, I think you mentioned ASOS upthread and I totally overlooked it. Thanks for the reminder—I took a peek and they do have some pretty cute items. I think maybe in a few months they will have even more options for the type of weather I need to dress for.

    @Cbeanz thanks for your advice. It’s good to hear that I’m not alone. And you helped me realize I do have a few pieces that will probably get me through the early transition stages. Crisis temporarily averted!

    and everyone else, thanks for letting me rant. I’m kind of freaked out by my body right now (I could feel my very solid and full uterus this morning for the first time ever! Which is amazing, yes, but also soooo weird) and I am rebelling against the idea of my pregnancy being on full display for all to see. 
  • @pizzaplz ;
    I just ordered a couple dresses from ASOS with this "dropped hem" silhouette, so hopefully it will work OK.

  • @Cbeanz oh, that is really cute. I like that style a lot. When you get it, please give an update! I’m curious to know how the fabric feels and how the dress fits. Is this from the maternity section, or regular?
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    @pizzaplz Thanks!  I will do a side by side photo once it arrives.  This was from ASOS in the REGULAR section.  I don't think actual maternity dresses look good on me until third trimester.
  • A friend sold me 2 large totes and a large shopping bag full of her msternmat clothes for $50! Most fit! So thankful. There's got to be thousands of dollars worth of clothes here.
    July 4th
  • @Hakele which ones did you get? I had extra time at Target yesterday and was browsing the maternity section but was severely underwhelmed with the options. 
  • @meandlittleb my target only had one brand and the only difference I could see between the pairs were the cut of the legs. I got the straight leg/skinny jeans style. They stay up pretty well! And I like the criss cross full panel that goes down in the back. Very comfy.
    July 4th
  • I got these ones. They are like normal jeans with a little stretch. I tried the skinny ones, but didn’t like them. That is the cut I normally wear, but they were acid wash and just felt off in the seat and butt. But these were great! They are from the Target maternity line called Isabel. 

    And I loved going out yesterday and not feeling like I had to constantly pull up my pants. They stay in place. They are amazing and so comfy. And I like that the back is low because I do get sweaty back. 
  • @foodislove Yes!!! Completely agree. Some people use those belly bands around their jeans. But I'm not a jeans person so they don't work for me. This is the most unflattering stage, about 10-18 weeks for me. Ugh. I feel like I'm just powering through.

    I'm wearing a lot of stretchy tanks under a long cardigan. But I only have so many.
  • @foodislove That ruching.. ugh. I've been on the lookout for non-ruched maternity tees, I'll post here if I find some. In the meantime I've just been living in baggy sweaters and maternity leggings with the fold-down panel from A Pea in the Pod / Motherhood Maternity / Destination Maternity because they fit during the whole pregnancy.
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  • @foodislove I feel you on this too. We went out to dinner Friday and Saturday night with family and friends and I had a melt down trying to find something to wear and by the end of the night I was so uncomfortable, full, bloated, and crabby. @mamanbebe I think I'm going to move full time into leggings as well. 
  • I got some leggings from Amazon from legging depot last year and they have been great with my growing belly and I can pull them up over my belly.

  • @foodislove my exact thoughts while trying to get dressed today. I finally settled on a maternity shirt and it wasn't so bad. But the struggle is so so realllll. When hormones are already raging making you sensitive to everything and then clothing doesn't fit :cry: 
  • @cbeanz We went on a babymoon for my first pregnancy when I was around 18/19 weeks. I saw a cute petite preggo woman while we were at a botanical garden - so slim with the perfect bump, fashionable clothes, and I lost it for an hour. Poor DH was with the crazy crying lady on the bench just patting my back and telling me I'm lovely.

    @mamanbebe I wish I could live in baggy clothes, but work fashion dictates otherwise. I have to strike this perfect balance of fashionable work casual for academic environments. 
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  • I've looked at ASOS a bit, but does anyone have recommendations on where to purchase formal dresses? I have not one, but TWO work galas that I will have to work/attend in my third trimester. Figured I'd better start browsing now, and it's already over/underwhelming with the options! Obviously not looking to spend a whole lot of money since I'm only going to wear these things once. 
  • @meandlittleb check out They have a lot of dresses and you could potentially find something! I bought a dress to wear to a wedding from the site with my last pregnancy, it was great. 
  • I’ve got 3 pairs of old navy maternity jeans size 1 to anyone who wants to just pay shipping. 

    They are in great condition but I’m a maternity start size 4-6 this go around so ain’t no getting them around my hips. 
  • @meandlittleb I’ve seen ads for maternity clothes rental. Forgot the name but I think they had formal dresses. #pregancybrainisreal
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    For all of those second tri in-between sizes mama's - I am right there with ya, and recently started ordering from Wren & Ivory. Their clothes are designed to be worn before, during, and after pregnancy. A lot of their dresses and shirts are nursing friendly too. They're really nice quality, affordable, and make me feel feminine. They have sales regularly too. I would definitely recommend looking into them if you are struggling for outfits to wear! 

    (Attn: @foodislove !) 

  • @mamanessen yes! I just got two dresses from them and they fit wonderfully 
  • @Bear14+ I could have spent my entire paycheck at Pink Blush, so much cute stuff! And now Wren and Ivory?? Look out bank account !
  • I ordered a super cute shirt that I was going to wear to do my baby announcement pictures, but it was stolen from my mailbox! Ugh. 
  • Has anyone purchased maternity underwear? Is it worth the money? Under or over bump kind? Or have you just bought larger sizes in regular underwear?
  • @hakele that's horrible!! Has that happened to you before with mail?
  • @firsttimemommy0719 I’ve bought a bunch this pregnancy and they are under the bump. Nothing special at all. Last pregnancy I just bought a larger size of my favorite underwear and it was fine + they fit better postpartum than my original size since hips expand. 
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  • @firsttimemommy0719 I just wear my regular underwear. I've never really seen a point to maternity undies personally.
  • @meandlittleb yes. We think someone stole our mail before Christmas. You know those balance transfer checks that CC send out? Some POS made a check out to themselves for $2500. Thankfully, the CC company was able to take care of it. 
    This shirt, I’m just out $40. Ugh. 
    Plus, I just feel so gross about it. Who does that? Pieces of 💩, that’s who. Ugh. 
  • @hakele that’s terrible! Tell the company that you bought it from that you did not actually receive it and see if they can send you a replacement. They should be able to file a claim with the parcel service too. 
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  • Hey ladies! Just an FYI....motherhood maternity has an additional 50% off sale items. I just bought 14 items (including a bathing suit) for $120!
  • @meandlittleb - I rent from “rent the runway” alllllllllll the time and I absolutely love them, and now they have maternity dresses and organize by trimester. You can most definitely find something for a gala there!
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