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Maternity clothes

hello ladies! I am not in maternity clothes yet, only 7 weeks but I am wanting to start to look. Any suggestions on best websites for a good price?

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  • Gap, old navy, target, motherhood maternity, h&m, ASOS 
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  • +1 to all the suggestions above. I think most of my wardrobe from DD is Old Navy with a few fancy pieces from Thyme Maternity. 
  • I found most of my motherhood maternity stuff to be crap. I bought mostly gap and target with my son and it held up much better 
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  • I ordered some from Motherhood Maternity and order a shirt and dress from Amazon.  We shall see!
  • I would check FB marketplace, it gets expensive to buy stuff new.  People usually sell their stuff in lots and it's typically in pretty good condition since it's only worn for a short amount of time.  
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  • I’d buy less than you think.  I bought a couple of nice pants for work, but overall I kept the clothes I already wore and just avoided my tighter clothes. 

    Its fun fun to try the fake belly’s at motherhood maternity though 🙃
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  • I loved old navy's maternity clothes for the basics my last pregnancy especially because of how affordable they are when there's a sale going on.
  • I was surprised at H&M but I loved their maternity clothes. For work clothes, in my last trimester, I used Le Tote clothing subscription service. I loved it - paid about $70 a month and had 3 new items each week (I mostly requested dresses). It's sort of like how Netflix used to work, get a box of clothes in the mail, return them, get the next box. If you have to wear professional clothes (I'm a corporate attorney, so it's pretty formal), it's a great option.
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  • H&M worked for me early on, but I felt Motherhood Maternity had better options for when I was larger. Plus they had a "belly" I could try on to guess how well the clothes would fit as I got bigger. I waited for sales online, used Ebates, etc. to try to get as much savings as possible.

    I tried ThreadUp, btw, and did not like it at all. Target had okay options, but nothing that really fit me well. 
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  • I’m only 5’2 and wear 8 or 10 short in all pants otherwise they are dragging the ground. My Old Navy store doesn’t carry maternity clothes in store other than those that have been returned from online sales. I tried on the regular pixie pants in 8 and 10 tonight and they are too long. Unfortunately, they done come in short for maternity. Has anyone had any luck finding short dress pants? 
  • You can find decent stuff at consignment shops usually!
    I like h&m, motherhood, and target for everyday stuff! If you need a more formal dress wren and ivory has super cute ones!!!
  • I am thankful to be pregnant this time of year, I was able to buy about 5 cute sweaters I am able to grow into and still hid the bump until I am ready to share the news. And yes the consignment shops have some great items as well! 
  • Target, old navy, gap and a couple nicer things from Nordstrom. Ive been doing a little preshopping; it’s a good time to get summer stuff on sale... I’m excited that we’ll be huge for sundress season! 
  • Thanks for all the recommendations! Gap and Old Navy are having a really nice Cyber Monday sale (50% off some items!) so I went ahead and ordered a few. It's still early on for me, but I'm already having trouble fitting in my work pants. A good deal and added comfort? Yes, please!
  • @abmeier I am your size, I think I remember Motherhood Maternity having short size pants. I also mostly wore leggings and work just had to deal with me dressing it up.
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  • Motherhood maternity has a great cyber Monday sale, up for 50% off! 
  • Being pregnant in the summer has its advantages. I usually just stick with H's shirts and cloth shorts for around the house and I have 2 pairs of maternity shorts and a couple of tanks for going out in. 

  • Bumping this because Zara has maternity clothes now!! 

    I know for sure they are available in US, Canada and Australia, I couldn't find a section on the website necessarily, but if you search "maternity" they will pop up! 
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  • @tsa208 did Le Tote provide court worthy clothes? I'm a litigator, but dont go to court frequently. I can get away with Target's style in the office, but will probably have to go to court at some point between now and July. Hopefully I'll have a couple trials so I can get some cases wrapped up before I leave.

    Any other suggestions for maternity business attire?
  • I was just at H&M and found some nice maternity work attire. I like shopping Old Navy, Gap, HM, Target (when I'm in US, we don't have target in Canada anymore- I'm close to boarder tho) for maternity clothes. With my first i also picked up some staple pieces from the maternity stores (Motherhood, Thyme) and I found those stores just to be so expensive. I only check in there for the sale racks now. Sometimes can find good sales. 
  • Has anyone else made the leap on a couple things yet? I packed away my skinny jeans yesterday- they’re just too uncomfortable by the end of the day. 
    With my first I didn’t feel that way until like 18ish weeks. 
  • @erynpdx I’ve been living in maternity leggings for comfort and just ordered two pair of jeans and a jumpsuit from Zara. I held out until around 14-15 weeks with my first but this bloat is just too much. 
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  • tsa208tsa208
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    @cindler I mostly used it for business casual, so I'm not sure. I would borrow suit skirts, but not any jackets - they have matching suit pieces for non-maternity, I just am not sure if they have it for maternity too. If you like, here's a link for a free tote just so you can browse their catalog and see if you like it (disclaimer, I get a credit!): Le Tote link. With Le Tote, if you really like something you borrow, you can just keep it and they charge a discounted rate for it - I would up keeping a couple of the basic maternity skirts, like a black pencil skirt, because I could wear it all the time (and I wore it when I came back from maternity leave since I didn't lose all of the baby weight right away - those skirts really do adapt to whatever size you are!).

    I know there are other services similar that do offer more formal clothing. I didn't use but they had more suits on their websites (I just found it recently).

    Also, I don't know if you read but they have a sister site and its intro page has a lot of good info about fashion/clothing but also just about working mom stuff, and a ton of lawyers post on the site:

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  • First pregnancy and I am about 11 weeks. (Due July 15). I have a tiny bump or increase in size but still fit in my clothes comfortably. I was wondering when you will start to need maternity clothes? 
  • I haven't bought anything yet, but I just went to look on Gap and they're having 51% off. Thought I'd mention since I saw Gap mentioned a bunch on here.
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  • cindlercindler
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    @tsa208 thanks for the info! I hope I don't have to go crazy with maternity work stuff! Also totally going to check out corporette and their mom site. Everyone in my office either is Male, has kids out of the house, or don't have kids. I'm kind of alone navigating being a lawyer and a new mom. Any insight and support is welcome.

    ETA: DH is a lawyer too, so I get support from him, but it's different for guys. 
  • Let me just say that maternity clothes are the best. 12+1 today and loving maternity pants.
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  • I got some low-panel maternity leggings because my regular ones started to feel like they were cutting into my belly.  These wouldn't have enough support for a workout, but they're comfortable for just wearing around.  Otherwise, I'm wearing my regular clothes, aside from anything that's too clingy around the waist.
  • Yep. 12+5 now and I don't even bother with my regular clothing. My mat clothing is stretchable so it grows with your bump. I'm happy to be wearing it now. I figure I already own it so I might as well get as much use as possible out of it:)
  • I bought a few basic pieces on Black Friday from Old Navy and Thyme Maternity. I'm at 9w6d so don't need to wear them yet but I'll be ready when I need more room.
  • @bb-by-jcb I am 4' 11". I will try garage selling and to a few thrift stores and in hopes nice maternity pants and just hemmed them. You would be suprised on the nice clothes you find. 
  • STM+, are the underbelly maternity jeans as comfy as the overbelly? The brand of jeans I love only does underbelly currently. I ordered a pair, but since I'm still mostly blump, IDK if I'll get a good idea on whether I like them or not before the return window expires...
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  • @greeneyedgirl12 Personally, I only liked the full panel maternity pants.  They were definitely the most comfortable for me and I felt secure in them.  I bought almost all of my maternity pants from Gap for the record.
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  • @greeneyedgirl12 I agree with @sparty18 - I really disliked the underbelly maternity jeans and the side panel maternity jeans. They both actively fell down as I moved. 
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  • @mamanbebe @Sparty18 Thanks ladies! I ordered a pair of the side panels, but I also found some full panel ones by the brand (they appear to be clearancing them out, I'm hoping it's temporary). The full panel pair I found are probably going to be too small, but I decided to try, since they're not so clearance they can't be returned... 
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  • @greeneyedgirl12 Good luck! I imagine the side/low panel ones must work for some women or they wouldn't be so popular. 
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  • Anyone have experiences with Shop Pink Blush? I always see coupon codes and wondering if its any good.
  • @canuckmomma I bought a dress from them for a wedding last time. I was really happy with it!! I've only heard positive things about them :) 
  • @greeneyedgirl12 +1 to @Sparty18 and @mamanbebe ; . I was not a fan of underbelly mat pants of any sort. Especially when I got further along. I didn't feel comfortable without my belly covered. I think part of it was that a coworker of mine was due a few weeks after me and I could ALWAYS see her belly at work.
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