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  • cpow18cpow18
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    I’d be happy to help - but also get that I might not have participated enough. I’m just no longer working until LO is here so I have some extra time on my hands!
  • @KellyT22 I'll help!
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    Can I nominate @runningyogimama or @ashkee05 (if they wanted to that is)?

    Eta: feel free to disregard if this now turns into too many admin lmao

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  • I like the idea of an odd number - so either 3 or 5. Doesn't really matter to me exactly who it is - I recognize all of the names. I can get this thing tactically set up on FB today if we want. 
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  • @wannaflickone that sounds like a good process. I also like the idea that some of our admins actually having experience because I’m sure you know what has worked and what has turned out to be problematic. 

    @KellyT22 I would not be opposed to get the ball rolling and setting up a FB group as soon as possible. Thanks for stepping up. 

  • Sorry I’m late to the party especially since I started this thread! 

    Im happy to help admin (but it seems like we have a lot already) but add me as a backup as needed. 

  • Also happy to help admin, but I’m getting induced in 3 weeks, so if you need me, then we need to get a jump on soon. If we’re all set with enough admins already, awesome! Let us know what you need us to do next and who to message.
  • I'm a STM but when I was a FTM, I totally forgot about the bump until I was like 6 or 7 months pregnant so I hadn't posted much.  I believe we had to PM the creator of the FB group with our email address used on FB and then an invite was sent.  Even after 4 years on my other FB group we still kick people out for not participating.  I've tried to be more active on here than I was for DD but I still prefer FB.  Unfortunately I won't be able to help admin though.
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  • I feel like I've been kind middle of the road here in terms of participation. Part of that is due to dh having been gone literally since this baby was conceived and having a ton on my plate (not saying everyone else hasn't) and due to my feeling like I can't really post all that much regarding myself and my family due to the fact that this is a public forum. For instance when dd was born I used her middle name when I announced her birth because the uniqueness of her name along with other information shared with her bmb would give anyone in google land enough info to potentially harm my family. Once I got onto facebook and got to know my bmb in a more private setting I was able to share more about myself and my family and be more active. I feel I have checked in and taken some part in conversations around here and would love to be invited to move over to fb and grow relationships but I would completely understand if I didn't receive an invite (although I'd be disappointed). 
  • KellyT22 said:
    I am willing to help admin. 

    So we have me, @firsttimespartanmom, and @BabyBoyH92016 ; - anyone else? 
    I’m willing to help too 
  • I love everything @wannaflickone said they did in their group. That sounds good.

    @KellyT22 do you feel like you have enough admins yet? I am still totally willing to help if not. 
  • I am on the lower participation side, probably.... a lot of the time I just didn't have anything new to contribute or the time to start the weekly threads when the designated person didn't (and the app is terrible :smile:).  Compared to my last BMB, this one was definitely quieter... but I was able to stick around until "the end" despite a bit of a lull. 

    I would hope that's enough to still make it into the FB group... the lean towards only super active folks is a little disappointing, even if understandable.  If someone doesn't qualify initially, will this BMB board or a private TB board end up active enough to admit new people to the FB group later?  That would be my only concern... if I don't qualify now, how do I go about qualifying in the future?  Or, does one just miss out?
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  • Just throwing in my own 2 cents... I'm all for a fb group. It's definitely easier for me since I check fb daily. I agree. There needs to be some type of limit set as fat as who to invite, but since I've had a decline in my own participation on TB recently, I'll go along with whatever the majority thinks is right. 
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  • josie12367josie12367
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    I am also willing to help admin,  but it looks like we have plenty! I'm on FB way more than here, so let me know if I can help.

    For those that are having a hard time with the app, I've found that if I just go through Google on my phone, the website works relatively the same, but functions easier. Still having the love tit permission issue, but the loading and ability to stay logged in, is so so much better!!
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  • So, just going to throw my two cents in here because my BMB June12 board's Facebook page was so full of craziness, drama, and shade. I don't think this group will be like that because the BMB was already that way before the page was even created. With that said, I was personally attacked and insulted on that page and it really hurt because you think you have made real connections. I would hate for something like that to happen on this page, but again, I really don't think it will. You do need very strong admins that will not be swayed by friendships (issue in the last board) and some rules on what will and will not be allowed. It is great to say "be respectful" but when the hits rudder the road nothing was done.

    Also, I will admit since school started I am far less active. I am busy all day and most if the night and the bump app is just hard to navigate and post too. I am much more inclined to be able to scroll through Facebook when I have a free moment. I miss being on here as much as I was and seeing how all you ladies are!! I am really excited for a Facebook group to start.
  • @bfpafter4years I think basic rules are a good idea. I'm not good at writing rules so bear with me...but things like no name calling/cursing at other people/being really rude (hard to distinguish from snark sometimes but that could be at the discretion of the admins), maybe no political posts (since those tend to get so heated) etc. If you post the rules up front then the admins can vote if someone breaks the rules and decide if they want to complete ban them or give them a warning. I agree that it likely won't happen with this group because we all seem to be rather chill and respectful but you never know. It's not a bad idea to have a plan in place.

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  • @bfpafter4years same. My previous bmb group was very intense and we broke into cliques very quickly on here. Several fb groups were created and I was in a couple. Eventually sh*t hit the fan in one of them and I was out. It was extremely hurtful, I truly felt they were my friends, I learned a lot from the experience. But it was evident even during pregnsncy that there was just a lot of drama and snark. The one I’m still in is very small, only 10 of us, but we are super close and personal. So far in this group I think we’ve all been kind and respectful, but also we haven’t really gotten that personal or into many controversial topics. 
  • @firsttimespartanmom  @BabyBoyH92016  @KellyT22
    I love the idea of a facebook group and would be happy to help admin if needed! I will be a FTM and probably have no idea what I'm doing on that end, but that will leave me with a lot of time to facebook :) Never admin'ed a group before but I'm sure I can figure it out.
    I love the Bump and our community but do find that, as often as I look in the group I don't post that much as I don't find it that user friendly. I think facebook would be way easier and have friends who are in FB groups from their bump months and find people are more active on it.
  • My old bump board was horrible, nasty and full of mean girls. I never posted there and would never even dream of wanting to be in a facebook group with those people. Pretty sure all the nice normal people (like myself) were too scared/disgusted to even post anything....

    This group feels so completely different.  I don't post a ton and I am iffy on the whole facebook thing anyway. Like I've posted maybe 1 picture of my son on my own page to date and he's 19 months old!  I also have a very unique name. I am just super torn but I would like to maybe consider it if I met the agreed upon criteria....
  • @bfpafter4years I totally agree on the bump being hard to navigate. I get lost in the comments and it's difficult (and annoying, when I'm so wiped at the end of my day) to remember people's usernames when I want to reply to their post (then scroll through continuously to find it again, or go back where I was to keep reading). Definitely not the biggest deal in the world, I just find FB a million times easier to use.
  • @kellyt22 sounds good! No burning desire here but if you ever think you need help just lmk!
  • Looking forward to it!
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  • Has there been people reported for Spam or abuse? I don't need names I was just wondering because everyone seems so nice!
  • @KellyT22 There are a few letters missing from the list. O, P, Q, R, S? I don't know who to pm. :) 
    Thanks for getting this up and running! 
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    KellyT22 said:
    - You must have been active on the November 18 BMB in the last month on a thread other than this Facebook discussion.
    Also, does this mean just like one post on one thread during the month of September? Is that really considered active? What's to stop lurkers from posting on some other thread today just to get added to the FB group? I'm not trying to be a complainer, but I feel that there needs to be a better definition for "active."
    I'm not sure I'm comfortable joining the group if one just needs to post one time in one thread in one month. We'd be letting anyone in which isn't really safe. 
    Sorry, I don't mean to be the activity police, but this concerns me. Am I the only one? 
    ETA: oh, I guess this rule is taken in conjunction with the rule about being an active member of the bmb? So it doesn't just go off of one post in the last month being the definition of active? 
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  • Sorry! Issues with things when TB was trying to tag random people. O P Q R S added!
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