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  • @echo-charlietango Giggling at “obstetric-friendly sushi.” I love Kroger, but I guess there are none down here! One of my first jobs was as a bagger at Kroger. 
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  • @kadeephd That's a legitimate bitch! I agree that the planners had good intentions, but things just kind of crumbled. Maybe try to have a small repeat event for YH's family?
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  • @echo-charlietango We'll try to see them at Thanksgiving maybe?  I'll be 38 weeks at that point though so I'm not sure how realistic or smart it would be to travel 2.5 hours to where they live.  I would feel weird doing another one since half of his family is coming to this one.  I'll just apologize about the change in location when I next see them in person.

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  • I would say under 8 months is easiest to travel. Once my daughter realized she *could* move she hasn’t stopped. I hope this baby is less like that lol
    @PensiveCrayon congrats on the successful trip! 
    @kadeephd I’m sorry about your shower. I wouldn’t want to drive over 90 minutes at this point anyways. I hope lots of people can make it!

  • @Katzalia The sleep was the biggest issue. He never napped and it took 2-3 hours each night for him to fall asleep in the hotel room. 
    @PensiveCrayon We rolled up towels to put under the fitted sheet, so he wouldn’t fall out.

  • @PensiveCrayon  Oh man, don't get me started on the Commissary, I despise that place! It's only 10 minutes from me but it's always such a madhouse, the produce sucks, and everyone in there (the shoppers, not workers) are SO RUDE! I gave up on that place al long time ago. Is your kiddo handling speech therapy well even though he's shy? See my comment below about my thoughts about our situation right now! 
    @mikinna That's so frustrating about your brother! I'm starting to wonder how effective the program DH is in right now is... it's more an early intervention program since he isn't 3 years old yet, so someone comes to the house and we both work with him... At first she was giving me lots of great suggestions and ways to help him, but now I feel like I spend the hour interacting with him and she just sits there documenting and not really contributing... I might pull him from it for a few months, put him in preschool, and re-evaluate when he turns 3 and see how he's doing.. I don't know, I'm just torn. 
    @katy0990 I believe that's what would happen if he got accepted into their preschool program, which isn't something I'm totally comfortable with yet and the more I think about it, the more I think it might not be worth it just because it's free, ya know?
    @omnommer that is SO funny!! 
    @winterplumeria WHAT?! He changed the odometer? Is that even legal? I would definitely report them... to who? *shrugs* But that is SO sketchy!! Having a reliable car in such a snowy state with a new baby is definitely a big deal, I really hope you guys can find something!!

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  • @orangecrush29 Honestly, the process is much quicker if it happens prior to elementary. It may feel like a scary thing, but he can test out of it. 

  • I have come to bitch!  I haven’t been around much due to work.  It feels like my husband and I have been trading off days at home for the past two weeks.  He finally gets home tonight, hoping to be able to stay up to greet him!

    My bitch, I have to meet with the broker for my real estate agent.  The other broker is holding my deposit and threatening mediation.  The seller is claiming they started repairs, but we never got receipts for them or notifications.  If it was a few hundred bucks I would walk away to not have to deal with it but it’s 5K.  My husband is acting cool and calm which is great but when it boils down to it neither side is backing down.  I need a good lawyer, so I can have some peace of mind because I feel like no one is looking out for our interests.  Unfortunately all of my friends are criminal defense lawyers or oil and gas attorneys, I would think real estate would be easy for them but most likely not worth their time and definitely not their expertise. 
  • @LLynde5 was there a deadline on your offer?

  • @LLynde5 Do you have it in writing the time that they agreed? That is such BS!

  • @LLynde5 ugh what a frustrating situation! I'm sorry you're dealing with such BS. Hopefully you find a great lawyer who makes the rest of the process easy and painless and gets you your money back!
  • @LLynde5 Good luck! I hope it works out quickly! I’m angry for you!

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    @kadeephd The teenager thing really gets me too. Women who are sexually assaulted when they’re teenagers pay the price for the rest of their lives. If it screws this guy over from not getting to be one of the highest judges in the country after his long and lucrative career...I don’t care? It’s the Brock Turner syndrome all over again. How can we ruin this man’s “life” over ONE mistake??? ALL the eye rolls.

    @LLynde5 That is super frustrating. My one piece of advice would be if you get a lawyer get a real estate attorney. My experience with attorneys tells me that even if a type of law seems easy the experts know the law inside and out and you could be at a disadvantage if your attorney doesn’t know it as well.
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  • @rosebud332 maybe I didn’t write that clear.  But that is exactly what I meant.  I wish I had someone I personally knew that specializes in Real Estate.  I agree I wouldn’t hire a defense lawyer for a tax problem or vice versa.

    *Pounder why and how I know so many criminals defense lawyers.  
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