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  • @mag1cbeli3ver and @morgantu I am stalking the registry daily!! Hahaha!!
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  • @hoosiermama-2 @countrygirl624 so cute!  

    +1 on daily registry stalking ;)
  • @blueberrysmommy25 It's definitely acceptable to open the gifts before the shower when  they're being delivered to you before! ;)

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  • @texas_t lol, I am too. I made the baby one of those little fleece blankets you make by knotting 2 pieces of fleece together. I was insanely proud of myself, lmao. 
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  • Also a registry stalker!  I am excited to see what people bring that isn't on the registry. Some of my family members are notorious for purposely ignoring a registry!
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  • @k_m10 Those are the best for tummy time because they stay put really well! My sister my DS1 when he was a baby and we used it all the time.  I really love muslin blankets and have about 45,000 Tula blankets  :p
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  • @texas_t oh good! I’m glad it will actually be useful. I mostly wanted it for the Harry Potter fabric, lol. It will match our nursery theme. 
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  • Looking at everyone's pictures is getting me super excited for my own showers! I need to start planning outfits ;)
  • @hkom You totally shouldn't feel bad about not wanting to have a shower. I TOTALLY understand not wanting to while your son is in the NICU. I would hope your family would understand.
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  • @hkom I think it's perfectly reasonable that you wouldn't want a shower. I also don't think you owe anyone an explanation why you don't want one but maybe if they won't back off you can remind them that what you went through/are going through is not easy and you don't have the desire to be social or tell the same story about John or his birth 100x. 
  • @hkom Screw the shower! If folks are still bugging you, have the Sip ’n’ See in January or February when John is settled at home and you guys have adjusted :heart: Also, tell your mum that she’s not helping by texting all of the damn time. 

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  • I think you're absolutely justified @hkom Maybe a 1/2 birthday party for him in the spring??
  • I agree with everyone @hkom. You definitely don't have to do a shower if you don't want to! And tell your mom to stop texting all the time. I'd just let her know that you'll send her updates as you get them, but that those probably won't be every day. The last thing you need right now is added stress, so don't be afraid to tell people to leave you alone. I also really like @morgantu's suggestion of a half birthday party! It'll be March, flu season winding down, and John will be much older and able to deal with any potential germs (though still make people wash hands if you want!)
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  • @hkom I’m with everyone else - if you don’t want it, don’t do it. If you want to do something after he’s home and maybe after cold and flu season (totally get not wanting to do anything at that point), then plan something at that point. Right now you have to focus on what’s best for you and your family. 
  • @hkom I agree with everyone else that you need to do whatever you are comfortable with. A shower should be something you are excited about and not something that adds more to your plate. Is your family reasonable enough that you could send out an email or something explaining your feelings? If anything, I would go ahead and blame the doctors. Say that they do not recommend  that he be passed around until he has certain vaccines or reaches a certain age. 

  • @hkom I have to agree with you it doesn’t make sense to do anything until after John is out of the NICU or even later.  (my opinion after flu season.)   
  • Are you all giving your hosts a gift?  If so, care to share your ideas. Last time I had a rather large shower thrown by my mom, her best friend and bunch of friends and family helped out too.  I bought all of them porch lanterns and filled them with wine and goodies.  This time a few of the same girls are hosting a sprinkle.  It should be about 12 of us. I was thinking gift cards to the spa we go but it seems impersonal. 
  • @LLynde5 if there's a theme, could you do something related to That? Mine is ta co themed and we're using fiesta ware dishes to serve. Gonna gift my hostess a set of fiestaware serving bowls 
  • @LLynde5 my mom and MIL hosted my shower for DD. I got them their own diaper bag and filled it with a few diapers/ wipes. I know it's probably not relevant your situation. With that said, spa day sounds great! 
  • @hkom lol. Wearing a fitbit has definitely helped me to realize I have a text message. However if it isn’t important I’m not going to stop what I’m doing to go find my phone and respond. 
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