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Baby Shower Thread

Are you having a shower? AW your pics of the decorations, gifts, cute things that happened there.  Except if you play that silly chocolate in the diaper game, no one wants to see that lol


Re: Baby Shower Thread

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  • @rubysoho14 That sounds like a great party!

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  • @clbness samzies! Same feeling, same amount of people, same date, no idea on theme!  However, I am starting to get really excited about it!!  They pitched it to me like it will be more of a girls day and I love that!!
  • @LLynde5 Oh, that sounds like a fun day!
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  • @omnommer and @asun123 Yay for space themes!

    @binxybaby A baby shower in a chocolate shop sounds AMAZING!!! I love chocolate.

    Tons of blankets are annoying, I agree. I think I got like 4-5 at our shower. My cousin made a gorgeous blanket, DH's aunt made a blanket (which he uses in the winter because it's a heavier blanket), and DH's brother made him an Avenger's tie blanket. The other were just store bought blankets. One is brand new and never used, so we may end up regifting it at some point. lol

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  • @countrygirl624 oh geez, sorry but that's not right of your boss. Not only can you not see, but neither can other people!! When people don't mark the registry there's the risk of getting 2 or 3 of the same thing. Hell, my diaper bag was marked as purchased 1/1 and my aunt still ended up buying even after someone else did! Hope you had a fun shower!! Can't wait to see any pics you got!
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