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Girl names

Due in 10 days. Which name do you like better? Middle name will be Faye

Girl names 65 votes

64% 42 votes
35% 23 votes

Re: Girl names

  • Voted Sophie even though I’m tired of Sophia.  I like Amy with the traditional spelling.  It’s short and sweet and not often used in this generation! 
  • Honestly I have not met a young Aimee in forever so I vote for that! It’s one my best friends names so I have a soft spot for it 

  • I love Amy, but never seen it spelled Aimee. I don’t love the flow of Sophie Faye (kind of makes me think “fee fie fo fum” like Jack & the Beanstalk).
  • Aimee but with the Amy spelling
  • Thanks for the feedback. Baby is already born and named!
  • Congrats! So what's your baby's name?
  • @imdabby we went with Sophie
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