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Preseed and Gender

I just saw this on another board and found it interesting

I read preseed tends to sway the gender to boys! If you used preseed and know your baby (babies) gender... post below! Curious if it actually does sway... or if there tends to be one over the other....

Re: Preseed and Gender

  • sasstasssasstass member
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  • sasstasssasstass member
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    Lol.... can it not be actual science that preseed could potentially make faster dying male sperm reach the egg sooner, therefore, swaying gender to male? It’s a fun question, but at the same time asking what genders they actually ended up with, I’m doing research ;)
  • harpseal135harpseal135 member
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    **Removed for TOU violation**
  • Going to leave the ridiculousness of this alone since the other ladies covered it...but it's sex, not gender.
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