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The Bed Rest Thread (formerly Hospital Stay)


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  • @hkom Many congratulations, and happy birthday to Mr. John! I'm so happy to hear he came out wiggly and breathing on his own. Sending all of the good vibes for him to grow strong and healthy so you can take him home ASAP.

    @barristerninja Hugs to you! I'm so sorry you're dealing with GD as well as your hospital stay :(
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  • @hkom congrats! Sounds like you’ve got a strong kiddo. And amazing that he’s 3+ lbs! Hopefully everything keeps going well for you both. 

    @barristerninja so sorry you’ve added GD to your already frustrating situation. Good luck getting everything on track and under control 
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  • @hkom Congratulations!! What a big boy and so amazing to be breathing on his own when he came out! Praying that he won't have to be in the NICU for long!
  • @barristerninja I’m sorry you’re dealing with gd on top of everything. I can’t imagine all the hospital offerings are all that appetizing and now you’re being even more limited. Hooray for good husbands who get you treats though! 
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  • @hkom CONGRATULATIONS!! I absolutely love his name & you are a wonderful, strong woman. I hope your stay is positive and quick and I can't wait for pics. You did so fantastic keeping him at Bay for weeks on end and maintaining a good attitude. I look up to you <3
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  • @hkom congratulations on your baby boy!! So glad to hear how well he's doing! I hope both of you have speedy recoveries and can go home soon!

    @barristerninja I'm so sorry you have to deal with GD on top of everything else, GD is hard enough on its own, I can't even imagine how difficult it'll be while on any form of bed rest. We do have a Gestational Diabetes thread, feel free to join us there with any questions, suggestions on meals that work for us, or even just to bitch about it. We've got some on no meds, and some on meds all day, so we've definitely got a wide range of experiences between the 4 (5 including you) of us. You've got this momma!
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    @hkom Congratulations on your baby boy! Sounds like he is doing well! 3 lbs sounds great for him being premature! Can't wait to see updates. :)

    @rosebud332 I think making a NICU thread would be a good idea. I imagine anyone going through that can use the support. :)
  • Holy moly @hkom congratulations!!!!! Totally teared up reading your update. I’m so glad they were able to keep him in as long as possible and 3 lbs is so good! Fingers crossed for an uneventful NICU stay.  <3<3

  • @hkom congratulations! I’m so happy to hear baby John and you are doing well. I look forward to your updates on his progresss!! 
  • Ahhh, literally in tears! So happy you and baby John are doing well. What a relief! Congrats, mama! 
  • Oh my goodness, congratulations @hkom !! It sounds like your little guy is doing pretty great. I hope you guys have a short and easy NICU stay! 
  • @hkom congratulations!! What a great weight! I’m glad he’s doing so well! ❤️
  • @hkom Congratulations to you, your H, and of course baby John!!!! Glad he is doing well and that your H made it to the hospital in time! Wishing everyone health and happiness and a short and sweet stay in the NICU.

    @barristerninja so sorry you're dealing with GD now too! Wishing you the best as you keep moving forward!
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  • I can’t beleive I missed this yesterday! Big congrats @hkom to you and John!! You have been so strong though all of this. I’m glad you’re sticking around. Sending you all sorts of good vibes! 
  • Thank you guys  <3

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  • @barristerninja Ugh, I'm so sorry!!! Hang in there  <3
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  • @hkom Oh my goodness! Congratulations! I'm so happy to hear that he was over 3 pounds and breathing pretty well on his own with just a little help. That is the best possible news for this early. I'm glad you were able to keep him in past 28 weeks. Here's hoping for a quick NICU stay and that he grows quickly!  <3
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  • @barristerninja I'm so sorry about the GD diagnosis on top of everything else you've been going through!  I hope things have gotten better in the past few days and you're able to find a "normal."  Thinking of you!
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  • Thanks! Yeah I’m settling into it a bit. It’s not all bad-  the hospital prints menus with carb numbers for GD patients, so that helps. @parentingishard it’s totally not fair to be dealing with both but they are also possibly connected. My oral progesterone might be messing with my morning levels and reduced physical activity also impacts it. 
  • @mamajudec2018 Oh wow, I hope you're able to rest and your blood pressure returns to normal, headache goes away and you are able to go home tomorrow. Glad baby is looking great for 28 weeks and you got a steroid shot! Hoping your LO stays in as long as is safe for both of you! <3
  • @mamajudec2018 I hope after all you've been going through lo stays put for a little longer, but glad to hear you're taking precautions just in case!
  • mamajudec2018mamajudec2018 member
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    @maureenmce @kadeephd @morgantu
    Thank you! I'm so glad they're taking all of the necessary precautions but yes praying little man can get to 37 weeks!
  • @mamajudec2018 It's good you are getting those steroid shots just in case, but hoping your bp comes down and headache goes away with some rest so you can go home and keep that babe in there a while longer!

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  • Rest up @mamajudec2018! Hope that little nugget cooks as long as possible and you don’t have to deliver anytime soon. 

  • @mamajudec2018 I am glad to hear that you are in the best possible place for you and baby. Praying that he stays put for another nine weeks!

  • @mamajudec2018
    Best of luck! Hopefully they can manage your symptoms and get your blood pressure down. Great to hear that you are getting those steroid shots - it can't hurt to be prepared!

  • @mamajudec2018 ugh so sorry to hear your BP has been high still, but glad they're monitoring you! FX little man stays put longer! 
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  • @mamajudec2018 glad you're in the hospital being monitored. Hope your BP comes down and you can keep your little man in there a while longer! Sending you good thoughts!!
  • @mamajudec2018 I am glad they admitted you with your elevated BP and headaches. I soooo hope they go away and you can get back home soon.  Same as everyone else, fingers crossed baby stays put for a while longer!  Lots of R&R for you!
  • @mamajudec2018 thanks for updating us. I’m glad they are taking your symptoms seriously and that LO is looking good for 28 weeks and getting the steroids just in case. Fx your symptoms improve and you LO gets more time to grow as an inside baby. 
  • @ab_canada @CecilB93 @hannelorre @LLynde5 @scaredunprepared @Katzalia Thank you all for the support and kind words! No updates yet. Still some high blood pressure readings but also like three good readings and a headache (but honestly it seems like that's just here to stay and I can take it if it gets me a baby. No biggy.)
  • I hope your little guy can stay in there as long as possible! So glad you’re getting the care you need though. Hang in there!
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  • I’m sorry you’ve been admitted, @mamajudec2018 but I’m so glad you’re being monitored closely! I hope you get some good BP readings and your LO can stay comfy in there as long as possible! Thinking of you! ❤️
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