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The Bed Rest Thread (formerly Hospital Stay)


Re: The Bed Rest Thread (formerly Hospital Stay)

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  • @hkom I’m so sorry for the bad news yesterday, but keeping my fingers crossed you’re able to make it to 32 weeks, if not longer. It’s sucks that you can’t go home, but I’m so glad they’re taking good care of you and your LO and watching you both closely <3
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  • @hkom So sorry to hear that you won't get to go home right now. Glad LO is doing well in there though and hoping along with the rest of the group that he stays put for as long as possible and that you stay comfortable! 
  • @hkom, I'm so sorry you didn't get the news you were hoping for, but at least baby is looking good in there still. Every day he stays in is a little victory. Stay snug in there, little one!!
  • @hkom Aww, I am so sorry that you're going through this and it's not getting better. That's good the medicine has at least helped a bit. Remind me, how far along are you again? I hope you can make it to 32 weeks, if not past. Stay in there little baby!!

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  • @hkom sorry to read your update this morning! I'm glad baby is doing well, though, and hope he stays in for a few more weeks at least. I give you so much credit for dealing with all you've been through so far! Keeping my fingers crossed for you, your H, and baby bean!
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  • @parentingishard and @hkom I am so sorry that you are dealing with this. I truly hope it does not impact you in future pregnancies, but I completely understand that you would be fearful. You both are great moms. *hugs*

  • @hkom So glad you got great sleep and are feeling better today! 
  • @hkom so glad you were able to sleep last night. That always makes me feel so much better when I’m in a bad way. Anyway, I don’t think anyone will begrudge you a few days of feeling a little low.
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  • @parentingishard   Hii dear..I can understand your pain . timely cerclage wil help to hold baby for long.... I m in 25th week.. and on strict bed rest since 19 week... In the recent appointment Doctor told me to remain on rest till 9th month... Very difficult to pass time... try to busy myself online and with my daughter....@hkom Take Care.. 
  • @hkomCongratulations!!!
    So happy to hear he is doing well and hopefully the hospital stay isn’t too long!
  • Yay! I’d been waiting for an update all day, @hkom! Glad he’s still doing well, and fx for a short hospital stay for him. Congratulations!!!
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  • @hkom Weeee, congrats!! So glad you and baby boy are doing well, and 3+ lbs is incredible.  <3<3<3
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  • @hkom Congratulations!  Hoping for a short hospital stay for your son so you can take him home soon.

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  • Ahhhhh!!!!!! @hkom I'm sooooo glad things are going well for you and john! And you'll at least be off bed rest now :). Wishing for a super short hospital stay and lots of quick and productive weight gain! Can't wait to hear more (and see pics, are we on fb yet?). Xoxoxox :heart:
  • @hkom Eeeeee! I can’t wait to see his little face. Congrats on being lifted from bed rest :heart: 
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  • @hkom apparently I missed an exciting day! Going to stalk the birth announcement thread... CONGRATS!!!!
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  • @hkom congratulations!!! Wishing a short, uneventful hospital stay for your little man! 
  • Happy birthday, baby John! I know you've had a long road already, and I know the road ahead will be long, too, but hopefully it's smooth sailing from here on out, and you're able to enjoy nonstop cuddles soon <3

  • @hkom CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are a rock star, and apparently baby John is as strong as you are.   He definitely gets that from his mama! ;)  Hoping he continues to thrive and is out of the NICU in no time! Thinking of you guys and, like others, can't wait to hear (and see) updates.
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    @hkom congratulations!!! So glad to hear baby John Francis arrived safely and is doing well in NICU. Thinking of you and your family.  <3<3<3
  • Hey @hkom.. There was a silence in this group... for the last two days...  gud luck deak.. wish you and your son speedy recovery
  • @barristerninja I’m sorry you have GD on top of everything else! Is the hospital staff being helpful?

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