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The Bed Rest Thread (formerly Hospital Stay)


Re: The Bed Rest Thread (formerly Hospital Stay)

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  • @parentingishard I'm so sorry about bed rest with a toddler!
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  • @parentingishard thinking of you, I hope all goes well!
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  • @parentingishard I’m so sorry to hear this news and with a toddler makes it even harder.  I will be thinking of you!
  • @parentingishard so sorry to hear about the bed rest! I'm glad your family has offered to step up and I hope they are helpful in the way that you need!
  • @parentingishard I am so sorry you didn't have a better outcome and I know it'll be tough not to pick up your LO, but hopefully the time passes as quickly as it can and you get tons of support!
  • @parentingishard That really stinks that you won’t be able to do anything to help her. Good luck! You can always vent here.

  • @parentingishard I’m so sorry your news wasn’t that great. At least you will be in the comfort of your home, but still - I know it will be hard, especially not being able to help your DD. 
  • @parentingishard I so sorry for the news. Maybe just consider this extra snuggle time with your kiddo  <3
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  • @sim1984 I’m glad your cervix increased, too! 

  • @parentingishard so sorry for the not so great news! So many hugs. 
  • @hkom, I’m just catching up after my crazy week at work. So happy to hear the situation with your cervix is improving!!!! Fx it stays at 2 cm or gets even better. 

    @parentingishard sorry to hear about the cerclage & bedrest. It sounds like you’re approaching things with your daughter in such a thoughtful way. I’m glad you have family who can come help as needed. 
  • @hkom Oh man, I'm sorry to hear this! Keep resting and keep him in there as long as possible!  <3 
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  • @hkom Well, balls. Sorry you're not going home quite yet, but super happy about that good lookin' baby :heart:
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  • @hkom so sorry you didn't get the news you (and all of us!) were hoping for.  Keep positive, as you've been doing all along! You are doing amazing and your body will try to keep baby in place as long as possible. It seems he can't wait to make his debut!
  • :(@hkom. But glad little guy is doing well where he is. Every day that he stays in is a good day. I hope that you can find some silver lining in not being home (after thoroughly throwing a justified pity party). Thinking of you :heart:
  • @hkom I'm sorry to hear you won't get to go home just yet.  At least you made it to your first goal of 28 weeks -- fx you make it to 32 as well.  Even if you don't though, every day that baby stays in there is one more day for him to develop!

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  • @hkom I am SO sorry you didn't get the news you wanted. :( I am really, really hoping you make it to 32 weeks and that they're able to keep you as comfortable as possible. Sending love and please let us know if there's anything we can do to help, even something simple sending a little pick me up treat or something.  Feel so bad you're in this situation. :(
  • Darn it, @hkom, sorry to read the update. Sending all the love and hugs. <3
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  • @hkom I'm sorry you don't get to go home but I'm glad they're keeping you with all of the contractions. Hoping you are able to keep baby growing until 32 weeks!
  • @hkom so sorry you didn’t get better news. I can’t even imagine how hard this is on you, but I’m thinking of you!  <3
  • @hkom I’m so sorry. We were all hoping for a good update today. It’s wonderful that he looks good in there and every day he stays in there is a huge help! Fingers crossed he is able to keep cooking as long as possible. It sounds like your doctors are totally on top of your care so that’s the best you can ask for. Many many hugs!!
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  • @hkom sorry to hear about not going home today. I'm just gonna echo all the other ladies in wishing that the baby stays in there a good while longer and you getting as comfortable a stay as possible!!! Internet hugs to you.  <3
  • @hkom I am so sorry to hear that you won’t be going home today. I’m glad baby looks good, though. When will they check you again? Have they given you steroids for his lungs?

  • @hkom dang it!! I'm so sorry you didn't get the news you wanted, but so glad you made it to your goal of 28 weeks! FX you make it to 32 weeks! I'm also curious when they'll check you next and if you've gotten steroids for his lungs? 
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  • I got a little choked up reading your update, so I can’t even imagine how you are feeling.  We are rooting for you and baby hkom to make it as long as possible!!  
  • @hkom so sorry for that news today. Sending good vibes and hoping that baby stays put a little longer! Keep us updated! 
  • @hkom I am really sorry the news today wasn't what was expected.  I have everything crossed that baby stays put until at least 32 weeks. I am really sorry you are going through all this.
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  • That's really nice to hear @Jens_Hoes. Thank you! 

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  • Damnit @hkom. Well, you're at the best place you can be with people keeping an eye on you 24/7. You've already proved to be an amazing mom for doing some much for your LO. Praying all stabilize and babe will stay in there for a long time!
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  • @hkom
    I'm so sorry to hear that. Hang in there. Hopefully your LO can stay put at least for another month, as the doctors hope. Hugs to you and your family.

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