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Help! Name Spelling? Keira/Kira (pronounced KEER-a)

So at 7 months we FINALLY picked a name we love. <3 Keira/Kira! (pronounced KEER-a) Now a problem I didn't even consider, how the heck to spell it?!??! I don't want to set her up for a lifetime of people messing it up (speaking or spelling wise) so what do you think makes the most sense to pronounce "KEER-a"? 



Re: Help! Name Spelling? Keira/Kira (pronounced KEER-a)

  • bawagsbawags
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    I think Keira is the best bet to get the pronunciation you want. I would avoid Kiera as I think people would pronounce it key-air-ah. Kira would probably work too. Kirra seems redundant with the double r. Good luck choosing!

  • I think Keira or Kyra.
  • Kira or Keira are the ones I know and they don’t have many issues

  • Kiera. I before e.
  • I would also use Kiera. You will probably have to correct peoples' spelling just because there are different options, but I believe between Kiera and Keira I before E is the original and I would pronounce either like you're hoping.

    Kyra makes me pronounce it with a y like the ky in Skylar.
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  • cantrelljacantrellja
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    Don't listen to anyone who tells you to use the 'Kiera' spelling due to the i before e rule. In names, doing it that way would mean a pronunciation of "Kee-air-uh". If you want the pronunciation to be "Keer-uh", spell it Kyra or Keira. Other names that use the ei spelling for a long e sound include:

    and of course, Keira
  • Keira. 

    Kyra would be pronounced ky-ra. 
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  • catem07 said:

    Kyra would be pronounced ky-ra. 
  • Keira 
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  • mb0112mb0112
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    Keira.  Ciara is pronounced the same especially for Irish people, but then you’d have some people assuming it’s like Sierra.
  • My cousin is Keira and pronounces it “care-uh”. kyra I would pronounce “ky-ruh”. Kira I would pronounce the way you are wanting. You may just need to come to terms that her name will be mispronounced and misspelled unfortunately.

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  • I had a friend growing up who spelled it Keira and pronounced it Keer-a. It frequently was mispronunced as Cara-a as there were several kids with the names Cara and Kara. So correct people when they mispronounce it and don’t let it bother you! Beautiful name!
  • catem07 said:

    Kyra would be pronounced ky-ra. 
  • AlyLynn07 said:
    catem07 said:

    Kyra would be pronounced ky-ra. 
    AlyLynn07 said:
    catem07 said:

    Kyra would be pronounced ky-ra. 
    AlyLynn07 said:
    catem07 said:

    Kyra would be pronounced ky-ra. 
    Oops quote didn’t work the first time. This is what I was agreeing with
  • Kira is the only one that works for me. 

    Kyra would be be long I sound. 
    Keira would Key er ah

  • Keira
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  • My niece is Keira and pronounces it Keer-a. 
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  • I have a cousin named Keira and mispronunciation hasn’t been an issue for her. Originally in the hospital her mom thought she was going to spell it “Kiera” but a nurse who read it on the white board asked “How is Key-air-uh doing today?” So they changed it to Keira before the birth certificate signing ;) I think you’re less likely to have pronunciation issues with this spelling
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  • I have a friend name Keara, she doesn't have issues with people pronouncing her name
  • My name is Keara pronounced the same way. Would recommend, I really love my name .
  • I work with kids and have had a few girls cross my path with this name. The easiest spelling to get the correct pronunciation in my opinion is Keira. 
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