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  • @CaptainPhasma Woah, that’s amazing! 

  • 26w, 4 days, measuring 27w. Sweet little babe, hand up by his/her face. We are so in love with this munchkin already!  <3
  • 30 weeks now. Had my 28th week ultrasound the day after christmas. My son was 2lbs 10oz. 
  • 28 week scan! Getting scanned every 4 weeks now due to blood pressure. Baby girl measured 2 lbs 11oz and still active as ever!
  • I’ll be 33 weeks on Friday due date March 1st. I know ultrasounds are somewhat distorted but my husband and I can’t get over how swollen his nose looks. Has anyone else ever seen a baby in the womb look like this?? 

  • I agree it does look swollen but I think that’s just how the imaging comes out sometimes. did the tech or doctor say anything?
    Here’s my DD ~36 weeks and her nose looks swollen, came out cute as a button :heart:

    Me: 30 DH: 31
    Married: 2012
    BFP #1 Sept 2014, MMC Dec 2014 | BFP #2 May 2015, DD Jan 2016 <3 | BFP #3 May 2017, MC July 2017 | BFP #4 Jan 2018, MC Feb 2018 | BFP #5 July 2018, fingers crossed
  • 33 week growth scan went perfect. Measuring 4lbs 12oz, has a head of hair, and the tech said "poor mama" her head is as low down as it can get!
  • Had 36 week growth scan today.  Baby girl is measuring around 6 lb 8 ounces (almost as big as her older sister was at birth).  Luckily enough she has plenty of amniotic fluid and is head down (unlike her big sister).  Can’t wait to see her! 🙂
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