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  • @navete I love the ones where they can see the bones. I have a cool one of DD’s skull. DH thinks it’s creepy, but I think it’s so cool!
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  • Haha! I love my latest ultrasound. Baby is facing the camera and looking a bit scary lol
    They were moving around the whole time.16 weeks exactly 💜

  • Does this look like umbilical cord? Or genitals? 
  • What gender do you think from this US? Fun guesses welcome. Anyone good with skull theory? Thanks!!
  • @mommabearto2babes -  hi! Gender guesses aren’t received well on these threads. While it doesn’t bother me in the least bit, it has been a sensitive topic in the past, so I suggest keeping your questions in the question thread and making sure they are things that other women can legitimately answer. Once again, while I find gender guesses to be harmless and fun… Many of the women in here do not ...  so I hope that I’ve saved you the trouble of having to defend yourself. Congrats on a healthy looking ultrasound! :) 
  • This was my first one. I had a second one done as well I will get the photo of it online. My big one is on the 25th of October. I cannot wait to have nice photos like yall do! 
  • That look like a girl
  • @mayoduck he is PRECIOUS! i love the 3D ones, i don't think they're creepy at all - it's so amazing how you can see their features! I'm really going to be begging for one at my anatomy scan on thursday. They have 3D there... so fingers crossed they'll give me one! 
  • @indigoheightsblog I wasn't even expecting it! It was just a normal ultrasound and then the tech changed some sort of setting on her side and it was 3D. I hope they let you see your little one in 3D! It's definitely something else!
  • @mayoduck I love the 3D ones! We got some when they determined our gender and my baby’s hand just won me over. I can’t wait to snuggle my little one! 
  • @indigoheightsblog Aww yay, you got your 3D image! So cute!
  • @maggiemadeit I was interested in the similarities as well with this one. She has the same features as DD. Same little nose, lips, and chin.
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  • Are we allowed to put picture where it shows what the sex of the baby is? 
  • @valentynsi - my little bugger did the same thing! we managed to snag a profile pic right at the very end but boy was the ultrasound tech in for a challenge!!! re: your question about boy parts - i'm not sure what the protocol is, so i'm not much help! sorry! 
  • @valentynsi You're welcome to post whatever you want, but generally people don't care to see baby genital pictures, no matter how grainy. The internet is forever and we'll take your word that it's a boy, I promise!
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  • Our healthy, growing baby boy at 18w3d last week. ☺️
  • I think we are all in for a wild ride, almost everyone has said their babe wouldn’t cooperate!!  :D
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  • @mamakate1616 So true!! My MFM has trouble getting everything at my AS, so have to go back in 2 weeks to look at the heart again. Baby was a hot mess lol
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