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  • I want to try to get LO hooked on the paci at night too since I agree- I’d you CAN go 6 hours without eating, then why are you only doing half that? 

    We had our 2 week checkup today too! I don’t remember how tall he was but he weighed 8lb 15 (either 15 or 13- why didn’t I write it down??) oz! Birth weight was 8lb8oz so he’s doing good! 

    He’s getting a little gassy after he eats. Doc gave me lots of suggestions/reasons why it might be happening but nothing seems to be the obvious reason. Kids definitely need a manual. Blah. 

  • We are definitely using the paci. A lot of the times  he won't take it or spit it out if he is like REALLY hungry. Pedi said as long as we don't use it to shut off feeding cues, it's ok! I use it before I put LO in the car seat for example, he hates the part where I tie the belt. And then I use it after long feedings as he sucks a bit on it then asleep he goes! 
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  • Was wondering about the pacifier too, glad all you ladies just discussed this! I haven’t really needed it yet, LO is really only fussy to eat or when he needs to change. When he gets real fussy he has gas. But I’m glad to see your LO’s use them already Incase we need to also!
  • Been using the paci too but mostly for soothing because i can’t be holding him a the time. He will spit it out if he’s hungry or just doesn’t want it. 
  • Like my twins, this kid wants zero to do with a paci. I’m going to push it a bit harder once she’s 4 weeks, jutsbfor the sids protection factor (and so she stops using me as a pacifier lol)
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  • We started with the pack this week because the pediatrician recommended that so DS isn't using me as a pacifier and also since he's already discovered sucking on his thumb. He'll take one of the soothie paci but not any other kind at this point. 

    Also supposed to be giving the vitamin d drops,  but haven't because I keep forgetting.

    He's grown an inch and is above birth weight, but only just barely. One of many reasons we've had to switch to EP. 
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    2 week appt this past Wednesday and he was 9lb 4oz (8lb 6oz at birth) and also grew a 1/2in. Pedi seemed very please with his progress and she also commented on his head control and said it looks really good already.

    +1 for the paci ! Though I limit it to the middle of the night only so far. Just to soothe if he's a little fussy but not full out awake and hungry. During the day he is content without it. I also use the soothie kind and I think it helps him differentiate because all our bottles have more of a natural shape vs the soothie's kinda longer nipple shape.

    Also +1 for forgetting the freaking vitamin D drops ! They are literally right next to the bottles and I'm still the worst at it. Glad to see I'm not the only one!
  • I was worried that LO had a squished/deformed ear so I took him to the ENT this week to be evaluated.  Turns out, he's fine.  But they weighed him when I was there - we didn't change his diaper first and he was wet (because he had been napping on the way there and in the waiting room), but he was 9.9 lbs!!  That's an increase of 2 lbs in 3 weeks!  We see the pediatrician at 4 weeks, so we'll see what his "official" stats are then.
  • @elizabethrn87 same type of weight gain here! I’ll take it! 

    Has as anyone has any experience with Caput Succedaneum? LO has a pretty significant sized one and they said it should take a month to go down...we are 2.5 weeks in and it’s still big and just got an ultrasound on it.
  • @MichelleAG05 my daughter has a squished ear too ... going to a plastic surgeon next week. What did they say about your son?
  • Jake has really bad reflux, and then he started vomiting fountains. I took him in this morning, and we’re trying Zantac. I’m on the fence about it, but his reflux is really bad and he’s only happy upright. 
    He is 19 days and weighs 9 lbs 2 oz (7 lbs 4 oz at birth). Pediatrician thinks he’s overeating for comfort, which is aggravating his reflux. 
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  • @AlwaysMrsS this may be a stupid question, but what tipped you off that he has reflux vs “normal” spitting up? My LO fluctuates between rarely spitting up a little or spitting up huge amounts! I don’t know at what point it’s an actual issue because it’s varied so much. 

    Side note: Newborns come with so much paperwork! I’ve finally gone through paperwork from hospital and checkups. We are only 3 weeks into her life and already there’s so much paper/records/info! 
  • @natalie_1989 it was more than just wet burps. It was at least an ounce every feeding. And if I put him down too soon after feedings it was more. Also, he seemed tense when eating. He’d pull away from the breast and cry, he’d arch his back, he doesn’t like laying on his back. Honestly, had he not thrown up so much, I would have waited until his one month appointment, but I’m glad I called and took him in. It was an endless cycle of him over eating for comfort then throwing up even more because he was too full. You could try breaks during feedings and holding her upright for 15-20 minutes after feedings. These are things we tried before taking him to the doctor. There’s also “silent reflux”, which is when milk goes up there esophagus, but they don’t spit up. 
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  • @natalie_1989 normal spit up shouldn’t bother the baby, you’ll know it’s reflux if LO is super fussy after eating, spitting up, or doesn’t want to lay on a flat surface, etc. Sometimes they’ll spit up to the point it affects weight gain, sometimes they’ll gain weight faster because they’re eating to soothe the pain. My DS was a heavy spitter and would almost projectile spit up after eating but it never bothered him and he grew out of it with no issues. 
  • @AlwaysMrsS and @acunamatada thank you! I will def try some of the tips mentioned. Based on what you described I think she doesn’t have reflux, but will now know what to look for if that changes!  :)
  • Jake had his 1 month appointment today. He weighs 11 lbs 2 oz. (that’s almost a  4 lb gain). The pediatrician ordered an echo because he’s still hearing a heart murmur. 
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