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  • @ashbub714 thank you and best wishes to you! Hope baby is in your arms soon <3
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  • Best of luck to you @ashbub714

    @zande2016 I’ve wanted to get Indian food so bad but I don’t have ANYONE who would eat it with me and I live in the country so I couldn’t get it delivered or anything. So instead I had buffalo wings for dinner tonight. So far, not helping. Blah! Happy labor thoughts coming your way! 

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  • @emsnedds on our first day on our honeymoon , lol!! 
    Good luck @ashbub714 and labor vibes to @runsomewhere!
    @sm05-2 it's 10pm and I'm so tired but I need to wake Milo up for his feeding...after which I definitely will go to bed if he goes to sleep right back.
  • Congratulations @noideawhatshesdoing! He's precious!
  • Congrats @noideawhatshesdoing!!! He’s adorable!!
  • @noideawhatshesdoing Congratulations. Adorable and such an awesome name. 

    @ashbub714 I hope your night with Pitocin helped! 
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  • @noideawhatshesdoing congratulations! Can't wait to hear the story! @ashbub714 hope the pitocin went well! 

    After a few days of waking up at 5:30 and being fine, I am waking up at 6 and still being tired. I keep need to nap in the middle of the day again! I was looking up symptoms because of my ridiculous butt pressure, lol, and ran across a list that said both "sudden bouts of energy and extreme tiredness" were early labor signs. So basically I'm always in early labor.

    ALSO this is how sure everyone is that I won't go early...I asked my MIL if she would watch DS for a weekend coming up so DH and I can have dinner for our anniversary (its the 17th). she's out of town the weekend of the 20th, probably two hours away with no cell service at a friends camp. I know logically I can't ask people to rearrange their lives in case I give birth but that seems to be cutting it close since she's our babysitter! 

    @zande2016 I'm busting out the manual pump this morning, lol. I'll be interested to see if it does anything! I've never tried this before so to those who have...a lot of colostrum won't come out right?

    @sm05-2 are you lucky enough that your LO takes cold bottles so you can have them ready in the fridge, or do you have to heat up the ready made ones? Also I could be wrong but the wives tale I think is just about spicy food in general, and for us Americans I think Indian food represents some of the spiciest you can get! 
  • sm05-2sm05-2
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    Congratulations @noideawhatshesdoing! What a beautiful baby!

    @SmashJam baby girl prefers room temperature formula but has taken it straight from fridge. We just switched to powder-based formula with room temp filtered water, so LO is less fussy about that. 
  • Congrats @noideawhatshesdoing

    @sm05-2 yup the old wives tale is spicy food not specifically Indian. I hope you got some good rest!

    @ashbub714 good luck with the pit, I’m sure we will be seeing your announcement soon enough! 

    @smashjam okay well if bursts of energy and extreme tiredness are both signs of labor, I must be getting there cus I’ve had both this weekend haha. I woke up so energetic yesterday and then today I couldn’t for the life of me drag myself out of bed. I slept til almost 8! I ended up caving and trying my electric pump last night, since I couldn’t find my manual anywhere. 15 mins on each side and I got half an ounce of colostrum! I was kind of weirded out by that worrying I wouldn’t make more for the baby but I know that’s silly, there’s no reason why I wouldn’t produce more. I stuck it in a storage bag and froze it. I had a few contractions during pumping but nothing after and not a single cramp all night long. Ughhhhh feeling like this kid is never coming out. 
  • @SmashJam I got solid 3-4mL of colostrum from manually pumping for a little under 5 min each side,and that's just what actually made it into the bottle. I haven't done it again since Friday.

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  • And846And846
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    Too many to tag but so many +1 for the bursts of energy and then extreme exhaustion. I get so excited to have energy and then I’m so frustrated when i get tired. 
  • @SmashJam I tried pumping the other day and got more colostrum than I felt comfortable with so I stopped. I also didn’t have any contractions or anything. 

  • Sorry I haven't been very present. Congratulations to all the new moms though! I went through hell this week fighting off a stomach bug and dehydration. Thankfully I had my mom come watch my 2 yo so i could rest it off

  • I was so sure baby would come this weekend and she's making no indication at all of coming out like I thought. I have some BH here and there but no real contractions. DH is glad, and I'm impatient. Also not looking forward to everyone saying ,"you're still here!" when I come in to work tomorrow.

    Isabella & Julian & and now #3!
  • @noideawhatshesdoing congratulations! Beautiful baby  <3

    @cseley321 that's awful, glad you're feeling better and were able to get some rest.

    @flockofmoosen3 Same, I kind of secretly talked myself in to believing something will happen this weekend. I'm not even having contractions lol but I thought I had a gut feeling.
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  • @cseley321 oh no that’s the worst, glad you’re feeling better now. 

    @flockofmoosen3 @runsomewhere I wanted soooo badly for the baby to come this weekend but I am pretty convinced it’s not happening. I’m super bummed to be going back to work tomorrow. 

    I did finally get that cleaning urge though! I just deep cleaned the whole bottom half of my house like a maniac and it was like I couldn’t stop until everything was done. I had to force myself to take some water breaks. My husband was looking at me like I’m crazy because he knows how much I hate to clean. I was even organizing jewelry boxes and dusting the baseboards. Still not getting my hopes up that this means anything. I’ve barely had any contractions all weekend except when we were in the car (the car always seems to bring them on) and while pumping last night. Oh well at least my house is pretty clean. 
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    @flockofmoosen3 @zande2016 @runsomewhere the weekend isn’t over yet! There is still time.
  • @ashbub714 hang in there! I know how exhausting the process can be but I have my fingers crossed today will be the day for you! Are your waters still intact? 
  • Congrats @noideawhatshesdoing!  And @ashbub714 yay for making progress!  I bet today is baby day!
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    @ashbub714 You got this! I'm sorry this is such a long process for you
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  • @flockofmoosen3 @runsomewhere @zande2016 same y’all. My H is convinced today is the day for some reason. I hate that it’s getting my hopes up. Tomorrow is due date. Then Tuesday is my next appt where we’d schedule an induction. Fingers crossed for us all ladies!! 
  • @zande2016 thank you! And yes, my waters are still intact. I think the doc said once I ask for an epidural they’ll break them. Although I could have heard that wrong. 

    Thank you @sarafuss and @nimmle Really hoping today’s the day! 

    It’s so funny how my husband and I both went from thinking we had 3 weeks left and being freaked out about having the baby this weekend to constantly saying/thinking “come on baby! Hurry up and get here” lol
  • Congratulations @noideawhatshesdoing!

    My 2 year old has refused to nap every day for almost a week now. To top that off, I keep waking for 1-2 hours at a time in the middle of the night. Want the cherry on top??? Both yesterday AND today at nap time DD pooped in her nap pull up, put her hand down her diaper and then got poop all over her crib and started calling for me to come wash her hands. Yesterday I told her it was disgusting and talked to her about never doing it again. Toay she got a spanking and had to say she was sorry to her animals that she sleeps with. 

    I can't even begin to describe how over it I am.
  • DS is officially showing his jealousy and sadness of having a little brother. He rarely comes near me and will look at me with a sad face. He has also started to walk around/avoid baby brother. Going through some mom guilt for sure and having to limitations to recover is really hard to continue doing “normal things”. 
  • Well. My midwife practice just posted on Facebook a congrats to the four families that welcomed babies this weekend (small practice so 4 is a lot). I almost cried of jealousy that I was not one of them. 

  • @MichelleAG05 yuck. My son has taken a liking to sticking his hand down his diaper every time he poops. I guess he wants to feel it. Kids are gross. 

    @wildtot I’m sorry your son is having some jealousy. Try not to feel guilty, I bet after a little adjustment time he will love having a brother. 

  • @ashbub714 that is crazy!!! Sending you all the dilation energy!
    @flockofmoosen3 and @zande2016 hoping you get to meet your babies soon! @cseley321 I hope you're on the mend, stomach bugs are no fun and at this stage of pregnancy it's the worst.
    @wildtot sorry about DS everything is so new I hope he gets used to it.

    I have had overnight oats for a few mornings for breakfast, they are divine. Cold and creamy, perfect for the heat and BF hunger. Which btw is a whole new level from pregnancy!
  • @wildtot I am pretty sure my 4yo is going to get very jealous of the baby after a couple weeks of not having the attention she demands. Try not to feel too guilty, if u can. This phase will be such a short time in your lives that I would hate for you to miss out on some of the enjoyment of the new baby before your DS1 comes around. A friend of mine's son basically acted like his little sister didn't exist for a very long time, but they're friends now. 

    Isabella & Julian & and now #3!
  • My toddler has been a bear to get down for a nap lately too. I was so irritated when he refused yesterday. I got him down today but it took 1.5 hours.

    I am worried about DS being jealous when baby comes too so keep the advice coming! Making it a point to put him first with little things is a great idea.
  • @zande2016 that’s such a good idea! My ped told us a while back to make sure to meet the toddlers needs first to help with the jealousy and resentment- I’ll definitely be making it a point. 

    @wildtot I’m sorry your DS is getting jealous, I have a feeling my DS wont be so fond of the new human once she starts really crying at home- in the hospital he was trying to scold her into stopping. Maybe some extra mommy snuggles and treats will help?
  • zande2016zande2016
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    You guys, I think I might turn my text messaging off. is that even a thing? My office manager, who apparently has no life, is now texting me ON THE WEEKEND to “check in on me”. No, I haven’t had the baby, yes, I’m still pregnant, sorry you’re so bored with your life that you have nothing better to do than harrass the state of my uterus, but I wanna be left alone!! 

    Sorry end rant. So cranky. 
  • @wildtot sorry to hear your son is having a hard time  :( I can understand how the recovery period can make it harder to give him attention- probably makes the guilt even worse.  Could just you and him lie together and watch his favorite movies, etc? I hope things get better soon! Maybe it’s a short phase to adjusting
  • @zande2016 that is great advice! I’ll definitely try to remember that one!

  • @MichelleAG05 ugh sorry for the phase! My son did all sorts of gross stuff with his poo while we were potty training. Weirdos.

    @wildtot I agree with pp try not to take things to personally! I know its so hard with the hormones but he will come through it. I had a cousin's older daughter who asked to take the baby back , didn't want to be in the same room with her, threw fits during love shown to baby. They are ok now! Its an adjustment for everyone give yourself some grace!

    @zande2016 that is great advice! I have to remember that. 
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