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6/18 Weekly Randoms

What's going on this week?


Re: 6/18 Weekly Randoms

  • @southernlady07 I’m also having pimento cheese for lunch today! Counting down....
  • @magnolia209 whew that's quite the switch! I hope you're able to stay awake and function. I feel you on methodically saving days off, it totally sucks.

  • @nlc8424 I have never taken the wrong pill before. I have a whole system to keep my morning away from anything I take at night. Luckily, it’s beautiful here today and I don’t think I have big meetings so I’m hoping to be able to pull this off! But, yep. I should have just stayed in bed! Having to save days sucks! 
  • @pourmeamocktail so exciting! Is this the camping trip that is a million adults to your one toddler? Do the other people help/play with your son? 
  • nackienackie member
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    @klj0228 now I really want cinnamon rolls. I would totally take some of those off your hands :)
  • nackie said:
    @klj0228 now I really want cinnamon rolls. I would totally take some of those off your hands :)
  • @SkilledSailor I've had the vehicle for 3 years. I'm at about 49500 miles, so I drive quite a bit unfortunately. No 10,000 mile years for me! So yup, totally necessary to replace them and I'm lucky I made it almost 3 years without replacing the breaks until last month. I also only have a week of maternity clothes too so laundry is always necessary for me each weekend.

    Hope you have good weather @pourmeamocktail!

    Also, @klj0228 can you share the recipe for cinnamon rolls? My H would LOVE for me to make them from scratch.

  • @nackie @southernlady07 if I could I promise I would share them! I’m going to make a little care package for my neighbor that walks my dog when I travel so her and her H can enjoy.
  • @lpq0309 people have a very strange fascination with pregnant people and their bellies! Sorry the heat is hurting your work schedule this week, but it sounds like it will give you a chance to get a few things done around the house.
  • jayliijaylii member
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    @southernlady07 We're going to Cape Cod, MA. Not tropical but still beautiful beaches and one of my favorite places on earth. 
    @klj0228 Cinnamon rolls sound amazing. Now I want one! 
    @pourmeamocktail Have fun on the camping trip! Love having a big group together for several days while camping.
    @nlc8424 Ugh, car maintenance is such a pain and expensive!
    @SkilledSailor Hope you had a great vacation and that this week goes easy on you. 
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    @SkilledSailor It definitely seems more common now than when I was growing up for kids to be in lots of different activities. So far, my DD has done tumbling/ballet, swim lessons and soccer and loved them all! We'll have a break in June and July and then starting in August she'll do dance again one weeknight and soccer on Saturday mornings. MH and I try to trade off taking her to lessons so we each get a break. It will for sure be more difficult with two kids in activities in a few years!
    @klj0228 Those cinnamon rolls sound fantastic! And that will be such a nice break from the heat to head north!
    @pourmeamocktail Oohh camping!! That sounds like so much fun. We try to go to a different state park every few months and I'm getting the itch to go once more before baby arrives. 
    @jaylii I've heard Cape Cod is beautiful! I'd love to spend more time on the Northeast coast. Hope you have a relaxing vacation!
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  • jayliijaylii member
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    This day is going great. Found out I'm anemic this morning and then our vet left a VM saying that my dog has a bad UTI. She's been peeing in the house occasionally the last few months. I'm glad she doesn't have a problem with major organs, but I also feel terrible. She must feel awful and I had no idea. 
  • @jaylii I’m sorry it’s been a rough day. Now that you know your pup has a uti hopefully the antibiotic will get her feeling better soon! In my experience with cats with utis they start to feel better pretty quick after starting their antibiotic.
  • @klj0228 that stinks your flight was canceled but I'd be happy about another night in my own bed too!

    @jaylii sorry for the rough day. I'm sure your dog will be feeling better soon once they start the antibiotics.

  • starlastarla member
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    @klj0228 OMG I think I have all the ingredients to make those. Thanks for sharing and yay for another night at home. 
    @jaylii I hope the UTI resolves quickly. 
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  • @southernlady07 I’m also having pimento cheese for lunch today! Counting down....
    How do I not know about this magical cheese sandwich you speak of... I have disgraced my great state of Wisconsin
  • @EErin86 it is a completely southern thing. So amazing. 
  • @eerin86 you are missing out! Pimento cheese is the best! 
  • @EErin86 That makes me so sad! You have to try it! 
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  • @samd6 ah you sound like my husband! He's been working his tail off recently for his managers with coaching and documentation and meetings, long long hours. He's in retail management as well. Just last night he said, "I think I'm over doing the retail management thing". Which I totally don't blame him. He'll probably be looking for a new job after baby gets here. This scares the crap out of me since all of us are on his medical plan currently, and DS is on his vision and dental too. There are some other pleasant benefits with his job that we will also miss too if/when he leavea.

  • @spottedginger @klj0228 @southernlady07 ;

    Ok I found a recipe online calling for
    Cream cheese, Mayo, cheddar, Gouda, red pepper
    Sounds about right?

    I'll make it and just tell DH I invented it ;)
  • @EErin86 gah! There are so many iterations and what you like is very family specific. Personally, I don’t use cream cheese or Gouda. Only hand (or food processor) grated sharp white and yellow (half and half) cheddar cheeses. Let me see if I can find a close approximation online. 
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