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Attitude of the June 2018 Moms

Hey ladies! First off I know my username may not be changed from knottie with a bunch of numbers, so no need to point that out in the comments or send me the link to the discussion to change it. Second, I’m glad I only used this app to see how my kiddo compared to the size of a fruit in my belly. Because once I figured out how to join the community page of this app and talk with other women due around the same time as me I was completely unwelcome by the other members of this group. And, I have seen it’s just not me but many other women who have finally figured out the app come on here and only receive rude comments from a group of women who would like to keep this little group exclusive for some reason I cannot understand. From what I understood this discussion group was suppose to be a resource for us and a place of support. Instead, the “regular participants” have chosen to be catty and judgmental. Our due dates are right around the corner so this page will be irrelevant soon. But maybe in the future the people who have chosen to be unwelcoming and negative, will learn to treat others with kindness and spread positivity on the internet. Just something to think about. 

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  • Not exactly sure what you were trying to accomplish with this (AW) thread, but if you were trying to make us feel bad... 

    Off to cry myself to sleep, Internet Stranger.
  • Right, we spent nine entire months talking to each other EVERY DAY, giving and receiving support, but it’s suuuuper catty to... what... ? Point that out? 

    Like, omg, it’s so catty that you’re close with your best friend and don’t love when strangers barge in to use you as google without even introducing themselves!


    Cool story bro. 
    That’s great you have formed friendships on here! This is however a public app/ website that everyone can use and have access to. I apologize you feel like google when people use this public app to ask for advice for women who are just as far along as they are in their pregnancy or just need some support from people who might be able to understand. May I suggest using a more private app or website to maintain your friendships, so you don’t feel “barged in on” by “strangers” who are also using this PUBLIC app.
  • OP, the fact that you think this board will be useless after our babies are born shows just how little you know about this community. 
    Maybe I’d know more about the community if the group was more welcoming to newcomers.
  • kfren said:
    Not exactly sure what you were trying to accomplish with this (AW) thread, but if you were trying to make us feel bad... 

    Off to cry myself to sleep, Internet Stranger.
    The point of this post was to make people aware that there has been negativity on a page that was initially meant to be a supportive community. Instead the members of this page have decided to make this an exclusive clique. For reasons I do not understand. I’m apologize  you feel victimized by this post. Instead of taking away from this post that I’m trying to make you guys feel bad, how about trying to spread positivity on the internet and treating people who are “internet strangers” by being a kind, welcoming community. 
  • 2589 said:
    @isbee123 Sorry if I hurt your feelers earlier when I told a 35 week pregnant lady to call her doctor regarding what she described as fairly regular contractions. I thought it would be a helpful answer, considering that seeking medical attention is usually a better option when it comes to your health and your baby’s health than asking internet strangers for advice. Had I known absolutely anything about her (FTM/STM, history of precipitous labor, what exactly do you mean by the frequency of your contractions) I may have had a different response. 
    I’m not sure if you understood my post, as your advice to the woman had nothing to do with what I was regarding. However, thank you for being welcoming to a newcomer and responding to her post with helpful advice. This is only my assumption, but perhaps she knew this app had the resource of this community for asking for advice and she only thought to use it in a time of need. Which is perfectly fine to not be a regular participant, but seeking help turning to this page to find some answers from people who may understand. Thank you for taking the time to respond to internet strangers who are using the same public platform as you. 
  • Here’s an example of another user getting responses of negativity from members of this community, and having similar feelings as myself to how this group treats others. 
  • @doxiemoxie212 you asked me to point out the catty comments. Here are just a few examples, of when people were seeking advice or simply introducing themselves and received negativity from the members of this group in return. If you would like more examples simply scroll through the discussion threads. Mostly when newcomers discover the resource of the community and are immediately shut down. 
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    Hi all,

    Maintaining a welcoming environment in the community is something we take very seriously. We welcome debate and engaging dialogue from all perspectives here. We do not tolerate bullying. If you feel you’ve experienced bullying within the community,


    Flag comments that violate our TOU by using the “Report a TOU Violation” feature below posts.
    Send an email to [email protected] and include links to any threads that you are concerned about so we can properly investigate.

    Please do not:

    Post on the boards about your grievances with the community or individual members. Doing so tends to result in unproductive arguments among members and escalates situations.

    By flagging posts that violate the TOU and sharing your concerns directly with our moderators, we are able to address issues promptly and properly.

    We will be closing this thread for further comments. Thank you.

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