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Hey newbie here!!

Hello I'm cait. My husband and I have decided to have another baby. He is 40 I am 27. We have 3 beautiful daughters together and want to have another. I was on BC and had my iud removed 5-1-18 had my first af 5-4-18 now I am using opk daily to figure out when I'm ovulating. I take prenantals and do what I can to be healthy and aid in conieving. we have been blessed the longest it has taken us to become pregnant in the past is 3 months and that was without counting or charting or anything. we just decided to have another baby, pray about it, and bam suddenly I was pregnant lol. idk this time is different for me. I guess I have this fear that it wont be that way this time. idk I'm probably just crazy. I'm currently on CD5. I'm absolutely concumed with having a baby. I think about it 24/7 I stess about it I deam about taking my opks. I'm trying to relax. enjoy this time. not worry so much and not be in to big of a hurry. To just let God do his work if it is his will but it hard!!! Lol good luck to all....

Re: Hey newbie here!!

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    Oh you poor thing. 
    [Deleted User]dpjennifer
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