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  • I am one of those ladies who will spend the money to get a mani/pedi every 3 weeks. It's one of the rare things I do for myself. It also gives me time to spend with my mom and sister without having to deal with husbands and/or kids. I always have a color on my toes. Right now I have something called sns on my hands (not acrylic or gel). I'm pretty sure this will all stop though once baby comes. So I'll keep enjoying it until then.

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  • @zande2016 I could have written that! I am all about the pedicures and need one so so badly!
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  • @runsomewhere your last post explained a lot. I could have written what @gingerbride26 said, except I love to eat. Cooking takes so long especially because my meals are more involved and require a lot of prepping of meat and veggies. We also don't eat out more than once a month. You could say replace your eating out 2-3x a week with our freezer meals and that's why it makes sense.

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  • I love the end result of a mani/pedi but hate spending time just sitting there. I probably get a pedi 3-5 times a year
     Nails I try and get them done maybe twice in a row and then get frustrated because they don’t last with working in the hospital
  • I love getting manicures and pedicures but I'm lazy and don't want to spend the $$ to maintain so occasionally I'll just do my nails.because it's warm where I live, I prefer spending the money on a pedi, especially now that reaching is not exactly easy...
    I do plan on splurging on a gel manicure for the shower and do it again before the baby is born just to feel a bit put together.
  • @flockofmoosen3 your reason is why freezer meals might be hard for me! I love to cook and I love food  but when we had DS we didn't have anything prepped but ate a lot of frozen food at that point or take out because we had the hobby farm AND I worked so I didn't really have time to cook involved meals every day...frozen food/take out was really common, and it was just easier to do that (honestly the prep list scared me for frozen meals). Now I cook pretty involved meals every day but I LOVE doing it...I'm thinking I'll have to give the freezer meals at least a half assed try this time because we aren't near anything take out wise and there is a possibility I won't feel like cooking/won't have time, but I'll miss the actual daily cooking.
  • I plan on doing some freezer meals but not a crazy lot, mostly I'm going to have my mom make a huge lasagna when she is here and that for sure will go in the freezer. I do like having a couple of chili bowls in there as well as a few burritos (usually beans veggie and cheese ones) but I also get tired of having the same thing over and over and feeling like I have to eat it. I will miss daily cooking too as I'm used to do that and sometimes DH and I do it together. Hoping that the instant pot will save on time and still allow us to make some fresh meals. Since it's summer it will be big salad and cold dishes for a while anyway!

    I'm thinking while my mom is here she could help me with meal prep on Sundays for example and I can make a big batch of something like a pasta salad for the week instead of freezer meals for example.
  • @kissableviv I know people who do ALL their big meal prep on Sundays, which sounds amazing to me...I just don't know what I would prep before hand to save time besides doing the chopping, or cooking the proteins?
  • @SmashJam that's mostly what I do. A big batch of soup in the instant pot, some grilled/baked chicken, wash and prep some fruit. I used to do overnight oats and chia pudding but since I started working from home I have less of a need to have breakfast food or lunches ready and DH will  will usually make his own sandwich for lunch. I don't usually spend more than 2 hours cooking on Sundays (including cleanup)
  • @runsomewhere that makes a lot of sense! You're right I was thinking total time not prep time.  Totally agree the eating out and the freezer meals are equal in our family dynamics!  We're already used to kind-of meal planning on Sundays where we pull out frozen meat and leave on a tray in the fridge to defrost for the week, so we just pull out a couple freezer bags on Sunday and throw in the crockpot before work when DH has his morning cereal at home and we give the dog his meds.  I could totally see that not working if we weren't already in the kitchen in the morning.  

    I for one am happy to not have a shower this time...summer is already way too busy and I'm a major introvert.
    I used to get gel manicures every two weeks, made me feel feminine and I would go after work with a GF and gab while we got manicures, stopped after kids but I have a pile of jamberries for when I want to feel fancy.  I do love getting my toes done in the summer though, feels good and I love the pop of color.
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