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  • wildtotwildtot member
    @amdftw when we give our guests a tour of the house we never show the walk in closet lol 
  • @wildtot dusting? What’s that? 
    @zande2016 My sister used to watch DS say our house, which was fantastic.. I would always come home to clean floors and a spotless kitchen.. I miss it! 

    I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve dusted since I lived with my clean freak mother. I keep my one carpet in the living room vacuumed once a week before DS’s EI teacher comes, and sometimes the couch.. And we have 4 furry pets.. Which I feel a little bad about because it’s a new rug.. But it’s got this pattern that disguises mess so well! 
    I sweep the main rooms maybe every other day, used to be daily but I don’t have the energy anymore. 
    Laundry gets washed, dried, folded.. And never put away.. Until I need the basket for more clothes. 
    I like to keep it tidy enough that I could half assed clean it quickly if somebody stops by, but I don’t mind a little mess, and DH is a slob so it’s a constant battle. 
  • I'm also guilty of not cleaning enough, although with the dog shedding lately I've been sweeping and vacuuming the couch like a madwoman
  • amdftwamdftw member
    @wildtot That's too funny and I can totally relate... I usually shut our bedroom door and the whole room is a no-go zone.  We have a small ranch so you can see into our bedroom from the living room and that's usually where all the extra clutter I didn't have time to properly put away goes.   :open_mouth:
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  • @amdftw and @wildtot we still have NO DOORS lol we took them down to paint 6 years ago and haven't gotten around to it - so we just hang a curtain over the upstairs bedrooms with thumbtacks if it's guests beyond close friends lol we also don't give tours...
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  • I thought you only needed to clean when you have guests over?!

    I'm kind of bad at it too. DH is a lot better at vacuuming (probably because of his allergies), and I clean when I just can't stand the state of certain rooms anymore (mainly bathrooms and the kitchen). But it takes me a while to get up to that point. It's definitely not a weekly thing. 
  • I have zero intentions of being productive today! Kiddo and I are just chilling at home until we go get some food because I don't want to cook haha. We clean weekly but I hate it haha I wish we had a cleaning lady! 
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  • @zande2016 you at least get points for going INTO the office!.... I'm home in bed with Handmaid's Tale on making snark comments at emails and talking shit with a peer... we had a "motivational" mandatory leadership meeting at 9 and i'm just counting down until my 1:30 exec briefing...
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  • The only reason I came to work today is that the water park doesn't open till tomorrow. It's going to be in the 80s and sunny today and I was going to not come in and take DD to the water park instead. It's her favorite place ever and we always have so much fun. I realized it doesn't open for the season  till tomorrow so it wasn't worth using PTO. Now I'm sitting at work staring at my monitor seriously feeling my IQ drop as this pregnancy goes along. 

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  • wildtotwildtot member
    Another FFFC- I never did frozen meals with DS and probably won’t again. 
  • @wildtot Same. This time I looked in to a bit and it didn't seem worth it, plus the recipes weren't our style. It's not something I lacked when DD was born.
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  • sm05-2sm05-2 member
    Relieved to hear that many are a bit lax about cleaning, just like me and DH! (Company coming over does get our asses in gear.)

    Am eating a salad I wasn't craving for lunch, but it was the only thing I could eat from our cafeteria today. Well, that, and I bought some zesty jalapeno potato chips to go with said salad. Hey, it has potassium, right?
  • @zombiehoohaa We've been opening things as they've arrived as well. There were a couple things that came we didn't know were coming because they arrived the same time as other things we ordered from Amazon. So it was more of an ooops sort of thing. But to be honest, I'd open them just the same because if something is damaged, I guess I'd rather start the replacement process now than wait for the gift giver to be here only to see the thing they sent us was broken. Maybe that's just an excuse, but it's what I'm going with!
  • @wildtot and @runsomewhere i was actually very happy i did freezer meals with DD but totally agree you need to find ones that are your tastes.  We're already a fairly big crock pot family though - so having the bag in the freezer all ready to just dump into the pot was a big help.  I'm also the only one who cooks and it meant at least 1 balanced/healthy meal a day when we were living off starbucks and drive thru lol.
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  • @gingerbride26 I like the idea of prepping frozen meals but here is what i don't get.

    Hubby and I work full time so obviously we're busy, but eating well is important to us. 

    We are a Costco family. We typically buy fresh salmon, individually wrapped fresh chicken breasts and frozen shrimp. We portion the chicken and salmon and defrost it throughout the week. We also buy pre-chopped and pre-washed veggies and salads.  

    For weekday dinners it takes me seriously 5 minutes tops to toss some salmon or chicken in the oven and throw together a salad. The food is healthy and fresh and so easy. What's the upside of doing freezer meals over what I do? I'm genuinely curious, not putting down freezer meals. 

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  • @runsomewhere if I could throw together a healthy meal in 5 min I wouldn't understand freezer meals either, do you have any carb/starch side with that meal? Or are y'all low carb/paleo?

    Similarly we usually buy larger packages of chicken breast/thighs/pork chops/loin etc and break down into meal-sized packages and defrost the day or two before we plan to have it.  We buy mostly fresh veggies from the produce section and some frozen staples like peas, broccoli, and cauliflower that are just too expensive fresh these days.  We do a lot of healthy/WW/family recipes.  I have to chop/peel/prep the veggie, season/cook the protein, and cook the starch.  So a typical night of cooking for me is 30 minutes minimum but usually closer to 60 minutes if it's anything going in the oven. Even my fastest go-to meal (taco pasta or chop suey) requires 2 pots going with browning the ground turkey, chopping peppers and cooking down, boiling water for pasta and cooking (20 min), then mixing together and seasoning.  I could skip a carb for a meal, but DH couldn't do protein and salad every night.  This is where the crock pot and freezer meals help a lot - already portioned, seasoned, and mixed, just defrost, throw in crock pot before work/during early nap on Low for 8 hours, then throw rice in the microwave cooker for 12 min while changing from work clothes/changing baby.  I tend to do the longer meals on days i WFH and prep during kid's nap or on a meeting I can just listen to and go back to working until DH gets home. 

    Personally, I couldn't eat the same thing every week or multiple times a week - I like to cook but I don't like to eat (long history of food sensitivities/gastro issues) and if i'm not into what I'm putting in my mouth, eating is a chore and I'd rather skip the meal.  Freezer meals was a way for us to keep up the variety and good eats at a time we had no free hands to cook.
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  • wildtotwildtot member
    @lindsayleigh1989 I’m not having one either and didn’t with DS either but i at least got to see friends for lunch then. I have no real friends to do that here so I’m pretty bummed out too. Pity party for 2!
  • @lindsayleigh1989 I am with you! I loved having all the people around being excited about the baby with me!

  • @gingerbride26 to clarify it's not on the table in 5 minutes, but it is in the oven in that amount of time. While stuff is baking I play with DD or do whatever. 

    We are not paleo/low carb but I don't do a lot of starches like pasta mainly because I don't like them too much. DH eats a lot of rice which again, 1 minute to toss in the slow cooker. 

    I try not to do the same thing week after week so we do mix it up with the types of protein and pair it with different salads, roasted veggies and similar. 

    We also do eat out 2-3 times a week.

    What you're saying about freezer meals makes sense I think it's just not for me. I think it would be challenging for me to remember to defrost the stuff way in advance, the but it in the slow cooker 8 hours ahead of time. 
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  • wildtotwildtot member
    To be honest DH isn’t about much frozen food especially if it pre cooked (then it’s like leftovers). He would much rather eat cereal at that point. I’m really hoping to take advantage of our “help” to cook for us lol (if we are being honest). But we survived once without them and it’s not my priority this time either. 
  • @lindsayleigh1989 I almost typed this exact thought out earlier. I had so much fun for my first and I am bummed not to do something similar again.

  • Aside from the wedding I was in, I haven’t painted my fingernails or toenails in probably two years.  I just don’t get why anyone would spend their time, energy or money on toenails.  And I wear open toed shoes to work daily in the summer.  No shame!
  • wildtotwildtot member
    @tarheelgirl8 i never do my finger nails because they get chipped so quickly and wouldn’t last with all the dishwashing. I’ll occasionally do toes but only if i go for a proper pedi + massage. 
  • @tarheelgirl8 I rarely ever bother with my fingernails because I'll smudge, chip or otherwise destroy it in about 15 seconds. I'm too hands on with the garden, helping DH build things, or dealing with my dogs to manage keeping it nice. But I will go for the occasional manicure just because sometimes it's nice to get my hands cleaned up. Painting my toenails is a different matter though. Sometimes I'll go without, and don't feel bad about it either, but usually in the summer I change colors often just because I think it's fun. Generally I'm too cheap to pay for pedicures, so I do it myself, but there can be something really relaxing about it.
  • I would kill for a good pedicure with foot massage right now. But I just opened my credit card bill and feel sick to my stomach over it, so I’m trying to resist. I don’t care about my fingers or toes being painted, I juat like the relaxation and pampering. 
  • Yeah, for my toenails I think it’s part laziness, part cheapness, and part thinking it’s BS that woman have to worry about that kind of minor stuff while men don’t.  I’ll admit pedicures are relaxing but there’s about a million things I’d rather spend my money on.  And I realized long ago that natural toenails look a lot better than ridiculously chipped toenails because I was too busy/lazy to repaint.  
  • wildtotwildtot member
    @tarheelgirl8 I’ve been trying to get DH to get a pedi! Then i would mind his feet around me. He can probably cut through the sheets with all that callous! I did get him that baby feet thing and he’s asking for another lol 
  • Having trouble with loving things again..I love everything. I would also love a shower..food, cake, friends, spa day maybe?! It also feels wrong that only the oldest child gets a party...

    I rarely paint my fingernails but I seriously cannot remember the last time my toes weren’t painted..When they chip or get bad I touch up or immediately repaint them..I can’t stand how my feet look with out it!
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