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  • Random - has anyone considered getting a wax..... on their belly? I feel like Chewbacca over here. Am I the only one?
    Me: 35 DOR, low AMH = 0.694, and fibroids
    DH: 41 
    Married 10/25/2014 / TTC since 05/2015
    1st IUI 05/05/16 Letrozole 7.5 mg CD 3-11 + Ovidrel = BFN
    2nd cycle on Letrozole 7.5 mg CD 3-11 + TI = BFN
    3rd cycle on Letrozole but did our 2nd IUI on 07/01/16. 10 mg CD 3-11 + Ovidrel = BFN
    Onto IVF! Started Lupron on 09/24. Added Gonal F and hcg injections 09/26...... Trigger 10/07. EggRetrieval 10/09. Starting PIO, Estrace, and Medrol 10/10/16. Transferred 2 "strong/beautiful" embryos 10/14/16. Beta 10/28/16 = 998 mIU/mL = BFP with one baby, but miscarried at 9w5d.
    D&C on 12/06/17 and started taking BCPs 01/10/17 for the next IVF Cycle, which officially began stims on 02/18/17.
    Fast Forward: we got 4 fertilized embryos from that cycle. Transferred one fresh, but it did not stick, so we have 3 frozen embryos currently. Went in to the fertility clinic in July to talk about a FET of one of those three frozen embryos, but a new fibroid was discovered, and I was not cleared to do the transfer until I had fibroid removal surgery.
    08/11/17 had a mini-laparotomy / myomectomy to remove 6 fibroids, largest sized were the size of golf-balls! Once we were cleared to go about our normal lives (sex!) I got pregnant NATURALLY but it was a chemical pregnancy. The very next month we had another BFP and here we are now with a baby on the way! A TOTAL AND COMPLETE MIRACLE!
    Watch our YouTube Channel Vlog Here!

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  • We start house renos on Monday and I'm totally dreading the next 3 weeks or so...  I don't know what made doing this in 3rd trimester seem like a good idea! 
  • Those of you who watch call the midwife, you can watch new episodes weekly on their website. Idk if they have some of the first one but it airs every Sunday on Pbs if you want to watch it live! 

  • So @kissableviv it actually wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Maybe because in my head I built it up. I definitely like my old lady better but this lady was okay to. I felt she was more “touchy”.  

    Sxheduled again to go in ten weeks when I’ll be 37 weeks pregnant- hoping I can tolerate being on my back- but she was done within 15-20 min.
  • @elizabethrn87 really glad it wasn't bad! I'm thinking I'll see how much growth I get and then schedule the next one. It has not been growing as much strangely now that I'm pregnant. 

    @wildtot that's pretty ridiculous. I'm still pissed about the whole dentist expense thing but at least that's not a "toy". Definitely splurge on something for yourself!
    @runsomewhere sorry about the termites! Sometimes I'm glad I'm not a home owner anymore but don't get me wrong I still want my own place. Hopefully it gets resolved soon. Good luck at the OB and yay for a good US!
    @zande2016 that's dumb and so unnecessary. I don't find it remotely funny.

    Well we made it to the airport, we have a couple of days before Hawaii as we are going to a wedding first. Of course everything was pretty last minute and work has been insane with no one actually being aware and organized about my time off when thiuth I've been diligently put together a document with all the back up info. I'm also screening and interviewing candidates to take over when baby is here. Nice that they trust me to do that but also extra work!
  • @zande2016 its just about being gross and making people look at it. It's dumb.

    So yesterday, DS ripped up a book of his, which I think I mentioned in randoms. So today at quiet time and bedtime I took the books, even though he wanted to keep them and read them, and both times I said " No, you ripped the dinosaur book, so you can't have books in here when you are alone. He is now in his room screaming, "I don't want to be in here, I want to be out there! I'm sorry about the dinosaur book!" I want to go in and snuggle him and tell him he's just going to bed not being punished for the dino book but DH is like, no, he's fine. But it makes me sad! 
  • Both kids tonight were super difficult and not listening, so we took away book time and went straight to music/snuggles. (Taking away books at bedtime is a punishment to them but we maintain the rest of the routine.) DD is turning 4 next month and getting so defiant and rude suddenly. We have been giving her chances to make better choices because she is usually compliant (and DS is only just 2yo) but tonight we both agreed that we need to reign her and DS in and be more strict with the behaviors we accept and don't. There's gonna be a lot more time-outs and lost privileges starting tomorrow! And a lot more "mean" mommy and daddy, lol! She told DH he was a mean daddy today...but "just for today". 

    Isabella & Julian & and now #3!
  • @zande2016 maybe it’s a symbol that he no longer has any or what he wish he had? Lol idk it’s stupid just like lifting trucks for shits and giggles. 

    Just returned from DSs 2 yr doc appointment and it was HELL! Nonstop tantrum for every small thing you’d think someone was hurting him. He lost some weight but still close to average so we are thinking of switching back to whole milk. He’s taller than average so maybe it’s a growth spurt? But we also have to get him tested for speech delay again. 
  • @zande2016 lol truck nuts. They’re so dumb. I don’t like looking at any scrotum, I def don’t want to see random scrotums flopping around town on the back of your vehicle.. in my area it’s a thing younger rednecks do because they’re stupid and they think it’s hilarious. That’s all

  • @hillbillywife I figured it's a red neck thing...but I see it sooo often driving home from NYC, which seems unexpected lol. 
  • already ragey this morning.... that manager i keep butting heads with is at it again and scheduled a 9 am meeting...at 3 am this morning... I had my morning all planned, was going to make eggs before my 10 am GD test... now i'm sitting here waiting for this call to start trying to force down fried eggs because all protein besides cheese and buff chicken disgust me when I'm pregnant.

    I just want a big juice or latte right now! this call decaffeinated is going to be a trial of will.  Dreaming of a caramel latte and lemon loaf after the test....
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  • @wildtot I hate those days, I hope you had your share of tantrums for a while and the rest of the weekend goes smooth. 

    Just got back from an ultrasound due to decreased fetal movement.  Everything looks great and baby is measuring in the 48th percentile (3lbs 6oz) at 30 weeks 3 days. She was being shy and wouldn't show her face though  :(

    I have been paranoid because my DS was born with an extra long umbilical cord that had a giant knot in it. For the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy with him, he barely moved. I was hooked up to the NST machine every two days and they did ultrasounds frequently but could never figure out why. The doctor mentioned to me at my appointment today that some women tend to grow long umbilical cords. I can't help but stress a little that she could face the same issue but not be so lucky. Apparently, there is no way to measure the cord length so there is no way to monitor it. 

  • @foxbaby2016 sorry your going through that stress! Will they be scheduling you for more monitoring for movement and growth at least? My doctor doesn’t plan on doing anything extra unless something unusual comes up despite my complications with DS. Her logic is I carried to term and he was healthy, no need for extra monitoring. So i completely understand the stress. Hope things continue to go well with baby!
  • @wildtot Same, my doctors won't do any additional monitoring unless something comes up. It's comforting that they aren't concerned but nerve wracking at the same time, isn't it? 
  • @foxbaby2016 DD was born with a knot too - the dr's said it's INCREDIBLY rare - like 1:100 births and it's only an issue in 1:2000 births...no one has had any concerns about this pregnancy/chord.  Hopefully that helps a little! I know it's hard to not stress...I do it too about other things
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  • @SmashJam that all sounds delicious... I stopped for a barbacoa bowl at chiptole on the way back from the GD test because I was shaky from the sugar and needed to soak it up with some meat...but now I want all those things....  yay baby chicks. I've been wanting to do a veggie garden out back but too much work...more power to you!!
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  • @SmashJam Well...now I'm going to Wendy's for lunch. lol 

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  • LOL @SmashJam - that was a real conversation we had right after we got married.  The $35 was HIM getting gas at a gas station that had a Taco Bell attached to it.  Hahahahahaha.
  • @gingerbride26 your Chipotle sounds really great too! Now I also want that!

    @zombiehoohaa I'm jealous! Eat something for me!

    @MichelleAG05 AH that explains it. Our Taco Bell has a KFC as well, so while $35 for one person might still be obscene, KFC is pricey AF so you could still spend a questionable amount while in that building in general. 

    I'm getting ready to go wake up DS from his nap, and when I went to check and see if he was actually sleeping around 30 minutes ago, he was shirtless. WTF? He didn't go to bed shirtless. So now I am super curious about what happened.
  • @SmashJam Went with a #1 Dave's Single Patty Cheeseburger, added bacon...because BACON! had a small fry and indulged with a chocolate frosty. They put a shit ton of onions on it, so I ended up pulling them out. Love onions, just not smothered all over my burger unless grilled. My stepdad...the man has a hallow leg. He ordered the Baconator! That burger is HUGE!!! He ate the whole damn thing! 

    My niece tends to go to sleep with pants/shorts on and wake up with them off. She says its because she gets hot at night. Random...

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  • @wildtot mine has done that more times than I care to admit. He has a strange fascination with the dog food, and one time my husband caught him in film doing it...and rather than stop him, he let him and then posted it as an Instagram story. I was horrified. He’s his father’s son, the man who once ate live bait as a kid and loved it. 
  • @zande2016 I’d probably be more grossed out if it were wet food. Live bait sounds super gross. The taste didn’t even faze DS but i still got him to spit some of it out and gave him PB&j sandwich. DH says he got some good nutrients lol
  • @wildtot our dry Dog food smells so gross to me. I’m like seriously kid, you’ll eat that, but chicken nuggets and Mac n cheese you push away and turn your nose up?
  • @SmashJam your entire post made me laugh!! 
  • Just noticed a bunch of chewed up darts in our backyard. Not our darts but our dog got to parts of them. Wish the neighbors would come claim them instead of leaving them to be eaten by our dog which could be dangerous. 
  • @wildtot yikes yeah I hope they come and get those soon! also I'm pretty sure eating animal food is a right of passage as a child haha! 
    April Siggy Challenge Social Distancing

  • +1 on a kid who ate dog food. Smells sooo gross when it’s been rolling around in a toddler mouth, yuck. 

  • I got to the oil change place 12 mins after they opened and there were already 4 cars ahead of me and 3 more cars being worked on. Here I was thinking I was smart for getting here early. Jokes on me! 

    When I get home we’re going to ikea. I hope my sciatica behaves. I’m already thinking about meatballs for lunch...
  • @zande2016 will you wait for it to get done now? That’s so irritating. But yay for ikea! I hope your sciatica behaves for you!

  • We have our hospital tour today!! Super excited. 
    @zande2016 that annoying but hopefully it goes quick! Yay for ikea! May both of our sciaticas behave today!
  • @hillbillywife yes I’m waiting...I like this place the best, my engine light is on and I trust the guy here not to try to rip me off. Nervous to see what he says (hopefully he won’t say your car is about to explode). And nothings open on Sunday so it’s my only chance before another long week of commuting 80 miles a day. 

    @wildtot have fun!! At least they have plenty
    of wheelchairs if your sciatica acts up lol. I’m taking a tour of one of my 3 hospital options on Tuesday, I’m bummed because my husband has a late work meeting and I have to go alone. 
  • @zande2016 getting there early still got you ahead of everyone else who showed up after? Positive thinking! And now I want meatballs so bad, but hubs is making texas chili so we can eat chili mac for dinner so he'll be using all of the beef in the house for that.

    @wildtot yay for your hospital tour! How exciting! Wondering if I should set that up at my next appt, I asked my midwife last appt where to go to get to the birth center and she could barely explain it to me...

    Went for a hike today with DS and the four dogs, and despite spraying our legs and necks, still picked 2 ticks off of DS. Already! No one else including the dogs seem to have any though so that's good. Need to go check under my bump in the mirror...vag ticks are like my worst nightmare. 
  • hillbillywifehillbillywife member
    edited April 2018
    @zande2016 I get that! My hubby is a mechanic so I have the perk of not having to go anywhere for service. From my limited knowledge of car things unless the check engine light is blinking it’s not usually a super emergency! I hope it’s something simple! 

    @SmashJam ticks are such a pain! There out here in PA too. Glad the dogs don’t have any! (Edited because I wasn’t finished) A vag tick does sound like a nightmare! 

  • @hillbillywife he said it’s either needing a new gas cap, or due to leaving the engine on when pumping gas. He yelled at me lol.

    So on our way to ikea I decided to hit up a mall because they have a Skechers store and I’ve heard they’re really comfy. This is the biggest most confusing mall I’ve ever been to, I walked way too much, the Skechers store was super overwhelming, and I got lost trying to get back to the car. Currently sitting outside waiting for my husband to pick me up because I couldn’t walk anymore lol. Now I have to walk around ikea and already in pain. First stop will definitely be meatballs. Mamma needs a rest. 
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