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Weekday Randoms 4/23

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What's random this week?

Re: Weekday Randoms 4/23

  • michelle_birdmichelle_bird member
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    I have a random for people - I want input!  Going to a 2 year old's birthday party this weekend from DD's class.  I have never met his parents and the only thing I know about him is his name, that he's in a Montessori school, and that he cries a lot. Oh - and his birthday theme is Mickey Mouse.

    Should I (I mean DD) get him:
    A)  Mickey Mouse lacing cards and shape puzzle
    B )  Fish Bubble Machine that has been a big hit at our house (with all visiting kids)
  • @MichelleAG05 I vote fish bubble machine because I just googled it and it looks fun! And by googled I mean added it to my cart on Amazon because my 2 yo would love it  B)
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  • Fish bubble machine sounds fun. Dare to be different! Lol he's probably getting lots of MM stuff.

    I thought Amazon sent an email when people buy you things from the registry, maybe it's a setting, anyways yesterday I was on my registry and saw some things were purchased! Only 5 items but I'm so excited already lol. Especially because the shower is in a month. We got some swaddles and the Uppababy infant insert plus some other randoms - looks like the "Must Have" label is working its charm!
  • @MichelleAG05 wtf that's half price from what it's listed at on amazon  :o
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  • @runsomewhere - exactly, that's why I made sure to tell you!!!  We've actually been buying those as birthday presents for people since we got DD one.  We even bought one for her last classroom.  They're always cheaper at Walmart and sometimes on sale for less than $10!

    I asked DH the same question and he said lacing cards.  LOL
  • @MichelleAG05 I vote bubble machine! So fun and an excuse to get outside!
  • @kissableviv awe! It’s still fun when you’re on your third too! I love identifying parts of baby!
  • @wildtot I mean, that label is pretty clear lol. 
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  • @wildtot You wouldn't want it to go to waste now ;)
  • @MichelleAG05 bubble machine all the way!! We have one for my nieces and nephews...needless to say even the dogs are entertained by it.

    @kissableviv it is a setting on your registry. I got an email this past weekend of someone buying something off our registry. I clicked it to see who sent it and what we got. It kind of runs the surprise for me. So I'm going to remove the notification setting. 

    @wildtot I see that as challenge accepted!

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  • @kissableviv I second what @hillbillywife said...I still stare at my stomach and make DH pause shows and stuff so I can stare at my belly. 

    As far as movements go, I feel like babe must be smaller still and transverse...I get almost no kicks up near my belly button yet. It hasn't been that long since I last experienced pregnancy so you'd think I'd remember but everything is down super low, like I feel movement in my cervix and butt and on the sides of my abdomen on both sides of the belly button. Not really complaining, but I have to sit everywhere leaning back because he feels squished. I just thought I remembered the movement to be higher up by now!
  • @wildtot crush that pie girl! 
    @kissableviv yes to the full limb movements here too
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  • @MichelleAG05 bubble machine! We got one for DSs 2nd bday and he loves it! Got a cheap one at ToysRUs when their sale started.

    Thanks for the encouragement ladies! Lol 
  • @kissableviv I had my 8 yo niece stop eating on Saturday night so she could feel baby kick. It was such an awesome experience! We were sitting at the dinner table and baby girl was kicking like crazy. My niece always asks if she can feel the baby, so I thought it would be a great experience with everyone at the dinner table. She was soooooo excited and her hand was literally bouncing off my tummy. Lol it's such a great feeling!!

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  • H's best bud's wife has MAJOR baby fever right now. They have two kids, and she made him get snipped the day #2 arrived because she hated pregnancy (and honestly I don't think she likes being a mom either). Ever since we told them we were expecting, she's been wanting another baby. H noticed buddy's wife has purchased dozens (mostly small $5- $10 each) things from our registry and just asked me if he should reach out to his friend about her spending spree or not. Personally, I don't want to get involved in it anymore than we are, but H doesn't want them going broke because she's apparently nesting on our behalf.
  • @SmashJam pretty sure I'm in the same boat. His favorite spot is roughly 2-3 inches to the side of my belly button and a bit lower. Pretty sure he is transverse too and also not very big (which I'm expecting due to the marginal cord insertion). I've hardly ever felt him higher. I also only put on 2.5 pounds in the past 3 weeks, 19 total, but I hope everything is still growing well. I have a US this wednesday and very curious to see where we are at! I'm going to start being more diligent with some spinning babies stuff at week 30 and let's see what doctor says on Wednesday.

    I also make DH pause shows or mobile games lol. The funny thing is every single time I try to video my belly for my mom or in laws, baby gets shy. I'm afraid he isn't keen on sharing me with others already...
  • @kissableviv my mom is kinda like that and she even assumes we are going to them more often than we can. Um yeah we can't travel very often with almost two kids. Sorry, we are at least trying to do 1-2 trips a year. This year we are doing one trip but an extended one for about 2 weeks. Sorry your friend is being like that, i'd probably just keep saying she's invited when she can or wants to come (tiny burn).
  • @wildtot yes at this point I stopped caring. If she comes after July I hope she knows it's not going to be girl time as it would if she came here before. She can totally come sans husband and spend less but as I was mentioning imI not even suggesting it as everyone is free to spend money as they please...just don't complain lol
  • @kissableviv I did tell DH to stay out of it when it comes to our friends. We don't know what their $ situation is and certainly don't want to be the cause of any tension between them but I think it would be so much worse to get involved. There is a similar saying in Japan, and I reminded DH of that. Also pointed out to him that they stay at our house for weeks on end, eating our food, etc and also have stayed with us on vacation when we've paid for it and they've never contributed, so maybe she's just trying to make up for that.

    Also bummer your friend is being so weird about the travel thing, maybe she's got something going on that she's not ready to talk about yet or she's having trouble adjusting to the idea of you going through this before/without her. Has she always imagined you two would be pregnant at the same time or something?
  • @noideawhatshesdoing she is getting ready to try for babies soon, I don't know what her picture was but tbh I'm not the type to have those kinds of fantasies:) imo they are very childish and not realistic and when it comes to life events people need freedom to do what they want.

    I'm sure she'll be pregnant soon it's not like she is single or unable to have kids. She is very open about stuff and we've shared some pretty tough things so I want to hope if anything serious was going on I would know. Unfortunately she's just not good with her money and is a big spender so none of this truly surprises me ;) at the same time I'm trying not to pry as there may be many reasons not to want to spend money.

    I suspect her husband is the cause, as he is very much a hawk overseeing every credit card charge and I know he doesn't care about visiting here (even though his sister just had twin girls in January and she lives here). She mentioned he said "Do we have to go", lol.

    Regarding your friends it's entirely possible that they are making up for all the stuff you did for them which is quite nice!
  • Has anyone watched the series let down on Netflix? It’s basically about a new mom and how hard new mom life can be (I think...I’m only 2 episodes in). Last night halfway through watching it, my husband turns to me (during a scene about sleep training) and goes “this is making me so anxious, I don’t wanna watch this anymore, I’m not ready for another baby.” He was dead serious, not joking around. I just started at him blankly and pointed at my enormous belly. He later said he was kidding and it doesn’t matter if he’s ready, he’ll get
    ready, but hormonal sensitive pregnant me got Pretty upset. Now I’m afraid to watch again with him...but at the same time I want to keep watching with him because I feel like it gives insight and helps him understand how hard it is for a mom with a new baby. Just random ramblings. 
  • @noideawhatshesdoing yeah I would tell him to let it be I know we spent a decent amount on our close friends and maybe they had already agreed on an amount :) 
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  • @zande2016 I started it last night! Wondering if I should make DH watch it with me! He has almost no experience with babies and I'm trying to help him manage his expectations on how hard this adjustment will be. He seems to have some grand idea that we'll totally ace this thing while I am convinced that I will be one of those mothers that doesn't shower for a month because I can't figure out what I'm doing!
  • @noideawhatshesdoing it’s okay and normal if you end up being one of those moms who doesn’t know what they’re doing for a month and is always an unshowered mess for a bit....it’s all just a temporary phase and a small chapter of your life. I was the definition of hot mess for a solid 3 months lol. 
  • I’m all for realistic expectations! DH had pictured it all differently and that confidence i think limited us to get the help we needed early on. Not blaming him but i feel like the high expectations contributed to my ppd. I’m the kind of person who has to think of all the good and bad scenarios. I also just like to watch relatable things even if they are sad, dh doesn’t like that stuff. 
  • @MrsMiller8588 that sounds so good!! 
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  • I'm done watching shows about motherhood being a hot mess TBH, I have already gotten a glimpse of the not so glamorous part through friends and I'm trying to feed my brain with happier thoughts - but I'm clearly dumb because I've been rewatching ER! 

    Having one car is becoming so annoying. I walked to yoga which is fine as it's my exercise for the day but DH was late as he had to film stuff in LA and we had a surprise bday party tonight (yes, on a Monday). So we had to rush, in the end it was fun to be out of the house a couple of hours but I am ready to have my own vehicle!

    @MrsMiller8588 yum, I just had two cupcakes, ooops!
  • DH always maintains that his routine does not take him more than 30 minutes in the morning, which is ludicrous, because between pooping, showering, beard trimming, dressing, teeth brushing, etc, its easily and hour if not more. Today I was like, "Oh, did you want me to have DS ready when you are done showering?" and he was like, "Yeah, but I'm not leaving til 8." He JUST went to start his routine, insinuating that he will be done before 8, which is ridiculous, he won't be. 

    In other news, I get to have a DS free morning, and I have no idea what I will do with it. Probably run errands and organize the basement and the bedroom, things that are really hard to do with DS here. But I'll go get myself lunch at Panera and some coffee as a treat!
  • @zande2016 I started watching it last night. I thought it was funny but it also kind of brought back some painful memories about how much I was struggling way back in the early days with my first. I think I’ll keep watching though
  • @hillbillywife yes definitely agree with you on that. I think it brought back painful memories for my husband too lol which is why he made that comment. I do find it to be a pretty real depiction of what the postpartum period can feel like for a lot of women....and helps normalize that time when many women probably feel like they're alone in their struggles. Society doesn't seem to realize that it really is the 4th trimester for both baby and mom. (not trying to scare anyone, just trying to say it's totally normal to struggle a bit while adjusting to mommyhood). 
  • Ugh, my weight gain this pregnancy is out of control. Last time I stayed within 5 to 7 lbs (until the very end, I gained like 15 extra lbs between weeks 40 and 42). I was floating around 5 lbs over this time, but now I ballooned to 12 lbs over and I am struggling so hard to reign it in. Being at home with a snacking toddler definitely doesn't help either!
  • @cseley321 snacking is the death of me! I’ve only gained 3lbs so far but I’m recommended to gain as little as possible lol so I’m starting to get anxious too. 

    @zande2016 I definitelt think society in the US especially needs to give a little bit more grace to new mothers. I definitely didn’t feel like I could take as much time as I needed to adjust. I felt like as soon as my son was out I needed to be back at my peak operating capacity. Which might be great for some moms but I was especially hard on myself. 
  • @kissableviv in my opinion these shows, articles, memes about motherhood being a "hot mess" are annoying AF. Of course there are messy moments, stressful and chaotic moments. That doesn't mean that you as a human are now some sort of disaster that is doomed to never shower and wear only stained clothes. Also, I don't get how this "hot mess mom" is made in to such a cutesy thing now like it's something positive. 

    Annnnnd what really pisses me of is the idea that if you're a new mom that is showered and looking pretty good other moms accuse you of not being "real" as if a woman/mom is somehow not real unless she's making you feel better about the way you look and your home looks. If she happens to look to good or her house is too clean she's "fake" it's insanity. 

    This turned out to be more of a rant than I intended but that sh*t pisses me off.

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  • @runsomewhere I tend to agree with you! There is certainly value in showing the less glamorous side of everything, but sometimes it's a bit too much.
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