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  • DanyTargaryen Jealous. I looked at the UPPAbaby and it looks great. Maybe if I sell my car I can get it. Ha. 
  • @jhjocelyn that made me tear up! I always wonder where my baby went, but moment would hit me for real!! 

    For those of you with toddlers in daycare, DD just transitioned to a cot for her daycare nap. She's handling it great. We were planning to do the mattress on the floor Montessori approach at home when this new LO needs the crib. Do you think it's better to try to transition her now since she's handling the cot so well and is too young to probably really remember her crib, or leave her in the crib until Januaryish? 

  • @Patience7150 remind me of your daughter’s age? 
    My son did great transitioning to the cot at school at 13 mo but was no where near ready to be out of his crib at home. 
  • @Patience7150 I personally would wait, but I'll wait as long as I can anyway. I would guess that peer pressure is working in her favor at daycare so that's why it's NBD for her to sleep on a cot vs pack n play or crib, but it might be different at home. If you have room you could maybe put both in her room and attempt it to see how it goes? Physical (and mental) boundaries tend to work well at home where they feel more comfortable pushing them. But, it could all work out just fine! I know that wasn't really helpful, sorry!

  • @pourmeamocktail - I LOVE Camping - so jealous. Honestly, I'd tired him out and lay him down next to you and your SO. Less stuff to pack. With the fresh air and playing, he'll probably pass out. 

    @Patience7150 Yes! I'm no expert on child matters, but IMO, mattress on the floor a few months before new baby comes is a great strategy. You want your DD to disassociate with that crib and feel a connection with her new sleeping arrangements.

  • @spottedginger she's 15 months next week.

    She sometimes grabs a paci and blanket and asks to be put in her crib to go to bed, which tells me she may appreciate the freedom of being able to crawl in bed herself. I think like @nlc8424 suggested, I may pull the mattress out of her crib and put it on the floor and give it a try for naps this weekend, and maybe an overnight next weekend. Her room needs just a little more baby proofing and then everything in it is safe for her to be left totally unsupervised in. This was helpful, thank you! 

  • @Patience7150 are you planning on using her crib for your second eventually? Or getting another one? I only ask because 15 months, even 18 months is on the early side to switch to a toddler bed. If you do it I would just be prepared for her to come out of her room often at naps/bedtime and or in the middle of the night and having to walk her back quietly each time. If she's not trying to climb out I'd hesitate to make any changes. Just my opinion, but like I've said before, toddlers are meant to push boundaries and I can't imagine having a newborn and a toddler who won't stay in bed.

  • @Wishilivedinflorida We have the City Mini double.  I originally chose that one because it fits in the car easily without having to remove seats.  I also had ordered the bugaboo donkey. Only willing to spend that kind of money because we live in historic area with brick sidewalks that are so uneven. However, because I didn’t use the double stroller when my littlest was a baby, I decided not to get the bugaboo donkey at that point. I really like the city mini and it’s not even the GT. But it is light and super easy to fold. 
  • @Patience7150 my son switched to a cot at daycare around 15 months, but he wasn’t ready to give up the crib at home until 26 months. We tried before then because he was climbing out and it didn’t go well. If she’s asking for it, she might be ready, but 15 months is really early. I would stick with the crib as long as you’re able. Makes life so much easier. 
  • @nlc8424 I am adamantly against buying a second crib for no apparent reason. Her door is shut at night/for naps and she can't open the handle yet, so worst case, she'll just hang out in her room. When reading up on the mattress on the floor thing, some said the earlier you can switch the better since they won't even remember being in a crib or the desire to "get out". Idk...either it'll work or it'll be a disaster. If it's the latter, I can start talking sense into myself to buy a second crib. 

  • @Patience7150  maybe consider a convertible crib for the second?  That way you can avoid buying a second toddler bed or actual bed for one of them. 

  • @sarah-ruby-21 I agree with you for most kids, lol, but not this one. Like world's worst sleeper, or almost. He wouldn't even sleep with me when he had a fever and the flu and couldn't really stay awake, he still just wanted to climb on me and play with my hair and.....everything. Plus we have a king at home and a queen air mattress. My huge ass self with my 5 pillows and DH and dogs....well, no thank you on the toddler too :) And our tent has a lovely second room. I'm just debating whether to get the air mattress for him and hope that because it takes up the whole second room on the tent he'll feel like it's a crib...or to bite the bullet and take the PNP that's heavier and more annoying, but I know he'll sleep in it.

    @Patience7150 My advice is, if you really want her out of the crib (and I know many parents who have done it at 16 ish months and many who waited until 3.5, so ::shrug:: whatever you think will work best sounds good to me!), I would make the transition at least 3-4 months (so SOON!) before baby arrives. If only so it doesn't get connected to baby completely in her head, and so that she's not going through two major transitions at the same time. That's my two cents. Good luck, and it sounds like you've thought it through pretty well!

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  • @pourmeamocktail I'd take the pnp. Cause it's safer and you know he'll sleep in it. The annoyance of having to haul it along will even out from the assurance of him sleeping.
  • My sister and I took my dd (17 months) and her ds (3 months) to an island for 2 days. I am exhausted! DD was generally good most of the time but I am too pregnant to carry her as much as I did and to run after her that much, we stayed at the top of a hill up an unpaved road so the stroller was difficult, and she refused nap time. I loved spending the extra time with her though. My sister said she’s terrified for toddlerhood. I can’t wait until Hawaii in 2 weeks though since instead of 2 adults and 2 kids it will be 4 adults to one kid.
  • I'm excited to have 14 adults to one 2 year old for camping, I won't carry him pretty much at all and I can let him run and play with everyone else while I watch!
    Me: 31
    DH: 30
    Married 7/18/15
    1st born at 35+4 on 6/6/16
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  • @pourmeamocktail that is a pretty good ratio of adults to toddler!
  • nackie said:
    @pourmeamocktail that is a pretty good ratio of adults to toddler!
    I know, right?! Sometimes it sucks to the the first in our friend circle to have kids. Sometimes it doesn't. 
    Me: 31
    DH: 30
    Married 7/18/15
    1st born at 35+4 on 6/6/16
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  • Ok so now we are switching plans. DH is really off-put by spending so much on a double tandem stroller. He’s thinking a baby carrier for LO #2 and an umbrella stroller for DS when one of us is solo, and separate stroller frame/umbrella for when we are together with both kids, so we each push a kid. We already have the Chicco Bravo that breaks down to a frame, so we will need to get a wrap (which I was planning on anyway), and an umbrella for DS. That being said, any recommendations for a good umbrella stroller? DS is currently 31.5” and 27 lbs and will probably use this thing until #2 is old enough to get a double umbrella/side by side (thinking Joovy Scooter X2). We would like it to hold up for when #2 is older and DS isn’t in need of a stroller anymore. I’m leary of this plan but thrilled to save some bucks if possible. We had already planned to get the Joovy for next summer, anyway, regardless of what we do now. 
  • @Wishilivedinflorida No recs on an umbrella stroller but DH is put off by the cost too but I think a double will be worth it. Unless he will be the one carrying baby in the carrier, cause I'm not. I'm not sure who will win out on this one ...
  • @Wishilivedinflorida I really like my summer infant 3D lite umbrella stroller. It has worked well and held up well. I did just look at it recently on babygearlab and they didn't really like it (which had changed since I bought it) but Amazon also had strong positive reviews. Since it had worked so well for me I find it hard to pay 2-4 times as much for an umbrella stroller.
  • @mrsman2018 I’m thinking realistically, we won’t be going out a ton solo with both kids in the early months. So, his argument is pretty valid. Even if we do, it’s probably for a quick shopping trip where DS can be in the cart seat and LO can be in their infant seat in the back of the cart or be in a carrier. I think we will save big excursions for when we are both together and can each push a kid. I’m fine with this plan but I told DH he better get to be comfortable with our Lille carrier (I doubt he will use the wrap). The Joovy Scooter X2 has a decent recline and is rated for babies 3 months and up, plus is one of the narrowest side-by-sides, and is less than 200 bucks on a good sale, which is more in our budget. It gets great reviews, too! I’m hoping to get that early next year when LO will have enough head control to use it (maybe around March). 

    @EErin86 Thanks for the review! I did see the reviews on Baby Gear Lab weren’t favorable, but I wasn’t sure if it was worth spending more money to get something only marginally better. I mean, umbrella strollers aren’t meant to be workhorses by default, amirite?! I’m going to definitely test some out soon at target since we don’t have a BBB and BRU is closed. Then I’ll pull the trigger with our registry completion discount on Amazon. 
  • My first was almost 3 when my second was born and we bought a used double from a friend for cheap.  We don't use it often (mostly for walks and sometimes on holidays) but when we do it sure is nice!  Especially since my 2nd and 3rd were just over 2 years and 3 and 4 will be under 2 years apart and 3 will, hopefully, just be walking!   

    We have also done the stroller and front carrier option as well!
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  • EErin86EErin86
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    @nackie nice! DD likes to Swiffer so I always let her play with it
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