April 2018 IUI

Let's get our BFP's this month!

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Re: April 2018 IUI

  • @tinjp78 here’s hoping that, that follie grows, grows, grows!

    starting tomorrow I’m on my 2WW, which is going to be so hard but I am going to try and just pass the time as best I can and stay hopeful!
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  • ***lurking*** @tinjp78. Hoping and praying so hard for Monday for you!!! ❤❤❤❤❤
  • So I think we will be doing our first IUI this month - just gotta wait until I start my cycle in the next couple of weeks.  I haven't done it before and am a little nervous because I'm not 100% sure what to expect with it all, but super excited to start the process.  :)  I'm glad for this board and the support you ladies all give each other and to be a part of it myself.  :)
    Me: 40, AMH 0.4  DH: 32
    Married: 7/30/17
    TTC since: 4/2017
    IUI #1: planned for 4/2018 - cancelled due to insufficient follicle size/growth.  :(
    IUI #2: 5/22/18 - BFN
    IUI #3: 6/22/18
    BFP: 7/4/18
  • @wine_mama16 Congrats on the IUI and GL on the TWW, I hope that it won't be so stressful and it'd fly by quickly.

    @jules3978 Welcome and I hope that your stay here will be as short as possible. :smile:

    Afm, I had my IUI#3 today and I'll have another one tomorrow since I haven't ovulated yet. 
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  • @wine_mama16 and @tinjp78 Good luck on your TWW!

    @jules3978 Welcome and I hope you have a short stay here

    **TW We are 12 dpiui today and we got faint lines on a FRER and on a cheapie Walmart test. Not really excited yet, the lines are faint and I don't really want to get my hopes up too high after our CP in November. PRAYING this baby sticks!!! END TW**
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  • @rmartin_ttc A faint line!!! Fx that it will get darker and darker on the following days! Weeee!!!
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  • @rmartin_ttc I understand not wanting to get too excited, early...but I am excited for you!!

    I am also 12piui and forgot to test with fmu. I have beta scheduled for Wednesday. 

    @tinjp78 hope #3 is the one!!

    @wine_mama16 Hoping this is the one for you too! 

    @jules3978 welcome
  • @tinjp78 excited to hear about this next IUI! Hoping it's the month for you!! 

    @rmartin_ttc EEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! I'm so excited for you and hope this is the one! 

    Miss you guys and glad to see things are going well... <3 
  • @rmartin_ttc FX for y'all!!!! Prayers and good vibes as well!!!!

    AFM, 7dpiui and I'm doing estradiol (3x daily) and progesterone suppositories (2x daily) and my boobs ACHE. I had a lot of acheyness last time I was on estradiol, so I'm pretty sure that's what's causing the sore breasts. Trying not to test early, but it's HARD. Uggggggggghhhhhhhhhh.
    Me: 29 DH: 30Married 07/05/2008TTC since 09/2013IUI: Oct. 17 2015 BFN: 11/05/15IUI: June 14 2016 BFP: 07/04/16 (Miscarried07/06/16)IUI: Sep. 21 2016 BFN: 10/05/16IUI: Oct. 24 2016 BFN: 10/29/16IUI: Nov. 11 2016 BFN: 11/25/16IUI Feb. 26 2018 BFN: 03/08/18 (First IUI with meds)IUI March 26 2018 BFP: 04/10/18Furbaby: Copper (Shiba Inu) 3 years old

  • @Chartleib I'm sorry about the sore boobies. Hang in there :smile:

    @ginny_203 Thanks for chiming in. How are you? When do you go for your next appointment, again? Sorry I'm a bit forgetful these days.
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  • tinjp78tinjp78 member
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    Live update :smile:

    1. I'm at the clinic for my IUI#3. This is the first time DH is not with me on a major procedure after starting ART. It's his first day on his new position at work. I was so emotional on my way here. I almost teared up as I approached the clinic, I realized it's my first time to carry my DH's swimmers in my bag, which he carefully wrapped with a towel and a heating pad.

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  • 2. Just had my u/s - dr said I haven't ovulated yet. Hmmmm
  • 3. Nurse just asked me to take buscopan and sutebra meds (for preventing sperm leakage- nurse said) I'll have my IUI in a little while.
  • 4. Back to back IUI 3a/3b is now done. I will head back home and take a nap. I hope I can reach home before the rain starts to fall.
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  • Well oooookay!  I am back after a month off from IUI due to health insurance issues (and a month off from the internet boards for personal sanity). New insurance kicks in on Thursday and my clinic is kind enough to wait to bill me until then. Ive been away for work since Friday, returning home this Saturday, and got my period Day 1 on Monday. AF, that feisty minx, arrived about a week earlier than expected. I was using progesterone with my medicated cycles so I think the month off without the progesterone shots threw my cycle off a bit. Coming off the prog shots after my BFNs my period was always delayed by 2-3 days.  

    Anyway, being that im on the opposite side of tbe country, my RE okayed me skipping day 2 sono (everything has always looked fine in my sonos), going for bloodwork at a local blood lab where I am, and picked up my Rx of clomid at a local pharmacy. The things we do to get KO! 

    Also have the HSG test scheduled for Monday since we had 3 unsuccessful IUIs in a row. Kinda nervous for what that might turn up

    My wife and I have conceived a babe with my body and frozen donor sperm through IUI, with medication support (clomid, ovidrel, and injections of progesterone)

    IUI #1, #2, and #3: Dec 2017, Jan 2018, and Feb 2018 - all BFN
    HSG Test: April 2018 - all clear!
    IUI #4: April 15/16, 2018 - BFP!! EDD: Jan 7, 2019 

  • GL @tinjp78. Are you going in for monitoring today to make sure you ovulated?  I'm sorry your H couldn't be there in person... (((hugs))) that is hard.  My H wasn't there for my last transfer, either.  But sometimes the craziest cycles have a way of being lucky. ;)  I will keep everything crossed for you!!!! ❤
  • @tinjp78 so excited to hear about your latest IUI, although I'm sorry your husband couldn't be there with you. My next appointment is tomorrow... first ultrasound! Please pray and keep everything crossed for a good one! 

    @BusinessWife, the craziest cycles definitely do have a way of being lucky... before I had my BFP last month, we had our worst IUI ever with the lowest SC. 
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  • @rmartin_ttc Yay so happy to hear your good news, FX for you!

    @tinjp78 It is a little nerve racking to go in and do it on your own sans partner, but you sound like you did great. Hopefully this is your month!

    @jules3978 Welcome!

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  • Well I did a home pregnancy test this morning (13dpiui), to help myself, mentally prepare for the beta test tomorrow...and it was very negative. I guess there is still a small chance, but I kinda assume I am out this month, again. Feeling pretty sad right now, going to try and be positive. We are going to possibly be out of town during Ovulation in April, depending on how long it takes for my period to come, after stopping progesterone...So IUI #3 might have to wait.
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    @hlthybaby2018 ((hugs)) I'm still keeping my hopes up for you and that it is still too early to see the line. Fx that the beta result tomorrow would give a different outcome. <3

    @wine_mama16 Yeah, it was pretty intense yesterday. Since 2016, the start of my ART, DH has always been with me in all of my clinic appointments because [1] I'm a foreigner here and can't speak Japanese fluently yet [2] he wants to be involved as much as possible. Yesterday, I was a big girl and did everything on my own, well almost all of it. After the procedure, at the consult, I interrupted DH from his work and called him thru FaceTime. Our Dr and the nurses were all smiles after. It must've been their first time to have a video conference consultation. :smiley:

    @ginny_203  I'm praying for your u/s today. <3

    @BusinessWife The next time I go back to the clinic would be on Sat for my HCG shot and won't be monitored anymore to check if I O'ed. So, I'd say this IUI is far from normal and one crazy round. Part of me wants to be hopeful but a lot of me is being overpowered by defeat. Well, I got encourage on one of your posts where you mentioned a book called Anchored in hope. I haven't read it yet but I plan to. Its title is already ministering to me and that is how I should deal my emotions during this TWW - to try to be anchored in hope. <3

    @rooonilwaazlib  Helllloooo there lady!!! I'm happy those nasty cysts went on their way and that you are back on track. It was a good decision for you to take time away from the net to get new perspective. Yay for the new insurance and to your considerate clinic! Fx for a good HSG on Monday! 

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  • Thanks @tinjp78. *TW* Looks like I might be back here with you guys after all (although we'll probably move on to IVF). I'm 6w1d today and at my ultrasound the doctor said I was measuring smaller than they'd like to see. They only saw a yolk sac and gestational sac that dated around 5w2d. I started spotting light brown yesterday and my beta results came back less than ideal (went from 1,055 to to 3,812 from 5w to 6w). We go for another ultrasound on Friday to check to see whether any progress has been made. Heartbroken to say the least :'( If true, this will be our 2nd loss in 4 months.

    @rmartin_ttc any update on how your wife is doing? Looking for some happy news... 
  • Going for IUI#2 Friday the 5th! Had a 15mm follicle Monday and will trigger tonight! Pray for good counts for hubby on Friday and that this time it works! Sticky baby dust to all of you!!
  • Confirmed negative for me, just got my beta results.
  • @ginny_203 hope you get good news on Friday! 
    @tinjp78 thanks for the hugs! This one hit me harder than usual. But we leave on Friday for a vacation so, I have something to look forward to, and it’s a nice distraction. 
    @nurserin07 hope #2 is a success for you!!
    @Chartleib hang in there! ❤️
  • @ginny_203 I'm so sorry that you're going through that. I'm sending lots of prayers and good vibes that your situation turns around. Sadly I don't have any good news either. Have done two betas and they started out quite low and dropped. Another chemical  :(. It's our second loss in 4 months as well. We are taking April off and going to our new RE appointment at the end of this month. Hopefully we can get some more answers there and more of a game plan. I really hope that your little bean catches up and surprises you, sending so much love and positivity to all of you ladies that have cheered us on thus far  <3
  • @ginny_203 I'm so sorry that you are going though all these. I'm sending you lots of ((hugs)) and praying that there would be a better outcome on Friday. Please be good to yourself today <3

    @nurserin07  GL on the IUI on Friday! Fx for good counts and a smooth procedure!

    @hlthybaby2018  I'm sorry for the bfn. Have lots of R&R and so you'd comeback refreshed and renewed. 

    @rmartin_ttc  I'm sorry to hear this news. ((Hugs)) to you and to YW. But I'm glad to know that you are moving forward and I'm also excited to know the new game plan your new RE would lay out. 

    I just whispered a prayer for you all and asked God to send angels today to cheer you up and give you tight hugs to comfort you and give you hope <3

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    Ginny aka FMM, Ffs. 

    rmartin, Ffs, I'm sorry. I sent you a DM before I saw your update. 

    To both of you, I am so sorry that this is happening. It's scary, it's not right, and it's unfair. Nothing else to say except <3<3<3 to you and I'm praying for you <3 
    People think we become mothers when we give birth but the truth is we become mothers the moment we start calling our babies to us in our thoughts, dreams and prayers. Some paths are short and some are so long that you can easily forget where you were headed.

    How I feel all of the time.
    My 7 Year Journey ***Tw in spoiler***
    IVF #1 - September 2018; Follistim, Menopur, Cetrotide & Lupron/HCG combo trigger; PGS; ICSI
    Back on Levothyroxine
    FET #1 - October 2018; cancelled, all PGS aneuploid
    FET #1 - November 30th, transferred anyway
    Wondfo BFP 5dp5dt, CB Digi 6dpt, 
    1st Beta on 7dpt 93
    2nd Beta on 10dpt 510!

    TTC #1 since 2011. Tried for 5 years before we knew there was a one year rule.
    Diag w/MS 2016; w/PCOS & IF 2017
    New RE 2018; PCOS diagnosis taken away, IF due to ovary adhesions, but prev. RE insists PCOS IF

    IUI #1 July 2017 w/100mg Clo+trigger; BFN; benched w/big cysts
    IUI #2 October 2017 w/50mg Clo+trigger; BFN; benched w/big cysts
    IUI #3 February 2018 w/5mg Femara+trigger; low P
    BFP February; mc March; Subclinical hypothyroid started Levothyroxine 
    IUI #4 March 2018 w/7.5mg Femara+trigger; BFN
    Medicated cycle & TI April 2018 w/7.5mg Femara+trigger; BFN
    Tried several cycles on our own; all BFN
  • Hello all, I’m new here. A little bit about me and DH, I’m 32, DH is 34 and we have been TTC for 16 months. Nothing visiblly wrong with either of us (as per many tests) and have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

    We will be doing our first round of A medicated cycle of IUI when AF arrives which should be around 10-11 days. I was willing to go straight to IVF but our RE said that IUI was a good first step. I am excited and nervous. I feel like this is a good place for me - a good support network. Baby dust to all! ❤️
  • @rmartin_ttc I'm so sorry to hear of your CP. It's just not fair. I am excited for your visit to your new RE and hope you get some answers and your sticky baby very soon.
    tinjp78[Deleted User]
  • @lizzynyc11 Welcome to the group and I'm sorry that you have to be here. I hope that your stay would be as short as possible and that you'd get your BFP quickly. I'd love to know more about you. Pls have a great day! :smile:
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  • Hi everyone, I'm new here, I have been following along for a few months. I'm 28, DH is 29, we live in Ontario, Canada. Diagnosed with MFI - low count and motility, also varicoceles that we are waiting for surgery. TTC for just over 2 years. We had one IUI that was unsuccessful (although the follicles and counts/motility were quite good!) and then IUI #2 was cancelled due to follicles not growing. We are now prepping for IUI #3. I was put on birth control to restart my cycle, and now taking 75 IU of Gonal F from CD3-7. I had CD3 baseline US and BW, and will go back to my clinic on CD10 for another US and BW. We just found out we have government funding available for IVF, so we may jump to that in June if we have to. We are currently planning on trying 4 IUI's before IVF.

    Good luck to everyone this month.

    tinjp78[Deleted User]
  • @lizzynyc11 and @sfield21 Welcome y'all! Hope you won't have to be here for too long!

    @rmartin_ttc I'm so sorry for y'alls loss. That sucks so freaking much. I hope this new RE is amazing though, praying for you and your spouse!

    AFM, no sign of AF so far....I don't wanna jinx myself. I tested yesterday morning and it was suuuuuuuuper negative. Not even the slightest trace of a second line. HOWEVER, it's still early so I'm holding out hope. This is gonna be loooooooooong weekend though. Lol. Hope everyone who is in the TWW has more self control than me! Lol!
    Me: 29 DH: 30Married 07/05/2008TTC since 09/2013IUI: Oct. 17 2015 BFN: 11/05/15IUI: June 14 2016 BFP: 07/04/16 (Miscarried07/06/16)IUI: Sep. 21 2016 BFN: 10/05/16IUI: Oct. 24 2016 BFN: 10/29/16IUI: Nov. 11 2016 BFN: 11/25/16IUI Feb. 26 2018 BFN: 03/08/18 (First IUI with meds)IUI March 26 2018 BFP: 04/10/18Furbaby: Copper (Shiba Inu) 3 years old

  • @sfield21 Welcome! I hope that #3's a charm for you and that this would be your month. It's just recently that I have found out from some ladies on this this board that Canada has this fantastic funding for those struggling with IF, that's amazing! This process brings so many challenges and the biggest bulk would probably go to the fact of it being OOP to many. I'm in Japan and our city here provides almost 100% coverage for the first IVF try. I've used that last year but *tw* bfn *end tw*. The 2nd, 3rd 4th would have 45% (bummer), well I guess it's better than none. Our IUIs are all OOP.
  • @Chartleib Yeeesss! It's still too early! Hang in there hun! In my case, the issue for me on this TWW is... I don't feel this month is going to work :'( I've never been this down before. The beginning of this cycle has been wonky already then the timing of my O and the days of my IUIs were off, and many other reasons my hormones are telling me. All I do right now is sigh and give it all up to God. I've always been a firm believer of His master plan. I totally have no control over this situation now and probably fight this negativity looming over me. I'm now preparing to go to my clinic to get my HCG shot.
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  • ***lurking***

    @rmartin_ttc I'm so sorry for your loss. No one should have to go through one, let alone four CPs. I'm so sorry it happened to you both again. I'm hoping that your new RE will be a great fit and will help you both bring home a healthy baby! I'm cheering you on through the internet.

    @tinjp79 Sorry things were wonky with your cycle and IUI this month. I'm sorry you had to do your IUI without your husband there. However, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. Maybe all of the craziness will workout for you this month! I'll keep lurking and cheering you on!

    @chartleib hopefully AF will stay far away this month...FX for you!!!

    Two Furbabies: Mika (american eskimo) and Gypsy (wire-haired terrier, dachshund mix)

    Twins: Kaiden and Zara born 10/2018 conceived after 6 years of infertility via a medicated IUI

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  • I(we) need and appreciate that lurking from you @linz36 This coldness in my heart disappears when I think that everything that I'm doing is for a good reason and that they're not meaningless... and that this process really does work! I need all the positivity I can get. Sorry, I can't lurk on you yet on the other side, but I'll do it one of these days. Praying for a good and happy pregnancy to you <3
    linz36[Deleted User]
  • I have been completely absent this week - out of town and helping my sister move - such a busy time, I didn't even look at my computer.

    @Chartleib sending you positive vibes for a positive test in your future!

    @tinjp78 the one cycle I had a bfp, I cried the whole way home from the IUI.  it felt like everything had gone wrong that cycle - i was sick, timing was kinda off for the IUI, I felt so hopeless. hoping you get a bfp and a sticky babe for all your troubles this time around.  remind me of your story if you get a chance - I can't remember what treatment you've had, etc.  it sounds like your clinic is really thorough - do other people's REs do u/s on the day of IUI?  also, i have never heard of those anti-sperm-leakage meds -- that sounds like a good thing!

    @rmartin_ttc so sorry for you and YW.  CPs just feel so. so. unfair and unusually cruel to have to go through.  I hope you can enjoy your month off and keep us posted when you see the new RE.

    @ginny_203 sorry for this stress on you and hoping this is just a small hurdle and your pregnancy goes on to be smooth and easy.  any update?

    jules3978, @sfield21, @lizzynyc11 and welcome back @rooonilwaazlib

    AFM cycle day 10 today.  Had ultrasound with follicles 17, 17, 15, 12.  We will wait 2 days - trigger Monday and IUI Wednesday!  Here we go again!

    TTC History in Spoiler
    Me: 29  DH:34
    TTC 21 cycles
    All TI cycles BFN (with letrozole, ovidrel, prometrium)
    Hysteroscopy + Polypectomy + D&C on 1/3
    IUI #1 February 6, BFP 2/21, CP 2/26
    IUI #2 March 14, BFN
    IUI #3 April 11, BFN
    IUI #4 May 11, BFN
    July 2018 IVF, developed lead follicle, converted to TI, BFN
    August/September 2018 IVF converted to freeze-all: 7 mature eggs; we fertilized 3 and froze 4. 3/3 fertilized and 1 blast!
    October 2018 FET-BFN
    November 2018 FET-TBD

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  • @Chartleib I am currently half way through my 2WW, tomorrrow will be day 10 and I want to test so badly Monday morning, but I’m freaking out that I may get a negative and loose all hope for this month. I think most of us here are eager to POAS the first chance we get. Here’s hoping it’s both of our months!

    @tinjp78 Please don’t lose all hope, I know it’s so difficult to understand why these things happen, but faith is what always keeps me going whenever I get down on the process. We are never given anything we can’t handle so I know you can do this! Sending good vibes that this is your month!
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