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My name is Erin. Husband is Jack. Son is Jackson. Daughter is Eloise. All family names. Looking for a J or E family name for potential girl baby #2.

Eris is my parernal grandmothers given name, and I think the name sounds lovely. But eris happens to be the goddess of strife and discord... some scary negative mythology related to the name... I don’t care much about that but wondering what others think.

other options include Elizabeth (Liv, Libby?) and Josephine (Josie)


Re: Eris?

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    I think Josephine (Josie) is cute. Elizabeth and Eris are not my personal favorites. If the mythology behind Eris doesn't bother you and you love the name then go for it.
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    Love Josephine. NAF of Eris at all and less so knowing the meaning

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    To clarify:  my husband’s real name is Jackson, as was his father, as was his grandfather. Jackson is a fifth generation name. I like the family connection. I liked the idea that my daughter would have the same level of meaning and her name as my son has in his, and be able to admire her female relatives the same way that my son will be able to be proud of his namesake. To compare it to the Duggers is… A little crazy.

     Mostly looking for feedback on the name Eris. Thanks.
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    How is Eris pronounced? I’ve never heard of this name.  If you say “Eloise” quickly could they sound similar?  Erin and Eris as a mother/daughter pair don’t bother me but Eloise and Eris as siblings might sound too similar.  I do love Josephine/Josie. 
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    I’m not sure of the pronunciation...E-Ris or Air-ris? Either way,  I’m not like loving it. When I say it sounds too similar to heiress. I really like Josephine. 
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    Go for Eris. It's a badass name with a significant meaning to you. Why can't you have an Eris if your name is Erin? I don't see anything wrong. How often are people going to be using your first names together anyway? I don't think Eris and Eloise are too close. I'm not usually big on having kids with all the same first letters (although yours are a mix of J and E).. but with family significance I wouldn't side eye it. Elizabeth is a fine name and lends itself to some great nicknames. Josephine is alright, I like the Nick name Joey over Josie. But overall all nice names.
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    I guess you have your answer if you are limiting yourself to J or E family names (unless Josephine and Elizabeth are also family names and not just random names you like). Overall I prefer Josephine. Eris is too similar to your and DD’s names. 

    The letter theme does scream Duggar to me. Are there other family names that start with other letters that you aren’t considering? That’s more meaningful than sticking to a letter theme that will be meaningless once the kids move out. 
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    Eris is fine alone but with Erin and Eloise it’s a hard pass for me. 

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    My first thought when I saw the family names is that Eris is too close to the other names. I really like Josephine though! 
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    Open to other beginning initials. Just looking for family names that sound good as a sib set. I thought siblings with similar beginning initials sounded good together. Ex: Eloise and eris. But Eloise and Josephine sound equally good. We are just at a loss for family girl names we like...

    full list of possible girl family names:

    Josephine (from Joseph)
    Georgeanne (Georgie? From George)

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    I'd go with Elizabeth. Eris is ok, but I agree with others that it's a bit too much with Erin and Eloise.
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    Joesephine is still my favorite. Others I like are Julia, Elizabeth, and Anne 
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    I don’t know how Eris pronounced. I do love Iris, though that doesn’t fit with your theme. Prefer Josephine of your options. 
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    Josephine is great! Eris is fine, even with the Greek myth connection.  Eris stacked on top of Erin and Eloise, not to mention father and son both named Jackson is... side-eye worthy.  No one will say it to your face IRL, though.  So if you love Eris, and that's the name you want -- go for it!
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    Thanks for the feedback, all! As a progressive, non-religious family I never thought of sharing first initials as weird or culty, but it’s good to know that that’s an unintended consequence
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    Josephine Eris
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    There is an awesome new brewery/cider house here in Chicago named Eris that was opened by some amazing female brewers/restauranteurs, so that is what I think of.  Like the name for a cider but not so sure for a baby...
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