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Randoms Revival

Oh hai! I know there are a few of us still roaming these boards. If you're stopping in to take a peek and see if anyone has posted anything, come be a good sport and post a random. 

Re: Randoms Revival

  • Went to the endodontist today, but didn't need a root canal. Victory!

    Also, thinking about ditching our infant carseat for a convertible, since babies r us is doing their trade in event and who knows how much longer they'll be in business. Anyone have the graco milestone or graco extend2fit and have an opinion on it? 
  • @lilpoots Yay for no root canal! I don’t have personal experience with either of those gracos but have heard both are good. 

    Hi all! It’s been awhile but hope everyone is doing well. We are off to Mexico with the kiddo for a mini-vacation at our favorite spot (a place DH and I honeymooned). I’m a bundle of nerves, though. We also—of course—just discovered on our way to the airport that we forgot the Ergobaby. *facepalm*
  • @EmilyE13 a vacation sounds wonderful. I hope you can figure something out for getting the baby around.

    I'm taking DS1 to the dentist tomorrow. He just turned 3 and I think they're going to have him start using fluoridated toothpaste. He's so used to eating the non fluoridated stuff, I'm not sure how to teach him to spit the toothpaste out. 
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    Hello all! DH's bday is this weekend and no clue what to do. He bought what he wanted for a big gift and the boys got him a hat, so that is covered. We usually go out for bdays but we are going out next weekend so staying home it is. Besides making something special for dinner no clue what else to do for his day. Any ideas for a fun bday in with a 6 month old and 8 yr old? 
    Have him practice with just rinsing with water and spitting that out. Boys usually think it is fun to be allowed to spit. My DS1 hated the not so yummy toothpaste so had no problem learning not to eat it. It was more of how long he had to brush for without spitting it out. Good luck!
  • Random! Just decided to pop by and see. We're having a lazy long weekend with my SS having the day off for parent teacher conferences. My DH's step mom will be visiting us this weekend too. LO is having a hard day and is currently cuddling with his daddy.
  • Random... LO is still in her rock and play at night. We transitioned to her crib for naps at 4 1/2 months hoping she would get uncomfortable enough on her own in the rock and play at night and just want to be in her crib. NOPE! She cries hysterically at night if I attempt to put her anywhere but her rock and play. Which we keep in the living room so DH and I have not been in the same bed since she was born. HELP!!!!! 
  • Recovering from having my gallbladder removed and had a minute to pop in. We moved back up to WA in December. DS started preschool in February and I’d still adjusting to that. I feel like it’s just been non-stop crazy. Thankfully DD is amazing and just so happy. Can’t believe she’ll be six months soon. im tempted to move her to a convertible too because she is so heavy in the infant seat now!
  • @Carebella I'm thinking of doing a convertible too, but mostly because of the baby's acid reflux. I'm hoping he will start enjoying car rides. Was your gallbladder bothering you during your pregnancy? 

    @JustBored10 can you move the rock n play into your bedroom? 

    @cchenal07 does your husband like board and card games? I know my husband would love staying in to play games. There's always movie marathons or you could make a cake and decorate it together. 

    We are getting together for cake with close local family tomorrow. DS1 wanted a cake with a train on it. I like what our cake lady did with it.

  • @JustBored10 have you considered sleep training? i know some aren't fans, but it helped both of my kiddos sleep in their cribs. the first few nights can/will be rough, but it usually clicks in less than a week. you may also consider folding a towel once and putting it under the crib mattress, between the mattress and the springs, so that her mattress is slightly elevated like her rock n play. good luck!
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  • @JustBored10 I was also going to suggest sleep training if you're open to it. We used it to transition Harrison from the rock n play to his crib when he was 4.5 months. It was rough at first, but most nights he now sleeps 11-12 hours straight in his crib.
  • Yes as soon as she gets over the cold she has we are going to start sleep training. She's way too big for her rock and play and I'm done with sleeping on the couch. In the winter our bedroom is the coldest room in the house so we just camped out in the living room with her.  My son was a crappy sleeper till he was 3 1/2. Hoping this isn't the case with her!
  • Happened to check in today, so hi. 

    My random: teething is hard and I miss sleep. 
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  • Just popped back by today. We are also debating making the switch to the convertible car seat. I’m debating buying a second convertible car seat for for DH’s work truck; we just had been using two bases for the infant car seat previously. We have a Britax Marathon, but it is a huge PITA to install. Any recommendations on a good, durable convertible car seat?
  • Happy Easter to anyone who pops in!
  • @JNR6510, I’m using the Graco 4ever and I like it just fine. Very easy to install and adjust. My SIL has a Britax Advocate that she swears by. 
    me: 33 DH: 33 DS#1: Sept 2017

    TTC#2 since January 2019
    PCOS diagnosed in 2016
  • https://clekinc.com/foonf/
    After much research we ended up purchasing this. Not only for safety reasons but also because it made with zero flame retardants.  
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