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  • Hi Ladies!!!! So got my 1st BFP last friday... barely visible.. and its just been getting stronger from there!!! I have my 1st doc appt next Thurs... but I did a due date calculator and it showed estimate DD as 11/3/18.. so I am jumping on over here for now :)
    This is my 2nd, my son will be 2 in May!! I'm 36 and DH is 43and we live in NJ!!!
    I dont remember how to do all of that ticker stuff.. but will learn again shortly!!! :smile:

    nice to meet everyone!!
    Where in NJ? I’m a Jersey native as well! We are due 11/1. 

    Rainbow Baby! BFP 02/20/2018 EDD 11/01/2018
    BFP 10/31/2017 EDD 07/09/2018 Miscarriage 11/28/2017
    DD # 1: BFP 5/22/2014  EDD 1/30/2015 Born 02/06/2015
    DS # 1: BFP 7/18/2000 EDD 3/27/2001 Born 4/1/01
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  • @bstiltz Welcome! One of my students parents has been a surrogate twice and I think its such an amazing thing! Before having my son I felt like I could never be one and give props to all that do. After having my son I have thought about it a few times for when we were done having kids but I think I am to old now (35 in Sept.). Props to you for taking that amazing journey for someone!


  • bstiltzbstiltz member
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    @aztecash @offtoneverland Thank you ladies! I’m so blessed to be able to do it!
  • @pink_polkadots I'm from Maryland too! I'm from Howard County. What part of Maryland are you from? I'm also a huge fan of Disney and Disney World! I'm sorry for all the emotions you're feeling right now. Hopefully you can find a way to relax and accept the changes to come, but I think those feelings are really normal too, so don't feel too guilty about it! 
    Me: 31 | DH: 33
    DD1: 8/2014  <3
    TTC #2: 6/2017
    BFP 8/3/2017 | CP 8/4
    BFP 10/16/2017 | CP 10/21
    BFP 12/18/2017 | CP 12/28
    BFP 2/15/2018 | EDD: November 2nd | It's a girl!
    DD2: 10/2018  <3
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    @offtoneverland Well this is super weird. I am in Howard County too. How crazy was that wind the other day?!
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    Rainbow Baby (hopefully) to come November 2018. <3 

    My husband and I were pregnant around this time in 2016 and went through a miscarriage at 8 weeks. This is the first time we have been able to conceive since then. I'm excited and also nervous. Any other mommas out there going through something similar? I'm finding it hard to feel joyous without that lurking shadow of fear.

    About Us:

    I'm 34 and husband is 36. This would be our first human baby but we do have two fur babies that we love dearly, Charlie and Henry (they're corgis). We live on the central coast of California. I'm a high school teacher and he's a manager for a non-profit.

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    @pink_polkadots I to have difficulty with change and having my DS almost 3 years ago took a lot of patience and flexibility I didn't realize. (I am a teacher, I thought I had all the patience in the world until I had DS.) Although this pregnancy was planned I am also scared about the idea of having 2 kids and going bat shit crazy.  I fortunately have both sets of grandparents and baby's Aunts and Uncles within 15 minutes of me. (Couple aunts are 1 hour.) I think I am going to rely on them more after this baby. I struggled giving up control with my DS and didn't leave him more then 1 hour with only my husband until he was like 2. He still has yet to spend a night away from me. I am going to have to jump that hurdle soon. I also love crafting and sewing as well! I just recently turned our spare room into my crafting room and unless we find a new house before this baby comes I will lose it. Oh well!


  • Hi N18'ers!  I guess I go here now.  I got my BFP yesterday and will be heading to the lab for my betas this afternoon.  MH and I have been married for 11 years and have 2 daughters age 2 & 6.  This pregnancy is unexpected so we're both in shock. 

    Here's to a H&H 9 months for all of us :)


  • @Eveinshock I’m nervous about who will watch mine, too. Right now, I keep DD (17mo) at work with me and have since she was born. I know I can’t watch 2 at work, though. She’s already a handful all by herself!  :#
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