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Vaginal discharge &itching


I'm 12w7d, I saw my Dr on Friday 2/23 for vaginal itching and some discharge-which has been going on for a week now. From what she seen it looked normal to her. She took a urine sample (NO burning while peeing) and also a swab. Now I have to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday for results. My stomach today is making strange noises, it's almost reminding me of when I had BV, but there's no grey or frothy discharge like BV has. I'm stumped, is anyone else experiencing this? 


  • Sorry, this app isn't quite as easy to use. I've tried changing my username as that's been difficult as well. In fact I think I'll say so long to this group chat and go back to my other app. 
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  • prose1952 said:
    Sorry, this app isn't quite as easy to use. I've tried changing my username as that's been difficult as well. In fact I think I'll say so long to this group chat and go back to my other app. 
    Ok. But your user name updated and shows as a unique name now.
  • @fwtx5815 LOL I noticed that, too... *Sigh*... I just didn't want to correct her in case people jumped in to WK about that, too.
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  • Totally on board with everyone saying this isn't something we can answer/read the board organization thread/her doctor is already working on this, etc. And snark is definitely warranted.
     That being said, I am uncomfortable with all the "ew, gross!" kind of comments and gifs. Has nothing to do with poor board etiquette on OP's part, it's not a random gross thing like a picture of her discharge, and this reaction would deter even regulars from posting "icky" symptoms - which pregnancy is full of! - lest they be shamed. 
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  • I know the responses would not have been the same for a regular. But you're still making statements about a symptom that a regular could potentially have and I wouldn't want that to hurt someone feelings. I think most regulars would understand that there reaction was because it was a drive-by, but I just think it's best to err on the side of caution and keep the jokes specific to the unacceptable parts of such a post and steer clear of personal details that could apply to others.
    Not a big deal, just don't want anyone who might be a contributing member to get caught in the crossfire whenever we're just trying to have some good snarky fun. :)
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  • I have never seen so many rude women in one place before. 
  • Well, since we are here again, might as well ask- @prose1952 what did your doctor say? Is it sorted out? We're you able to get some answers and some relief?
  • @stothi Life lesson #1 from the bump: Never get invested in discharge. :lol:

  • I'm confused why someone can't ask about this when people on here give each other what I would consider medical advice all the time !  I.e. Someone says I'm having sharp pains - someone will respond don't worry prob just RLP pain. 

  • Would you walk into a room full of strangers and ask about your discharge? No. Would you walk into a group of friends who you have already introduced yourself to, and all frequently get together to discuss their discharge? Sure. I think it’s like that. 

    Walk into a crowded bar and start yelling random stuff to people, and then see if you see more “rude” people. 
  • @iluvgoldies33 Because most of us put it in the symptoms thread or ask in randoms. Also, RLP is something most of us experience so we can relate/compare our experience to theirs. However many of us add things such as “if you’re concerned, ask your doctor”. A good example is the magnesium talk in one of the threads this week. Someone asked, then decided to ask their doctor, then reported back with what the doctor said. 
    Actually, I think there’s a handful of people who exclusively post inane details in a massive symptom thread and a different group of people who aren’t that rigid about a message board organization and prefer to address issues organically. One communication style isn’t superior to the other, and I don’t recall having to sign a contract adhering to BMB rules someone else decided. (Bump TOS are a different story, but this post doesn’t breach any of those.)

    The more vocal / GIF heavy are setting the tone for the entire board. And frankly, it’s an ugly tone to many of us. 

    I have lurked the other BMBs and they don’t seem to have as much BS as we do. I’m torn between repeatedly pointing out ugly behavior (it’s not cute, you’re not witty) and just calling it a lost cause. 
  • @spottedginger Looking forward to it! 

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