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Gender Reveals

Are you planning on doing one? If so what are your ideas? There are so many different ways to announce it is a little overwhelming when looking at Pinterest for ideas lol

Re: Gender Reveals

  • Can we get this deleted? It’s a double post @BumpAdmin @bumptara @BumpCaitlin

  • Copy/paste from the other drivebys...

    keep this in mind. most of us have been together since November and have been through the good, bad and ugly. You essentially just barged in here without taking time to reas the "read first" pinned post or getting a feel for the board and essentially wanted to make us your personal google. 

    we are a fun super supportive once you get to know group of women, but when a stranger comes in with what feels like total disregard for the community we have worked hard to set up l,we tend to have a little fun.

    so yes do stick around and get to know us though.  also thanks for not immediately getting defensive   

    April Siggy Challenge Social Distancing

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