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  • I’m back here.  IUI yesterday and temp spike this morning. 
  • sorry @zamora_spin - what a confusing few days

    @mack2342 - GL this cycle FX
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  • @Mack2342 FX so hard for you! And I’m right behind you with my IUI scheduled tomorrow afternoon!
  • Well good news/bad news. My job has a specific window for applying to a new position (now) and I've been hesitant to apply knowing I'm hopefully planning a mat leave in the near future. On a whim this morning I threw an application out to my dream position and got a response for an interview almost immediately! Yay! Meanwhile, I'm 9 dpo and nothing but stark white bfn's. Ugh. I know it's early still but when I got pregnant in November before my loss there was no doubting it by 8 dpo. Not feeling particularly optimistic, just have that feeling. Highs and lows today...
  • Good luck @cassafrass15

    @kikimi83 9 DPO is still early.  With all of my 4 pregnancies, I turned a test at different DPO so it’s still possible. FX! 
  • @kikimi83 we're cycle buddies! I'm also 9 DPO. I never get a BFP before 13 DPO though. Makes the cycles feel that much longer. At least i save $ on tests though. FX we both get good news in a few days!

    @cassafrass15 @Mack2342 Hoping for you both!! 

  • @kikimi83 Congrats on the interview offer!! Do you keep your pto since it’s with the same company? I totally empathize with trying to plan life around a mat leave, but I moved to a new position during my TTCAL journey and it’s been so amazing.

    @mack2342 @cassafrass15 Good luck this cycle!!!
  • Thanks @Mack2342 and @Kath525!

    @Kath525 that does give me some encouragement! So will you start testing next week? This 2WW is killer. I kept thinking I'd ovulated but didn't so I feel like I've been on high alert for weeks already! Going to take a deep breath and try not to pee on anything for at least 2 days (haha yeah right). 
    FX crossed for us both!
  • @kikimi83 i actually haven't had to test recently because I usually have a temp dip by 13 DPO. But if i don't have a dip then I'll test Monday. I'm sure thinking you Od earlier than you did makes this cycle seem extra long! But hopefully it's a 9 month long cycle that ends with a take home baby! Only a few more days till we know! 
  • @lin0442 thank you! It'd be a great move for me. Everything would stay completely the same. Not sure what PTO is (I'm in Canada), our leave is pretty regulated. Just wasn't sure it'd be fair to start knowing I might leave. But it would be a long-term move so still good! Planning is super hard but I can only make decisions based on what I know now. 

    @kath525 my temps have not been terribly helpful lately but I'm hoping they sky rocket tomorrow and give me a sign! I know way more than I ever thought I'd ever know about BBT's and CM and all things pregnancy! Lol. The countdown is on!
  • @kikimi83 That sounds promising, congrats!  I've pretty excited about the new 18 mat leave option too!
  • Thanks @bakerstreetboys! It's a nice distraction this weekend.

    The 18 months is great, I just wish they extended the pay too! It's a pretty low percentage to live off for a year and a half. Hopefully we can make it work. 
  • @kikimi83 I’m always so jealous of the Canadians on this board!  That’s amazing.  I wish we’d catch up to the civilized world and offer more than 12 unpaid weeks.  Or maybe some fertility health coverage.  Something.  Anything.  Lol 
  • @ccvslp yes! It's about time! Our system is far from perfect and when I look at some countries in Europe I realise we still have a long way to go, but I cannot imagine how hard it would be to leave your child at 12 weeks! Family/mothers need to recognized for their work. Period. 
  • @kikimi83 That sounds amazing, 18 months wow. And yeah, pto is paid time off, where you use your small amount of accrued vacation time to subsidize 1-5 of your 12 protected weeks off in the US. 

    @ccvslp And there have been so many articles lately about the declining birth rate in the US among millenials. I think there’s a pretty obvious answer- many of us can’t afford it, or don’t feel like our jobs are safe if we want to take some extra time to care for the baby. It’s ridiculous how little support mothers and fathers get here. 
  • Ugh guys, I'm the dumbest person on earth re: benefits. I sacrificed Norwegian benefits (year of fully paid mat leave, 5 weeks paid vacation weeks a year, free health care) for US benefits (diddly squat). Honestly I'm saving up so I can quit my job when/if I have the baby. I work at a small, family owned company too, so our benefits are even worse than average. 
  • We are definitely lucky that our government recognizes how important it is for parents to be home with their babies.  They're making some changes now too that will allow fathers to take a few weeks of paid paternal leave too.  I'm lucky in that I work for the federal government, so I get topped up to almost my full salary for a year and all of my health costs covered.  I realize how lucky we are!  The Scandinavians definitely have the right idea too!
  • When I got pregnant the first time, I asked my DH if we could at least move to Canada since it close for their maternity benefits lol.  Ours suck here in US.  ****TW***** I only took 8 weeks off with my son because I was hoping to get KU immediately after and I would need another leave.   It’s been 2.5 yrs now trying to get KU with a sticky baby and I regret not taking the full 12.  It was the worst having to leave my son at 8 weeks.  I cried many days at work and was not productive that first whole year back.  
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