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  • chopchop25chopchop25 member
    edited March 2018
    Brought this up in the weekly Randoms thread and seemed to have a few interested-
    What about a questions thread on either Monday, Wednesday or Friday? (Just going based on days with least number of threads in the post but 0 preference.) Big stuff should/could still be its own post, but just for smaller questions that come up during the week.
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  • purple_2012purple_2012 member
    edited March 2018
    What about a Sunday Funday thread? Where we can post what we accomplished over the weekend and what we're looking forward to for the upcoming week. 

    Edit: I will begin this weekly this Sunday! 
  • I saw this on another board and I'd love to try it: Why My SO is Awesome / Why My SO is Annoying threads. I volunteer to post them, whatever day needs more threads going!
  • @Gizmo1231 - Would you please add the ticker changes to the list?

    Sunday- mesamyt

    Monday - Lisa3379 / chopchop25

    Tuesday - dunkindecaf

    Wednesday - knottieamusements / rc-cola

    Thursday - mytrueloves

    Friday - sammierose464

    Saturday- cdepperschmidt

  • @knottieamusements It's past the editing date for me- sorry! But if it's here hopefully that will suffice!
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  • edited March 2018
    @BumpAdmin - why is this unstickied?  Is there a limit on number of stickies we can have?

    Alternatively- I am going crazy....  That is a possibility. 
  • @spartan4life love the idea, except that it will probably make me feel very “unfit” every Friday :astonished:
  • @chopchop25 recommended a weekly product spotlight thread. I'm going to do one for this week on pregnancy/nursing bras. We already sorta have one on strollers (maybe we can see about getting that title changed to Strollers not just doubles).
  • Can there be, or is there, a thread for bump pics? I see in the original post in this thread there is supposed to be a Wednesday Hump Day Bump Day, maybe that’s what this is referring to but I can’t find the thread for this. I’d love to see everyones’ bumps, I’m sure many of the October moms are starting to grow <3 and I find it fun to see everyone else’s progress, not just my own! Is this allowed?
  • @rabtaido1214 search for HDBD - it's there!
  • @chopchop25 thank you! I found it so hard to believe it didn’t already exist!
  • Do we have a high risk check in?  Could cover GD, Pre-E, AMA, multiples, etc.  I'm happy to start one if we don't, but I don't want to do a repeat.

    I am searching but not finding one for this board.....def possible I'm doing it wrong tho. 

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  • I don't think we do @MissBridg , or at least haven't had one in a while. It may be worth doing a monthly thread.
  • sammierose464 should I start one? or should an admin assign that?  Don't want to overstep.

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  • Why is this stickied but also showing up on page 2? 
    ...preparing for another TB programming meltdown...
  • @chopchop25 - I’ve noticed that a number of times. It’s been going on for several months at this point.  I figure that as long as it is stickied, I’m not going to worry about the idiosyncrasy.  
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