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  • I am going home to be with my mom and sister in February and thinking that I might get an auntie shirt for my little sister and try to get a picture of her for an announcement. Might seem odd, but she’s 5 and pretty much my best friend and everyone on FB knows it lol. I don’t know when I will post it but it would be fun to have that picture either way. Does anyone think that is a weird way to announce? 
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  • @hayhay93 that doesn't sound weird at all! That sounds adorable and I am sure your lil sis will enjoy playing a special role in the sharing of your exciting news! I became an Aunt at 10 and it was one of the greatest moments of my childhood and of my life. She's a lucky girl!  :)
  • I agree with @babybakie and I think that's a really adorable idea!
  • Still haven’t announced. Not sure we will. But it’s fun reading all of yours! 
  • @hayhay93 I think that is so sweet! She’ll love being involved.
  • How are you announcing at work? I'm not a showy person at work so I don't think a full blast to my team is my jam, but I know I will start to spark some rumors/curiosity. The weirdo in mean kinda wants to not say anything and see who's the first one to ask the awkward question haha. But at least my manager and close coworkers know. 
  • @wildtot I also didn't feel like making a big announcement at work and couldn't remember how I handled it the first time around.  So I just told my manager first, and now this week I've started telling individual people.
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  • @wildtot My boss keeps asking me if I've made it public news yet. I finally told him today that I let HR know and I've let a couple coworkers here and there know. Other than that, I do not plan on announcing. I'm not hiding it though. I'm just not up for the whole "OMG!!! You're pregnant?!?!" Then the 21 uncomfortable questions. I'll let them gossip. It will be interesting to hear. 

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  • Only my two bosses know but others suspect. I worked remotely from another state but I was at HQ for the Christmas party and was exhausted every day and didn't drink. I'm waiting to send a message to the team because we just found out one of our colleagues has an aggressive form of breast cancer (and has two 5-month old twins) so I want that needs to settle in first. No one can see me so it's not a big deal but I want to be considerate since some of them may have to pick up some of my tasks (small company).

    We announced on social media on January first and it was our most popular post, LOL
  • @julybabybear Thats cute that you got to tell your students! When I got pregnant with my DS it was at the end of the school year and we weren’t telling people yet because it was too early. When school started back up in the fall it was obvious I was pregnant so I didn’t have to announce it. 
  • @supersara2 I guess I was just planning to take the standard 12 weeks, but honestly my supervisor didn't even ask when I told her. Since I've told her I've asked for some advice on how to handle everything with HR. She actually got back from maternity leave the week I told her. 
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  • @MrsMiller8588 Mine didn't ask either, but I figure I have enough time to plan between now and then. She doesn't have any kids, but I'm sure I can ask my coworkers.
  • Welcome @supersara2! We have the same due date (7/11!).

    I just started telling folks at work... was going to stretch it out as long as I could, but then my belly started showing a tad and quickly I realize for vanity trumped privacy for me! (So shallow... but I work with 80% women and didn’t want them to think I just gained weight).

    My boss knows, but haven’t talked to HR yet or contemplated ‘the plan.’ Agree lots of time for that.
  • Thanks, @pretzellover! Due date twins! Probably better off telling people at work you're pregnant anyway before they start talking. ;)

    I just told my boss, but I haven't told my direct reports yet. I figure I'll tell them next week because we need to talk about some assignment changes anyway, and I can just throw that news into the mix. I have yet to talk to HR.
  • I love all these announcements!  So cute!

    So we haven't announced.  At all. Not even to family.  I usually wait until I'm way further along due to my losses.   But I was thinking this time to just not announce at all.  But instead post a picture of the l&d ward doors/sign when I go in for my (more than likely) induction.   

    Is that dumb? Lol.  I thought it would be funny to see all the "Wait... What??!!" Reactions from our families. Lol.  
  • @GoldAndCurls I have actually been debating on doing this exact same thing. I will probably cave in and announce when I know the sex though
  • @GoldAndCurls we haven’t told Family either. Waiting for lots of reasons, but I think we’ll announce on Easter- which is also April Fools Day. Just to confuse them throughly. Just the kind of sense of humor we have.

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  • Trying really hard to not be a b word. We've told a few people we thought we could trust we are due, ive found out they've shared our news to another person. Is it wrong to confront them. I feel like people need to be put into their place and thats ths only way for grown adults to learn some damn common sense. A friend of my boyfriend and mine asked me last week if i was pregnant i told her no and i know shes going to be pissed. But why do people feel they have the need to know our business...my response will be simple. The people who needed to know knew as for the rest we were not interested in anyone else knowing until we were ready. Im four months but still dont care we both are private people. Also this re establish the fact i dont want anyone coming to the hospital after birth. The grandparents will come the day after, everyone else can wait until we've been home for a few days. I know we will have a couple people show up even though we tell them no and I will still tell them no evven if youre in the waiting room. Im having a baby not hosting a party. If you werent there when the baby was made you dont need to be there when he/she is being brought into the world(Well besides the doctor and nurse and the one with the magic juice!)! 
  • At this point we’ve told almost everyone “important”—close family and friends, and I told my boss/direct reports this week. I am kind of feeling waiting until we know the sex to “announce” on social media. It’s only a few more weeks!
  • @farmmomwithbaby1 try not to get too worked up about it (although that’s a totally sh*tty thing for them to do). Chances are your delivery date will be different, and you’ll still have the option to not tell anyone (unless you’re having a planned c-section). And even if people do come to the hospital, you can absolutely deny visitors. 
  • @kinny512 My husband is a huge seahawks fan too! I better not show him this otherwise he might insist on doing something similar lol. 
  • @yesiknowwhatcausesthat Rock on momma!!! Nothing wrong with a big family, the bigger the better! And people’s comments can just go right back where they came from! Enjoy being having a newborn one more time! 

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  • @yesiknowwhatcausesthat I think your screen name is AWESOME and I love your announcement.  Totally cute.  :)
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  • 1. How far along are you/due date? I am 14 weeks. Due date is July 22.

    2. When will you be announcing to close family/friends? I told my mom and sister at about 12 weeks and I told a coworker today! That felt really good. Tonight, we're taking my inlaws to dinner to tell them and then hopefully tomorrow I'll tell my boss and the rest  of my co-workers. And then it's on for everyone to know! Finally!

    3. When are you announcing on social media (if applicable) and how? I won't be doing a social media announcement - or a formal announcement at all for that matter. Just not really my style.

    I am SO excited to finally be totally open about it! Yay!
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