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  • A GALLON? Holy shit. I may as well move my desk into the bathroom. I already pee every half hour lol. 
  • I am still getting worse at 6+2 which holds true to my first pregnancy and is both awful and reassuring. Food sounds terrible, but I am starving so I mostly snack on dry Cheerios because they are the least offensive coming
    back up.

    Making food for DD is a battle...luckily, she’s got a cold and doesn’t feel like eating much. If I felt better it might worry me, but in this state I just share my Cheerios. 
  • Feeling pretty good.  At 7+1 today, still lots of cramping, usually at night but was happening this morning.  Bloating still but the nausea has seem to go away (hopefully wont come back!)  Just drinking lots of water and snacking throughout the day.  Waking up to a strawberry banana greek yogurt smoothie has definitely helped the am morning sickness on my drive to work.
  • One amazing thing is that I've honestly been sleeping so well! Even when I wake up to go pee, I go right back to sleep. I just slept 8 hours in a row which is record breaking for me as I used to strive to get 7 but always lived just fine with 6.5!
  • @dapple88 poor thing!! My son is turning two in two weeks and I am like barely holding in my tears lol These emotions just won’t quit! Why is my little babe getting so big?!  :'(

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  • Looks like sciatica is kicking in at 8 wks. Usually it’s my right side but started on my left. I am also starting to notice a “bump” when I’m laying on my back. Usually all my bloat and fat falls so the sides but there is a spot between my pelvic bones that is firmly there. Could it be?!?
  • @MyBigFatGreekFetus Oh man the pregnancy amnesia is hitting hard here too! This is my 3rd and I can't remember anything about the last two, I keep googling everything!

  • Actual sickness seems to have shown up for me this week. Before this I was just constantly nauseaus but never actually got sick. Still having no appetite at all and nothing sounds or taste good, with literally everything making me feel sick after I force feed myself 3x a day with my stomach usually turning halfway through whatever I'm eating. Can't handle meat at all right now as it is definitely the worst of everything I've tried. Still tired and exhausted all the time, and so moody, irritable and emotional. Hoping all of this goes away in the second trimester which is oh so close! So far completely different pregnancy than with my son who I felt great with the entire time. 9 weeks and 2 days
  • @wildtot I noticed a lil nub between my pelvic bones that doesn't seem to be going anywhere! It's even lopsided sometimes! 
  • A gallon of water is the recommendation for an average adult to drink in a day.... I heard during pregnancy you should drink at least 100 oz......
  • Hahahahaha I meant half gallon is recommended for average adult
  • My water intake is all over the place. I'll drink easily 3L in 8hrs at work because it's in front of me at a desk, but at home I feel like I'm forcing myself to make it to 2L and squeezing as much as I can before bed. 
  • @acunamatada ugh I’m the opposite- the majority of my water consumption is in the evening and it keeps me up all night going to the bathroom  :(
  • I thought I was doing ok.... the nausea is worse!   My lunch smelled so bad that after I threw it out I had to move it to the cube next to me.  So now I am sitting here chewing on gum and trying not to throw up.  Also boobs now hurt while I am trying to sleep.  Every time I move I wake up.  DH is all excited because they are getting bigger and he doesn't understand the no touching thing.  He is like "but I am being gentle."  NO TOUCHING!  
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  • The nausea and vomiting are reaching their peak, I think. I was so sick at work I had to leave. Threw up on myself in the car (low point). Every time I move I get sick. I have a call in to my ob.
  • I’m 9w4d. My nauseua has been baddd the last few days especially in the evenings. My boobs are also their own animals these days. They can’t be tamed or controlled and they feel angry.

    I’ve also started getting periodic shooting pains around my pelvis? Kind of feels like a bolt of lightening and then it goes away! Anyone else?
  • 9 weeks today. MS has subsided for the most part which is awesome because I had MS for so long with DD1. However, I have been absolutely exhausted. I actually had to lay back down after my shower this morning because I thought I may pass out if I didn't. I'm dragging all day long and have awful headaches. I remember being exhausted during my first pregnancy but this is a whole new level. Hoping it subsides soon!
  • @samjjorgensen sounds like round ligament pain! I get that sometimes too, so annoying! 
  • I actually threw up for the first time this morning. Right on time for me. Comforting, lol.
  • @samjjorgensen what @acunamatada said. Sounds like round ligament pain to me too. I had that with both of my other pregnancies. Any weird pains like that are nerve wracking to me, even when I know it’s likely normal. 

    I am 6+3 and having terrible dreams. Like really awful stuff about people trying to kill my kids. I wake up tired, upset, and unable to go back to sleep. I’ll be glad when this stops. I’m so bloated and constantly want to eat but nothing sounds good. And is anyone else having terrible skin problems? Not only is my skin crazy dry but my face is breaking out (it’s never like that). Why don’t I get that pregnancy glow everyone talks about lol



  • @LadyJ2949 those dreams sound awful! I hate the ones where you can’t fall back asleep. People say unisom is safe....maybe that would help you sleep better? Good luck
  • @LadyJ2949 those dreams do sound horrid! Regarding what @pregnant_and_paleo said about unisom, I take it to help fall asleep, but find it does almost nothing for helping me stay that way. Disappointing. Just wanted to mention it in case you were gonna try it!
  • @brittany121087 that's no good!  I'm glad you called your OB.  They should be able to give you something to help.  Hope you feel better soon!
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  • Nausea has been worse the last few days. Has anyone tried the tummy drops? Are they any good?
  • Uuuugh didn't sleep well and had crazy dreams. Christmas party tonight and my 1-1 with my boss was moved. Avoiding alcohol has been crazy tricky. I'm gonna have to sacrifice fancy make up and use some of the prepping time at the hotel for a nap! Skipped the heavy eggs and bacon this morning and went for cereal and a banana. Already starving and peeing a lot this am. Yay! Lol.
  • @pregnantandpaleo yeah I could try taking something when I wake up from the nightmares but honestly I don’t want to fall back asleep with that in my head, if that makes sense. I don’t want to keep having that same type of dream. It feels too real. I’ll be happy when you this phase passes!

    @SmashJam thanks for the tip! I’ve never actually tried unisom but if insomnia hits me at any point again I’m not going to hesitate this time. 



  • @kissableviv can you order a soda water and lime at the bar? Not sure what your setup is but that worked for me when out with friends last weekend. Just said it was vodka soda when asked. 
  • Call me crazy but I keep feeling “kicks” ! I know it’s too soon and I know it’s not gas it really feels like kicks sometimes . This is my second! 
  • @pregnant_and_paleo oh yeah I used all the tricks at the bar last night. Then my boss got a bottle of wine at the hotel and I mentioned I wanted to workout in the am so I passed. Tonight's dinner is at a country club and they only have beer and wine... I hope I get to talk to her beforehand and I'd be ok announcing to everyone, it's a small company and hopefully at almost 10w I'll be able to relax soon:) I just met everyone for the first time but they've been super nice.
  • @rosettesandstripes I would get those not knocked up after baby #2, and still get them sometimes now. Muscle twitches is all it is for me!
  • @rosettesandstripes I've been feeling pops and twinges but I also did before getting KU- basically since I gave birth to my first lol. Definitely think they're muscle twitches like @SmashJam said. 
  • @kissableviv good luck!!

    @LadyJ2949 I completely understand-I’ve had nightmares about DH getting shot at work and it shakes me for days. I more meant maybe it would help you from having the nightmares(when I’ve taken benedryl or NyQuil I never recall any dreams) but I totally get where you’re coming from! Hope it passes soon for ya
  • Thank you that makes a lot more sense LOL and yes I could definitely describe it as a popping feeling
  • @lavillard I am 7+5 and I feel so ugly too! I'm breaking out (NEVER did before preggo), gassy, bloated, bun on top of my head every day and barely no make up. The nausea and exhaustion have me finished. Hot mess express!!
  • I'm 9+6, and still awful. I had HG with my daughter and don't anticipate it getting better. :( 

    I also fainted this week for the first time in my life, and have had to get 2 IV's. 

    Also- I have a migraine today. Sorry for throwing my own pity party! 
  • Hello everyone, I am 6w4d and feel absolutely awful. This is my 3rd pregnancy but the first 2 were losses. This little one has a good strong heartbeat- this is the furthest along we've made it so far. It's hard because I'm so excited but so anxious.  I haven't told anyone this time around but plan to tell my mom Friday. I am so so sick. All day and night for about 5 days now.  Dramamine helps some. I've tried so many other things that do nothing. Just trying to enjoy the experience - been pretty tough though. I'm a little sleepy, emotional,  boobs hurt, acne but nothing compares to this nausea. It's like a terrible hangover for almost a week now. 
  • I’m starting to feel random sharp pains near my hip bones. I don’t remember RLP feeling like this if it’s that. Doesn’t feel like cramps either. Anyone have any idea or have the same?
  • wildtot said:
    I’m starting to feel random sharp pains near my hip bones... Anyone have any idea or have the same?
    I’ve been having that occasionally in my left hip, and what feels more like vertical (abdominal?) muscle pain on my right side! 
    I think my body just wants more excuses to be ridiculously bloated!
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    So annoyed, my nausea has been pretty non existent the past week but today nothing is sitting well at all. I thought I was done with this! 
  • Ugh. So much RLP! Sick, too, so I have to tense everything up every time I sneeze or cough because of it... fun. And I'm so with you, @acunamatada ; Nausea has been totally manageable, until today which is jam packed of course. So much sass from these kids already, right? Lol. It's like they're prepping us. 
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