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  • Anyone feeling better? If so, how far along are you? I’ve had a fairly good past few days. Nausea has trailed off, bloating is about 50/50, headaches are still happening but dull and manageable. No migraines in days. Totally not trying to brag at all. I just know that when I was puking and miserable I really wanted to know when it would end and when others were starting to feel better. (Obviously every pregnancy is different, but you ladies KWIM)

    I’m 9+2. 
  • I’m glad you’re feeling better @4deep! I’m feeling really gross and nauseous today. I’ve had to talk myself off a few puke cliffs already this morning but I’ve managed to avoid it so far. Blah. I’ve never had ms before! 

  • @4deep I'm 9+4, I definitely noticed I started feeling better around the 9 week mark. I'd say most of the symptoms are 50% of what they were a few weeks ago and my nausea during the day is almost non-existent, now I'm trying to enjoy it! 
  • I think RLP started last night. Nausea has been better but still hating this bloat. I’m 8 wks today 
  • 9+1 and I noticed mid last week I started to feel great, over the weekend we got stuck in traffic (gotta love Boston) and Idk if it was baby nausea mixed with car sickness but OMG. I was cursing DH for not wanting to take the train.

  • I’m 9+5 today and similar to what you guys have said, am feeling a little better. I was still nauseated this morning but not near as bad as I was last week! 
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  • 6w1d and the nausea is here and killing me. Still exhausted but feeling nauseous is the worst. I’m also constantly hungry and eating everything. I bet I’ve gained already.



  • I'm 10w today and feel pretty great!  This was the first pregnancy where I was actually nauseous, so that was no fun. Still never puked though (go me!).  Anyway, I'm so glad to finally be feeling pretty good.  I'm looking forward to getting back to working out this week, and hoping that burst of energy comes soon with 2nd tri looming in the next few weeks.  

    My boobs still hurt like a mofo, though!
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  • I've definitely been less nauseated this past couple days than I have been. I actually felt pretty great on Saturday which then of course freaked me out because I felt too normal. Sigh. Thankfully haven't puked at all, hoping to continue that streak, but today I feel like total garbage. And I don't want to work at all, just want to hide in my bed, but have important presentations to get through.
  • I posted this in last week's thread and then realized it was a new here it is again: 

    Just this weekend I have started getting really lightheaded. I almost passed out at the grocery store...yikes. This did not happen with my first pregnancy so it is freaking me out. I've noticed it happens when I bend over or get up too fast, so I am trying to just be aware of that, but it also happened when I bent over to pick up my son. YIKES. I haven't fainted yet, but I feel like it is going to happen. Is anyone else experiencing this? I will discuss with my doctor, just wondering if there is anything else I can do to combat this?
  • I am still feeling pretty terrible at 7w6d. The nausea and exhaustion are really wearing on me. It was a pretty bad weekend. 

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  • Honestly not feeling better at all yet (9+1). Has a really rough weekend with nausea all day and throwing up at least once a day. Food aversions still terrible. My MIL the OB said she thinks it’ll get better around week 11/12. Can’t come soon enough I am so sick of waking up sick  :s
  • @limoncat How is your liquid intake? The last time I was super lightheaded it was because I had super low blood pressure because of low blood volume. It was fixed by drinking a ton of water and letting my body fix it.

    This week I'm pretty good. No MS, few food aversions. What's getting me is all of the zits on my chin, jawline, hairline, and chest *smh* I'm typing this with my anti-acne light on said chest.
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  • The nausea has been seldom but otherwise I am starving. There is no slightly hungry with me. It hits fast and if I dont eat something quickly, then I feel sick. Tiredness is still present but that could also be from this cold.
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  • Feeling meh. 6w2d here. The weekend was rough with nausea and back pain and emotional BS. I was finally feeling a little better Sunday afternoon but now DS is acting off (not eating, diarrhea, but happy and playful??) so I'm worried and anxious about that. 
    Today I'm doing ok. My stomach is more sour than nauseous so that's annoying. 

  • @echocharlietango It could probably be better...I am going to try to drink more water, hopefully it will help. Thank you! 
  • @limoncat my suggestion would be the same as @echocharlietango

    I had dizziness early on, but when I started drinking more water I noticed it fading out and eventually stopped.

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  • I'm in my 9th week and am definitely feeling better nausea-wise. I still get waves but it's considerably less frequent and I haven't thrown up since middle of last week. It's been freaking me out so I'm really happy to hear others are feeling better too. 

  • I feel like I shouldn't say because other mom's will hate me lol or jinx myself.... but I haven't had morning sickness yet!!
    Last night I threw up, but it was right after brushing my teeth/tongue and that's typically gotten me close to throwing up each time.

    The only issues I'm having is I can't eat a lot, I get full very fast then my stomach will hurt for quite a while after. I wish that would go away!! I'm 8+4 today.

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  • @zg49 I hope DS doesn't have a bug. I don't have kids, but I know they are known for playing through the pain! He might be coming down with a little bug and it hasn't hit him too hard yet. Fingers crossed for him to get better quickly.
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  • @limoncat I am having the same thing. I almost passed out in Target yesterday, I also got really hot really quickly. @echocharlietango thank you! I'm going to up my water intake and see if it helps. 
  • @Duckie678 I hope it improves for you. I get hot easily too. Water makes sense though, I need to be much better about that.
  • You and me both. I am also bad about remembering my second dose of prenatals every day, so I have an alarm set on my phone to take it when I get home from work. I hope you feel better soon as well :)
  • @limoncat and @Duckie678 Yes! Drink all of the water, I aim for 3 liters a day. When I was super lightheaded my cousin (an ER doctor) made me drink one ounce of water per kilogram of weight per hour. For me at the time that came out to be about 6.5 cups of water. I had never drank that much water before, but it kept me out of the ER and I felt like a million bucks the next day. For the record though, this happened after I actually passed out in public and woke in a parked ambulance. 
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  • @gspmom21 I hope not! He had a stomach virus 3 weeks ago and passed it through the whole family and then when back to normal until yesterday afternoon. I don't know if I can handle another stomach bug this close to the last one. 

  • Whoops I'll put this here!
    @limoncat I've been pretty dizzy from time to time but I haven't fainted. With my 1st my MW said it was related to blood pressure and it should normalize. Could the issue be blood sugar/ not eating frequently enough? I felt like that with my first, but later in the pregnancy. 
    But I second what @echocharlietango said, drink ALL the water! 
  • I’m 6w 4d and feeling pretty good overall. I’m tired all the time but it’s manageable. So far nausea seems to only pop up when my stomach is empty and I’ve never gotten so nauseated that I couldn’t eat so that’s pretty manageable too. I’m really hoping it stays that way. 
  • I’m winning mother of the year over here lol My nausea is so bad I can’t even open the fridge without gagging. My poor son is probably going to starve  :D I just managed to make us some matzoh ball soup with carrots and kale that we both ate along with some sourdough bread so, small victory lol Cuddles and the Lorax now  <3

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  • I am 6w 5d. Now my boobs are only sore in the middle of the night - and not that bad. (I actually think it feels pretty good LOL/TMI) I got SLIGHTLY nauseous last Saturday for the first time. And then nothing since then. That is super exciting to me - I know it doesn't necessarily mean that everything is ok in there, but it sure helps with the anxiety! 
  • umm...What is up with the belly button pains? It's like someone is poking it from the inside. Just stop messing with the belly button, please. It's weird. Boobs are not as sore anymore. I'm SUPER tired and winded easily. I feel pretty damn lazy because I do not want to do ANYTHING! 

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  • You name the symptom, I have. I'm 7+1. I can't stand the smell or thought of food but I'm hungry often. I threw up yesterday. So, far today I've been able to hold it in. My boobs hurt so bad, I want them removed. I'm not sure if I'm angry, sad, anxious, excited, calm, etc. It changes by the second.
    As much as I hated hearing drink more water in my last pregnancy, it's true. Drink as much water as you think you can hold and then drink some more. It makes a big difference. 
  • @4deep I’m so glad you posted this! I’m 8+5 and the nausea is finally starting to chill out! 

    It comes and goes when I get hungry, and man, does the hunger come out of nowhere and escalate fast!
  • Seen there was a new week lol

    iwas coming on here to ask anyone if any STM are experiencing SPD? I experienced it with my first early on in my third trimester, now, it’s like full blown !! Gah!  Are you guys experiencing it now 

    Also, I know this may be TMI but ever since I gave birth (vaginally) I always get this very sharp burning pain on what feels like tip of my pubic bone? It’s hard to describe but usually happens when I’m laying down for a while . Anyone else or just me? Lol

  • @wildtot the bloat is no joke! 

    Im 10 weeks today. The nausea got real bad at the end of last week but I’m not sure if it was because I’d been traveling for work and i was tired or just pregnancy. The diclegis has really helped though. I’m not going to take it tonight to see how I do tomorrow now that I’ve had time to recover. 

    Im super emotional. My son turned 3 yesterday and I cried a lot. Lol
  • I'm 9+2 and doing well. Boobs are sore still and nipples getting giant. A little queasy in the am but it stops once I eat. Definitely getting hungrier and hungrier and still ready to go to bed at like 8pm every night lol. I fell asleep at 9pm after a party we went to while my husband assembled a couch until 9pm, lol! Hoping to have more energy for workouts soon, because that's still not very high...
  • Cramping today... spotting finally stopped. Exhausted and boobs feel like they were injected with cement. Terrified somethings not right but my dr won’t see me unless the spotting turns bright red.  
  • I'm 9+4 and feeling good. No more cramping, no MS, boobs aren't sore.
    However, I look like shit. I swear pregnancy has made me uglier. Also I'm super bloated, gassy and tired, so overall I'm super fun to be around  :p
  • Good tips about the water intake, but seriously, I spend my life going back and forth to the toilet! I must have peed six times in the middle of the night last night. 8w4d, and my nausea is so awful still! I can’t remember if it was this bad last time. The sad thing is I was only pregnant with DS two years ago! Pregnancy amnesia hitting hard.
  • @limoncat @ducky678 and others +1 to it being water intake...i had the same issue last two pregnancies, had super low blood pressure due to low liquid intake. At one point they recommended a GALLON OF WATER A DAY. wtf.
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