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  • @Augusta108 So sorry that the results weren't what you'd hoped for! You definitely need some ice cream!
  • While I’m looking at my screen, in my mind I’m like “don’t you click that link DRC!” But I do... I’m so happy for all of those ladies but I think it just hurts a little more with it being the holiday season. 

    @SkilledSailor I had a red Zinfandel that paired really nicely with my M&M’s. Which leads me to the other reason I was crying: someone ate all of my Reese’s cups!
  • @Augusta108 Sorry to hear that you got bad news. We're hear for you as you guys move forward. 
  • @Augusta108 Sorry you are out of ice cream, and for the bad news! Get yourself two pints! FX that it was just a fluke and the next round is better. 
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  • @Augusta108 Please proceed to the sister thread “Why My TtGP self is laughing” for more gifs!  

  • dpjenniferdpjennifer
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    @elothair I'm fairly certain that is the best GIF I have ever seen!  #Winning!

    I'm crying because someone mentioned the first 5 minutes of UP. :(

    ETA: And also because I have no DQ blizzard... which I also love!

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  • @galactickates omg yum! I need one ASAP!
  • @galactickates - i didn't know this existed until just now and now I MUST have it!
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  •  :D  I know @offtoneverland I've just been having serious ice cream cravings! DQ and cold stone are going to see this spike in Dec sales and be scratching their heads. Second summer?  Lol 

    @catlady2015 - I didn't know either!  I was going to go with my standard cheesecake icecream with peanut butter cups,  I walked around the corner and it was on a  flyer.  I was sceptical at first,  but the guy had me once he handed me a sample. It doesn't disappoint. 
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  • jayliijaylii
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    I just found out that my health insurance plan flat out does not cover any infertility diagnostics or treatment. I have private, employee provided health insurance too. Man, health care is messed up in the U.S.
  • @jaylii That is shitty. We are in a similar boat here in too. I think some of the meds would be covered, and potentially some of the blood work. AMH is $110 US, which I can’t even get until I’m with an RE. 
    The system bites. *hugs*
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  • @jaylii - same with me. My insurance is wonderful otherwise but not even a dime can be applied to fertility treatments. My RE is sympathetic towards patient finances so he does what he can to cut costs and reword things so insurance covers some testing. But otherwise we're on our own. It is indeed messed up.
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  • I am crying because my financial coordinator called and left me a message.  My insurance has been great so far, but I feel like that can't be good.... and of course she's done at 4PM and I don't get out till at least 4:30PM.  :#  As if I need one more thing to wonder/worry about and potentially keep me up tonight... 
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  • @BusinessWife Hopefully it’s just to tell you your insurance approved or it’s something simple like that.

    I’m crying because I did hear from my financial coordinator today and she told me that the ICSI is still pending insurance approval and AF is due tomorrow  :/  just had to go pick up BCP if it doesn’t get approved in time. Totally bummed out and really wish i had some ice cream! 
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