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2WW/ Negative OPK/ HELP!!

TTC 2 years now - this is the second month I havent ovulated.  The other month I can chalk up to stress because we were moving.  Im concerned now.  Its CD11 and I have short cycles - usually O on CD 10. But a few things happened this month: 

1: I stopped taking fertilaid

2: I ran out of sperm friendly lube and used coconut oil. That didnt exactly leave me with an infection, but i did feel odd the next day. The day after that everything seemed back to normal. But I am wondering if a slight PH shift would cause anything

3. Last and most crazy - could I be pregnant? This is one of first months we started to BD CD 6.  If we actually timed things right would that cause a negative OPK? 

or is it just because Im old? 

Re: 2WW/ Negative OPK/ HELP!!

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  • Thats a little rude, no? 
  • MH used baby oil once, without telling me. He got in soooo much trouble for that one. I don’t know if the subsequent infection was worse for me or him!
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  • @darkstar42 I was telling Op to make sure to talk to her dr about it first before using it when TTC. I’ve seen articles (during non-ttc times) that is isnokay to use and ones that say it is not. :)

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