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PSA: Do You Want To Start a Thread?

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Want to Start your own thread? do these things before doing that! 

First try the search function by using the keyword function choosing July or all boards and clicking the two boxes underneath that.

If your topic for a thread is one of the set ones under the "read first" thread and no one has posted it for that day, on that day, than go ahead.

Want to post an intro post? Do it in the introductions thread please do not create your own. This clogs up the board and will likely eventually get lost in the shuffle. Instead we can easily find your intro in the intro thread.

Want to post a rant? Great you can post rant in pretty much ANY of the threads : Check-ins, randoms, symptoms... etc. DO NOT create your own thread just to complain please. 

Have a question? Awesome we all do from time to time. Please use the weekly questions thread to get some answers instead of creating your own post.

Organization isn't bad and will keep important things highlighted. if you are unable to follow this or think it is stupid. I suggest GLOW, or WTE pregnancy boards

The only exception to these rules is it you have had a miscarriage or do believe you are having one. 

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Re: PSA: Do You Want To Start a Thread?

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