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PGAL Check In (Week of 11/22)

This is a safe space for those who are pregnant after a loss. General TW for this thread.

How far along are you?

Any appointments coming up?

How are you doing? (Dear diary posts and venting are welcome and encouraged here)

GTKY: What does your screen name represent/mean?

Re: PGAL Check In (Week of 11/22)

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  • @ashtuesday we aren't telling either... just sharing on here!
  • @bb3vj3n, love the name Lily! Beautiful!

    @senora76, I think it's wonderful that you have already named Nova and are able to connect with her on that level. I have to stop myself sometimes from saying "I can't wait to meet this baby". After having "met" our last baby at 15 weeks gestation, I know deep down that I WANT to wait until March to meet this baby.

    We know the sex of our baby and aren't telling anyone and it's killing me! We haven't picked a name yet, and I really want to. I feel it will help me to connect.
  • How far along are you?

    Any appointments coming up?
    Next week.. glucose test and other labs. Bleh..

    How are you doing? (Dear diary posts and venting are welcome and encouraged here)
    I’m doing good. I’m definitely getting tired more easily lately and need to sit down to rest my back and breathe haha. I have started kick counts even though it’s a week early. I can’t not. It’s like I just automatically start counting... anxiety.  Never ends.. 

    GTKY: What does your screen name represent/mean?
    After 3 back to back losses I feel like I’ve been chasing “our rainbow” ROY-G-BIV.. :) praying to catch it. 

    We also have named baby but aren’t telling again, just like with DD. Makes for a fun surprise aaaaand... no one to tell me I should choose a different name because once baby is named, baby is named. Too bad for them! The only person that would do this though is DH’s grandma. She’s annoying about names. We already broke tradition by not using the family middle name with DD.. and we aren’t again. And I don’t care. Hahahaha 
  • How far along are you?

    Any appointments coming up?
    Regular OB appointment next Wednesday with my glucose test. 

    How are you doing? (Dear diary posts and venting are welcome and encouraged here)
    Well today was kind of scary. I had some leaking this am that resembled the amniotic fluid that I leaked with DS so after calling the nurses line, they sent me to L&D to get checked out. Everyone was so incredibly nice—baby boy was kicking away in there the whole time so that was reassuring. They triple checked and said they couldn’t find a leak and did an ultrasound to check my amniotic fluid levels—they were good. Then they told me before I left that I did the right thing by coming in, to come back if I experienced it again, and that if it’s a small prick up high, it’s very hard to catch. Completely different experience than when I had a leak with my first, but it’s a different hospital. 

    It was still terrifying and I think the scariest part was when the nurse on the phone asked me where I wanted to have my baby. I said “I want to have my baby in March.” Major sympathy for the moms who deliver early. I had a small taste of that terror today and it was awful. 

    GTKY: What does your screen name represent/mean?
    I grew up on a farm in MD. 

    @justkeeptrying I, too, sing the song from Finding Nemo whenever I see your screen name and I love it. 

    @senora76 I hope you guys have a wonderful trip to Spain. I know that you have all been looking forward to it and I hope it makes this month and next month a little easier. Also, I love her name. 

    @bb3vj3n I love the name Lily! I think having a name makes it more real as well. And baby kicks are so reassuring. 

    @ashtuesday honestly I think it is just a balance that every mom figures out for herself. You will still be a kick ass mom and a wonderful teacher. 

    @chasingroygbiv I love your screen name too. And I’ve been unofficially doing kick counts as well since he is so active and almost guaranteed to kick any time that I am sitting down. It also makes me feel better. 
  • leilaquinnleilaquinn
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    How far along are you?
    25 weeks 6 days 

    Any appointments coming up?
    im waiting to hear back from a gestational diabetes counselor, I got my “very high” 3 hour glucose tolerance test results just before she left the office on Friday, but the person in the office I spoke to said she would call Monday and get me scheduled right away. 

    How are you doing? (Dear diary posts and venting are welcome and encouraged here)
    I am nervous and trying so hard not to be, because I see the correlation on my blood pressure numbers (they have me taking my own 3 times a day and I have been way toI close to my “straight to the hospital” cut off this past week. I am worried about my blood pressure, my blood sugar, getting the nursery done with zero energy and a near constant migraine, Romeo’s little kidneys, and about an early delivery if he is getting too big (my OB said she doesn’t want me to go past 39 weeks, I am ok with that but I am afraid of significant earlyness.) I am a little bit of a mess at the moment, I guess, I want to skip ahead to the next ultrasound on December 11th and I want them to tell me his kidneys are looking better, and just see him in there being ok.

    GTKY: What does your screen name represent/mean? It is just my first name and middle name.

    @senora76 where in Spain? I lived in Grenada for about a year when I was 20 and just loved it. I think Mars and Nova are both really great names. I’m so sorry you are missing him extra hard, your love for him comes through in every word you write about him.
    eta: autocorrect problems 
  • @leilaquinn that’s a tough weekend! Sending prayers for you and for your BP to calm down and Romeo’s kidneys. Here’s hoping that you have a full term baby. <3
  • Thinking of you @leilaquinn I hope baby can hang out awhile longer! 
  • senora76senora76
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    @leilaquinn Love the name Romeo- hope all checks out fine with his kidneys and your bp and sugars level off... that must be a tricky balance.  Hope you can keep him baking as long as you can!  I had a 35 weeker and although he was 6lbs 14oz, he had a few preterm issues and couldnt come home
    with us, but fortunately his NICU stay was short.. I’ve actually heard stories of no NICU with 33-34 week deliveries if they give steroid shots to help develop the lungs... hopefully it won’t come to that, but it’s wonderful they are monitoring you closely.  We are in barcelona mainly but currently on a little road trip north, in Girona at the moment heading into France tomorrow... I wish I spent my youth traveling like you!  I think one of the other girls here lived abroad as well-I think @mdfarmchick lived in London, if I’m not mistaken... shoulda, woulda, coulda...  bet your Spanish is a lot better than mine!
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    Nova Marsela 3/14/18
  • @senora76. Thanks, hope you are having fun, I was only in Barcelona briefly but I loved it. I was all over the place when I was young, ending up with a degree instead of an art school drop out status would have been cool but I have no regrets. My Spanish has always been terrible, despite a lot of effort, and I happed to notice yesterday that I could only remember about 5 of the days of the week in Spanish  :o
  • @senora76 we did live in England for three years and I miss it most af Christmas time. I was just reminiscing about it this weekend as we decorated the tree with our ornaments from our travels. Maybe we will go back someday, who knows! Sounds like you guys are having fun!
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