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Name Thread 2.0

I kind of remember this happening before, but some of us might be starting to think on it more seriously these days. What's on your mind?

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  • @syssa-o One I saw & kind of loved recently is Cassia – would nod to both of her names.
  • @orbmaker that is a really nice name and I love that I’ve never heard it before! Thanks 
  • He will have H’s first name, William. But since H is Will and was Billy as a kid the baby will be William. Maybe Willy to family. His middle name is Pete (not peter) after my grandmother’s nickname. Our daughters have more uncommon names but H really wanted this so why not...they all have middle names after close relatives who have passed. 
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  • @Mass-girl-at-heart, my DH is Will and our DS is legally William but goes by his middle name (Adam). Papa is Bill. I had no choice in this matter so I advocated to call him by his MN. 
  • @justkeeptrying I would do that but I don’t love Pete as a name either but my gram was so special I just have to use it. I have no problem correcting people if they nickname him  ;) Ultimately he can choose what people call him, my youngest has gone by a nickname her whole life but when she started kindergarten in the fall she insisted her teachers call her by her given name, her friends can use the nickname. 
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  • Pretty sure LO will be a third. So Gill Lee. And we'll call him Tre for short. DH and I can't come to an agreement.
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  • Ughhh this is going to be such a battle for DH and I. We named our son (Lincoln) without any problems but we can't seem to agree on any girl names.  My favorite is Elliott, nn. Ellie - he thinks it's the worst in the world, lol. Otherwise all the other names I've pitched - Ruby, Coraline (nn. Cora), Stella, Sloane, Violet, Matilda... he hasn't liked either. Yet he won't give me any names that he likes. :|
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  • @npkat is Kade pronounced like Jade? I've never heard that one.
  • We are about 90% sure we are settled on first name, it’s the middle name we’ve yet to figure out. DH picked the first name again, fortunately he picks good ones (IMO). I usually do middle names, but I’m struggling. May gather a list and let the kids choose, I don’t know. 

    I would so tell names, but stranger danger. Once we (late movers) move to FB I’ll share I’m sure. :) 
  • npkatnpkat
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    @orbmaker yup! Just like Jade. You have maybe seen it spelt Cade? We chose a K because my name starts with a K, my moms name is Kay, and I just like the looks of K’s better than C’s for some weird reason  :)
  • @ShawnnaO thanks!! And love those names! 
  • @npkat I like it!! I know a few little dudes named Caden/Kaydens etc who seem to go by "Kay" when shortened.
  • Thanks @orbmaker! We thought about spelling it Kayde since my mom is Kay, but we had a couple people say they thought it would be pronounced Kay-dee that way, so we went with Kade.
  • @mdfarmchick I wish DH would take naming LO seriously. I love the fact that he is so light hearted about everything in life. But, I think he's still thinking all this is theoretical or something! Like LO won't be here in 4 months. It's kind of frustrating so I've stopped suggesting anything  :s If he's not named when it's time to go home, he's a third. 
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  • We're still undecided! We've talked about Julian Robert to honor the grandfathers (my dad and DH's, respectively) but haven't settled on it yet. We also love Davis and Jack (although DH doesn't want to use John as the name and Jack as a nn, and I feel pretty strongly that Jack is only a nn) for first names and Foster and Washington as middle names. 
  • @ksmwalters maybe Jackson? A friend of mine has a Jackson, and they always just call him Jack. Jackson Foster sounds pretty adorable.
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  • @ashleyf911 We have thought about that but so far DH is against it because one of his best friends has a son named Jackson.  :/ I totally get it but I love it! Especially with Foster!
  • sarahhedger7sarahhedger7
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    DH is being so difficult since we found out we're having a boy. Our girl name would have been Molly and we were completely agreed with it. But every boy name I throw out, he seems to hate. 

    Edit: I know it's kind of a long list, but these are the ones that I like and will most likely make hubby choose from. He actually does like Wyatt but it's not my favorite from the list..

    Brandon, Declan, Elijah, Finnick, Jack, Jacob, Jameson, Jude, Killian, Michael, Nolan, Presley, Sanford, Tyler, Wyatt 

    Side note, I love Maximus but DH has forbidden anything with the letter "X" because he doesn't like it.. *sigh

  • @syssa-o my husband likes Kendall but I’m on the fence...girls I’ve known with that name typically seem to be bitchy and I’ve thought about the Kardashian thing too but I hate reality tv and don’t care about them!
  • Otherwise we have zero girl names, used our favorite on or first.  Team Green so maaaaybe it’s a boy!  Boy names: Parker, Jacob, Caleb.  It’s a boy we’ll decide a name when we see him for first time.  Last name is one syllable so need 2-3 syllable first name.  I
  • @Gingermom15 my DH is the same way!  I actually just texted him with a name idea and his only response was "no".  He picked the first name of DD which I was totally on board with, for DS I really wanted Noah and since he had more of a say in DD's name he agreed.  He has since decided that it is "his turn" again for the names.  We've looked through lists together and there are a couple we were like, "oh that's not bad" but nothing really stuck out.  I've suggested many names but he has vetoed all of them but suggested none.  Our a/s is Monday (FINALLY) so maybe that will help as we'll know what sex to pick names for!
  • @LaurenAnn0405 we’ve known since 14 weeks that it’s a girl, but he’s still being awful. I told him to make me a list of at least 3 names he liked, he told me he couldn’t because he didn’t like any. I’m about done. My patience is thin. 
  • We're not sure yet. Kyla, Dylan, and Gwyneth are on the list. None have really jumped out at me yet like my daughter's name did.
  • @sarahhedger7 Duke was on my boy list, as was Jude -- we couldn't use it cos my H has a friend Duke (and also we're having a girl :P), but I think it's another good one. 
  • We both have a name we like, so we are kind of trying them each on for a few days and see how they feel.  I like my name choice better...
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  • @sarahhedger7 I don't have any name input or advice, but I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the alphabetization of your list! haha
  • @sarahhedger7 I love the name Killian!  <3 
  • @HappyMonkey817, love love LOVE Dylan for a girl. DH has said no though. Ugh. 
  • @cford08 I would say that if there's no name decisions before we get to the hospital, then I get to pick the name! Haha. But I guess if you don't feel strongly against having a third, it's not as big of a deal. :smile:

    @Gingermom15 you have more patience than I do... She who births gets a bigger say in the name?? If he has no reasonable suggestions and just says no to everything, tell him you are picking. Or to get serious about finding a name. Have you tried the Baby Name app?
  • Yes I have. He hasn’t downloaded it -.-
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