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Help please!

I had my last period August 27 - September 2. On the fifth day of my period, my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex and he ejaculated inside me. I bled lightly, spotted on September 9 - 11. I have lost my appetite for a few foods that I would normally eat. I’m hungry all day and I eat until I fall asleep. My lower back is uncomfortable. My lower stomach, bladder area is also very uncomfortable in ways. I can’t sleep on my stomach because of that. It’s most comfortable when I sleep on my back. I usually sleep on my stomach. I’ve also had weird cramps and pains. I have had a few heaches here and there. I also am more tired than usual. Recently, I am getting more acne, I never get acne. Along with weird cravings and very sensitive when it comes to my emotions. All has happened within the last 4 weeks. My next period is suppose to start on October 9. 

I’m not quite sure if I am pregnant. These aren’t my normal pms symptoms. 

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