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  • Has anyone here read "it's ok to laugh (crying is cool too)". It's a great and surprisingly humorous  book about loss and grief. I really liked it as it is autobiographical and it made me both laugh and cry. I never went through grieving process in my life and after reading this book I felt like all my feelings are totally valid
  • @Mack2342 I am so sorry - I feel your pain. I feel like it's one of those topics that people think they can just openly talk about - like I don't ask you how much you have in your 401K or if you bought or lease your car. Some of our friends don't know  (close friends know, maybe too many details lol) and since we initially said that we wanted kids close in age I feel like I get slick feelers like they will say things like "oh so and so had their baby, isn't it so cute, doesn't it make you want another?!" I have just started being extremely blunt and saying that yes, we do, but it may not be in the cards since we have lost 3 babies along the way. I feel like it not only creates awareness on their end on why they shouldn't be asking and adds more people to my court for support. I can imagine this will only get worse as DS ages and the gap becomes bigger. 
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  • @msstephanielynn I'm glad you can just be blunt about it - I agree, it just adds awareness. I was pretty clueless until I experienced my loss. I'm not ready to be blunt about it yet. 
  • Normally I can be pretty blunt about it but with strangers I couldn't really go into that much personal detail.  I only said if it works out.  
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