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  • @MooFish2364 that is so exciting. I'm glad to see one of us "old" folks moving on.    Fingers crossed that everything goes well for you and LO.   
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  • @MooFish2364 Congratulations!!!
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  • I go here now. FF gave me crosshairs this morning, O'd on Wed. We had pretty good timing, -4, -3, -1 and 0. 
    Ivy: July 2010  |  Stella: Dec 2012  |  BFP#3: MMC at 11Wk's, July 2017 | Wyatt: April 2019 | BFP#5: Twin Girls due Sept 2020

  • @MooFish2364
    Congrats lady!!!!!!!

    Me: 34   DH: 36
    Married: 12/2016
    TTC #1: 8/2016
    MC: 11/2016 at 8w
    CP: 7/2017
    BFP: 11/2017
    EDD: 8/5/2018

  • *lurking from WTO*
    @MooFish2364 YAAAYYY!!!! Congrats!
  • Woooooo @MooFish2364 congrats!!!
  • ****Lurking*****

    @MooFish2364 congratulations! So happy for you! We have a private TTCAL grad board and I've sent you an invite in case you'd like to join.
  • i'm SS ing big time today. i had more of a brown discharge in a morning and then it stopped. I think I might be 6-7 dpo. Trying to hold my sh*** together. I promised myself not to POAS until I actually miss my period, but who knows this month. If it's a new PMS symptom that is showing up a week before expected AF than my body is not playing a fair game !!!!!
  • @aga31 FX it's implantation bleeding!!
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  • *lurking*

    Oh my goodness @MooFish2364 -congratulations!!! Fx crossed for you that this is finally your rainbow baby. 
  • Lurking...

    Yesssssssss! Congrats!

  • *lurking from the bench* 
    @MooFish2364  YESSS!!!! Congratulations!! I guess your RE wasn't far off in mentioning that you would be pregnant :) Hoping this is your rainbow! 
  • Another bench lurker*** congratulations @MooFish2364 !!! Sending good vibes your way for a happy, healthy uneventful 9 months 
    DS born 04/22/15, Pregnant again 03/01/17 however loss due to PPROM at 20+6 weeks now TTC rainbow
  • @aga31 Hopefully this is it for you and not a new symptom!!! Excited for you to test!

    As for me, I'm out. Period came today. I'm sad, but not that surprised since we were NTNP this time. I'm going to buy some OPKs for this cycle, just ready to move on and try again. Good luck everyone else in the TWW!
  • @fishee333 sorry for AF.  Hopefully you will have better luck this cycle with tracking a little more 
  • @fishee333 I am sorry about af :( 

    My PMS symptoms are such a pain in the a** after MC. Last month I got the worst nausea 3 days before af. I guess I wouldn't mind the spotting that much of I was not Ttc, but it makes tww so much harder on me.anyway, the brown spotting was there 6,7 dpo and now it's gone
  • @fishee333 sorry about AF.
    Ivy: July 2010  |  Stella: Dec 2012  |  BFP#3: MMC at 11Wk's, July 2017 | Wyatt: April 2019 | BFP#5: Twin Girls due Sept 2020

  • @fishee333 Sorry about AF. 

    @aga31 I know what you mean by confusing spotting and symptoms. I've been spotting for the last few days (3-5dpo) and I'm like WTH is going on with my body?!

    AFM, I think I go here now. Like I said in the weekly check-in board, I used OPKs for the first time this month so I think I am 5dpo. But yea, this is my first cycle since MC and with brown spotting I'm super confused.
  • tmi warning
    @cassafrass15 It sounds like your spotting might have something to do with ovulation. I had brown spotting (more bloody like) last month right after ovulation, but never a week after like this month (plus it was more like a tinted wattery discharge, that was pinkish/brown). I am sure I am reading too much into it, as with my los sI had zero symptoms of any kind. I guess it's just a hormonal imbalance and has anything to do with possible pregnancy.
  • @MooFish2364 congratulations girl! FX SO hard for you!!! *and thank you for the renewed hope for us "old" folks, too*  ;)
    Me: 39 DH: 39
    CP 1/25/16 4.5 weeks, developed Graves' disease
  • @fishee333 sorry about AF.  FX for you next month!

    @aga31 maybe implantation spotting?  FX for you!! 

    AFM... I think I'm 5dpo, and my skin started breaking out all over the place yesterday in hives, which is driving me crazy.  At least its distracting me from the waiting, but only I could create a scenario in my head where hives is an early pregnancy symptom... 
  • @aga31 I didn't think about ovulation spotting! Maybe that's what it is. So then maybe yours is implantation spotting since it's a week later? 
  • i think all 3 of us are pregnant!!!! :)
  • @aga31 Haha! Oh wouldn't that be wonderful?! I'm holding onto that thought to remind myself to be positive this week.
  • I am just so happy that I will be traveling wednesday-sunday, so I won't  be obsessing about color of my vaginal discharge (hopefully!!!!). :) But my attitude is to stay optimistic during tww, because otherwise I would just be miserable half of the time and possibly get myself divorced and fired.
  • omg @aga31 - lurking from WTO and just started having some minor discharge today.  You'd think after all these months I would no longer feel the need to pull my underwear down and analyze my CM yet I still do.
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  • ***Lurking***

    @MooFish2364 Congrats!!! I have everything crossed for you that this is your take home baby!

    ***TW is siggy***
    **TW - Loss & Child mentioned**
    Me: 40  DH: 47
    Married: 10/2015
    DSD: 17
    BFP #1: 6/2/15, ectopic, metho 7/15
    BFP #2: 12/4/15, cp 12/7/15
    BFP #3: 8/5/16, MMC discovered 9/1, Misoprostol 9/19
    BFP #4: 5/10/17, EDD 1/20/2018
    Baby boy born January 12, 2018, 6 lbs 3.3 oz, 20.5 in.

  • @aga31 and @vlagrl29 it still amazes me how often I think about my CM. The things IF makes you do...

    Have fun traveling @aga31!
  • @cassafrass15- right?  Its really not necessary at this point.  Mine follows the same cycle every month with pretty good consistency.  Some months I'm more CM than others but still.  I guess it's good because it reminds me my body is still working.
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  • I've POAS 7 times in the last 7 days. I feel like I'm going crazy. FF says I'm 3 days late, but all the HPTs are a BFN. 

    Im guessing my cycle is still messed up from my loss. This is my 4 cycle post loss though. How long didn't it take for you guys to have a more predictable AF? We did our best to guess based on FF and CM, but I must be O'ing late (or not at all?)

    My DH and I decided to start temping next cycle. Any tips? Good thermometer recommendations? Are the OPK tests worth it?
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  • @kbelly777- I just can't anymore with temping.  I will go BSC.  I'd rather OPK which will detect the LH surge.  I buy mine from dollar tree.  A lot less money and still the same quality.
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  • kbelly777kbelly777 member
    edited October 2017
    @vlagrl29  I actually picked up 5 OPKs from the dollar tree yesterday. Glad to know you think the quality is okay. How do I know when to start testing? My cycle is super wonky now. I was 5 days late last cycle and now I'm 3 days late and still no AF..
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  • My AF took about 5ish months to get back to 28 days. I would start testing on day 8ish. I use the clear blue OPK and it says for a 28 day cycle to start on day 8. It can’t hurt to start early. 
  • After my first MC it took a few months I think like 4 months. 2nd one was next cycle.  I use clear blue advanced and really like them. I've tried the cheaper ones but don't like comparing strips each day to know if line darker.  I do temp and any basal thermometer works.  I start OPKs on CD8 as I've missed O a couple times early on 
  • I don’t like comparing the lines either. With Clear Blue Advanced there is no guessing.
  • Aaaaaand I just started AF. Guess today is CD1. Thanks for the advice ladies. I think I'll start on CD8 like you recommend. Maybe I need more than 5 tests though? Should I start on CD8 and plan to test till CD 14?  So I need 7 OPKs? 

    Sorry for all the questions. I guess soon I'll have more experience, although I kinda hope not
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  • @MooFish2364 That is great! FX crossed for you!!!!

    I'm here - two more days until I expect AF. Had tiny spotting yesterday, and was all sure it was AF coming. Then had REALLY weird cramps (more like pinches) last night and this morning for maybe an hour total. Now of course, my brain won't let it go... 

    Determined not to POAS unless AF doesn't appear by Thursday. Luckily, we're doing the PSAT tests at school tomorrow, so I'll be too busy wrangling the junior class to worry about it.
  • @kbelly777 you might want to test twice a day so you make sure not to miss the surge. 
  • @kbelly777 this last cycle I tested twice a day once I started to have more fertile CF, which I have never done before. I'm really glad I did because the only positive I got the entire cycle was in the afternoon! 
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