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    @kaylawing I am mostly wearing underwire-free nursing bras these days. Much comfier

    ETA: typing this on my phone made weird typos

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  • I am team no bra (around the house). Love that time of day I can take it off. 

    Also, most NJ hospitals have that policy about no one under age 18 can visit during flu season but they make an exception for siblings in L&D and I, for one, am totally happy with that policy. I don't want DS1 to get sick, but I also know he's at a vulnerable stage where not seeing his mama for 4 days (c-section here) would be very upsetting to him, especially Bc in his little mind, his little brother can see me but he can't.   He gets his flu shot and I work in a hospital so I bring home germs every day anyway. Plus he's in daycare so he's exposed to a lot often. Would I change OB's at 36 weeks for this reason alone? No, prob not but I do get it. 
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  • @djd0404 I'm not anti multi level marketing, because I've found a few that actually have really good products. But I am anti adding me to your page/group/event on social media and posting about it CONSTANTLY.  Let me know what you're selling. Make the occasional post. If I want to try it, I will. If not, back off. 

    Also, if they make you buy a ton of crap to get started, it's not worth it. I can pretty much guarantee I'm not going to buy something from a company that forces unwanted merchandise on its employees (and makes the employees pay for it if/when it doesn't sell).
  • I am also a bra all the time person. Underwires only for public though. I have huge boobs and cannot stand the feeling of them laying on my skin, ugh! Plus they just get in the way, so I wear at least a soft no wire bra at all times. I've been scouting out nursing bras, and it's been really frustrating because all the soft ones don't come in sizes that are really supportive (small band, large cup), so I'm pretty much destined for droopy  boobs while nursing unless I shell out for the expensive underwire ones that come in my size. HATE buying bras!

    I also can't stand MLM stuff. They are so predatory and most people don't make any money with them. I have hidden several "friends" on FB who I realized only friended me so they could sell crap. Like, why are you interested in talking to me now when you never said a word to me in high school (the last time we even saw each other)?? lol

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  • @Skcobb I think that's part of what bothers me, when I do find a product I'm interested in trying (like a lipstick or a lotion or something) but I feel like I have to join a cult just to try it. With some of these products, you can't just buy the thing, you have to listen to their whoooole schpeal, and then they have your name on their list and there's no escape. Like, why can't your product just speak for/sell itself??
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  • @Skcobb they freak me out too! 
  • @skcobb I hate them too. I did a little research on them previously and I couldn't find any empirical evidence that they actually do anything besides pose a choking hazard.
  • @hellothere47 I am totally with you. That's my biggest frustration. They're specifically targeted to SAHM who have no other income, or single moms trying to make some extra side money. Their groupies tout their success and talk about how wonderful everything is, and get these people sucked in, and then they go broke! Or at the very least, spend all their time and effort to break even. It's infuriating when it happens to friends. 
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  • I am against MLM in general, but I just can't quit Scentsy! I haven't found a single suitable replacement! And now my daycare provider started selling it so I have direct contact with a dealer, I am in trouble. 
  • @jlemons-2 I don't buy Scentsy products, but the one person I know who seems to actually be doing really well with an MLM and has stuck with it for at least a couple of years now sells Scentsy. She's constantly getting to go on free vacations and stuff, but I think she also works really hard at it.
  • @jlemons-2 I freaking love scentsy. Wax from the store just does not cut it anymore, and one of my friends from high school is like one of the top sellers in the company, so I see it allllll the time and it just feeds my addiction.

    @elcd458 I like Norwex a lot too...DD has super sensitive skin, so I really like using their cleaning products to keep irritants down in our house 

    Also, (maybe this is a FFFC, but whatever), I've been known to take advantage of the "sign up for free" promos that MLM companies have, use the consultant discount to buy what I want for me and friends/family, get free shipping and the gift for meeting a certain goal, and then cancel the consultant status.  :# 
  • The bra fiasco-- my boobs are enormous...
    Their size plus the fact they've produced milk for 3 babies means they are not quite as perky as they once were... if I go without a bra during the day it's like having two sweaty flap jacks resting on my baby belly. Throw in the extra sensitivity and it's a real party.

    MLMs -- I'll be a customer, but never a seller. I tried selling Scentsy for a while, but I don't have the "sales gene ".. I only ever hosted my own parties because asking people to throw parties was too uncomfortable. And I hate the "try to make a sale" mentality... my team leader tried to get me to make cold calls to friends and family and directly ask them to buy or host a party... nope nope nope... I used my Scentsy status to get discounted product but I fizzled out of it and lost my status.
    I will be a customer because i do like a lot of their products particularly Doterra essential oils but they are so freaking expensive so I don't have very many and the ones I do have are some of their cheapest oils (lemon, lavender, etc)
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