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How big of a family do you want?


Re: How big of a family do you want?

  • Yep we are still in shock lol. You never think it'll happen to you! They are fraternal, and on my mom's side there is 1 set and my dads side 1 set so I apparently got the gene. We are slowly coming around to being at ease with having four! 
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  • DH has always said 4, I’ve thought 3. I’m gonna have to see how life with 2 is before I know how I feel about having any more! 
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  • I answered 3-4, but would be happy to have more. DH believes that we should only have 2 because the world is over populated. We compromised on 3 (this is 3 for us and will probably be my last!) But we foster and I am hoping he may be open to adopting in the future. We will wait and see! 
    I didn't realize there was another foster parent here, @cerisrichard
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  • I always wanted 4. DH wanted 2. After our second he said he was on board with more, but no set number. I had a miscarriage after 2 so I think we might stop at 3 because it kind of set back my timetable by almost a year. I recognize that's dumb, but I'm really OCD about stuff like that and I want to be done having kids so I can enjoy traveling and such later in life (which, you know, assuming we're all healthy and financially ok then but I've decided to just assume we will be), not so much because I'm getting older. I'm sure given my age we could probably squeak one more in. I work in child welfare so I often think of adopting as well.

    @thunderberry I think the one and dones might be the lurking FTMs at this point. Show yourselves!

  • My husband is oldest of 8 and I am youngest of 2.  We had always agreed on 3 and this will be #3.  So unless something changes, this will be it. 
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  • @sparkymcgeee wow, 7 boys!!!  I have an aunt that have 10 boys, the 11th was the girl.  Crazy!!!   I have 3 boys and pregnant, (the only one planned was our first, then 3 beautiful surprises), if this baby is a boy I'm done anyway.  I'm 42yrs old, cannot think of having more kids at an older age, I will probably do tubal ligation, scare of surgery though, never had one, but both of my sisters were still having periods past 50yrs old, I cannot imagine more surprises
  • My husband and I are originally from Mexico, we used 2 last names over there (the Mom and Dad) but we live in USA so had to drop our second last name (we just went with the norm) luckily we share same last name so no problem there with our children's last name.
  • I think I want 3. It took two years to conceive this one though (FTM), so I don't know if I can suffer through TTC for that long for 3. That would be 6 years total. We will see if I have the emotional capacity for it.
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  • kpc914 said:
    @zizzabell523 Maybe this is more fitting for the UO board, know, girls can pass on their family names as well right? :-) call me progressive, but I freaking love my last name and my kids are getting it, too. 
    We briefly talked about my H taking my name when we married,  but both of our last names are super common and I didn't care deeply either way, so we just went traditional (despite much of our relationship dynamic being less than "traditional").  If i had been super attached to my last name,  we would likely have taken mine.  He's not close to his family (they suck,  really so passing on his "family" name wasn't important.) and loves mine. 

    AFM, I've always wanted a big family,  but I really hate pregnancy and we can't afford a third anyway. 

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  • My husband and I are both only children. We have very small families. 2 cousins on each side and that's it.

    so- we wanted a big family. Baby #4 is on it's way. I would probably be ok with one more- but hubby says NO WAY. So. 4 and done. Which is fine by me, because I don't want a middle kiddo.
  • @disney7278 what are kids 2&3? They are in the middle, no? 
  • bwow615 said:
    @disney7278 what are kids 2&3? They are in the middle, no? 
    She means a single middle child. The thing is though that larger families have weird dynamics where the ebb and flow between who is closest to who, and one will more than likely be left out anyway. (Oldest of six)
  • Here I am, oad! I am a ftm and I'm ama. My SO and I always said we only wanted one to focus all our attention on.  We both have one other sibling. Even though we've been together for 14 years, it took us until a year ago to decide we wanted kids. I'm interested to see if everything changes and we want more after our first but the ama might make things difficult. 
  • @ivyvines6 I can already see that happening in my head- because mt oldest will be 8 by the time the baby is here- he will be close range to his sister, and my 3rd will be closer to the baby, I feel like... but I could be totally wrong! But yes, I wouldn't have a single middle child, but definitely see a dynamic already  
  • Two and through.  Although it's neat to have boobs again (thank you, baby!), I'm not sure I want to be going through this again kissing forty.  Plus like many said, three would be stretching our finances w me being a SAHM.  
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  • @jenbabymama our stories are very similar. Here I am with #2 but it was an oopsie. I am personally thrilled. DH really just wanted one but is also happy about the turn of events. 
  • Late to the game, but I wouldn't mind three.  DH is set on two.   We will probably just end up with two because I don't think I can handle another HG pregnancy.   Adoption may be an option though.   
  • @Ceridwen21 very nice! After taking so long to get pregnant so late in the game, we had to face the reality that we might not be able to have any kids. That's when I truly appreciated motherhood and I know that even though we say one, we would be thrilled with an oopsie too. 
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